10 thoughts on “Calling the hospital hoaxers out

  1. Jiller

    I loved those victim video dissections and it gives me the opportunity to tell you that I just found out today that one of the Pulse shooting victims that’s still in the hospital (if they are indeed in the hospital) is none other than a co-worker of mine…Fred Johnson…the one shot twice after he exited and cleared the building. I guess Omar must have been gazing out the window as he spoke with the 911 operators and caught old Fred running away. I am on speaking terms with Fred so I’m quite anxious to see him again (surely the arm wound will be visible) and after the appropriate grieving period I may actually be able to talk with him about the experience. If it’s anything worth repeating I’ll fill you in.

  2. Hare Brain

    Everything about this is so weird. Some very legit points made about the hand. But if he’s an actor, how can someone just call him up? Either he’s staying at the hospital (which would be weird for a crisis actor – is he a method crisis actor?), or the call was forwarded to him in his home (which doesn’t make much sense either – what kind of calls is he expecting?).

    And this youtuber pretending to be an old high school buddy (the one with the hat) – that was weird.

    The whole thing seems like a farce.

    1. xileffilex

      Valid points, Hare Brain.
      Remember, this is a very low budget production with a ridiculous number of injuries. You can make a comparison with the lavish Boston hoax where there was hours of footage of each named “victim” following their progress through “surgery”,”rehab” and release from hospital. Try looking for any information about named victims being released from hospital. The 53 injured was only a script number.
      Back on June 16 one finds this…

      ORLANDO, Fla. —
      In the past 24 hours, two more victims of Sunday’s Pulse nightclub mass shooting were released from Orlando Regional Medical Center, the hospital said.

      A total of 44 of the 53 wounded were treated at ORMC.

      Of those, nine have died, 12 have been discharged and 23 remain in the hospital, ORMC said.
      Since the shooting, 50 surgeries have been performed at the hospital, five of which happened Wednesday.
      Three more surgeries are scheduled for Thursday, the hospital said.
      Of the 23 victims that remain at ORMC, six were in critical condition.
      One victim has been upgraded from guarded to stable, leaving three and 14 victims with those designations, respectively.

      Just a drill script.

      Would Angel, one of the few named injured, be kept in hospital? Perhaps if he was due for a feted release in front of the cameras. They won’t want him giving any more interviews though, so perhaps that won’t now happen.

      updated June 19 2016
      [Eastern Time]
      Orlando Health Verified account ?@orlandohealth
      As of 2:35p.m. today, Orlando Regional Medical Center reports the following details on PULSE victims treated at this hospital (1/3)
      3:04 pm – 19 Jun 2016 [ET]

      Orlando Health Verified account ?@orlandohealth
      44 victims treated, 9 died, 17 discharged, 18 remain in hospital. Since the incident, surgeons have performed 54 operations on victims.(2/3)
      3:07 pm – 19 Jun 2016

      Orlando Health Verified account ?@orlandohealth
      No surgeries on the victims are scheduled for today. 4 patients remain in critical condition, 2 are guarded, and 12 are stable. (3/3)
      3:10 pm – 19 Jun 2016

      No names, no photos, nothing. Just a drill script.

      1. Hare Brain

        some dumb questions I have:
        1) Is the hospital real
        2) If real, no one in the entire truth community can verify that there are shooting victims being treated there.
        3) No truther works there, or can go there.
        4) No truther who has a family member or friend who works there.
        5) How many people who work at the hospital are “in on it.” The entire staff? Half? If that’s the case, what kind of hospital is this? Could such a ruse occur in your own workplace without you knowing about it?
        6) We have at least one “independent investigator for truth” who made a phone call to the hospital and actually spoke to a shooting victim. This is a youtuber who wears an eyepatch, you know, the old high school pal, the one with the hat.

        1. stephen

          Come on, he’s called Angel Colon! Presumably he’s supposed to be a Bummer? Enjoy this for what it is, humour. They like it up ’em! An’ where do they luv to stick it? That’s right, backs to the wall lads…


          Roy Orbison “Blue Angel”:

          Buck Angel:

          “They don’t like it up em”:

          I really-really like this, “P.P.Arnold – Angel Of The Morning”:

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Well, quite.

            Thanks for the P.P. Arnold. Excuse me sharing music in reply without it having any relevance to anything other than you reminded me that I ”really-really” like this . I’m into 45’s, couldn’t resist.

            1. stephen

              If it’s good, share it! Suitable, in it’s place, with respect if necessary, of course. Here’s one back, not a single, but appropriate I think, maybe, “The Beatles – Getting Better”:

              Like with faces, you, or I can, or believe I can, gauge a lot from people’s choice in music. There’s something very-very special about some music, like there is with some faces. Sometimes animals even have that very special face, plants too, which is nice but not quite human who I think are special-special but I might be wrong.

              “SMALL FACES & P.P. ARNOLD – (If You Think You’re) Groovy RARE BEACH PROMO 1967”:

        2. osculum infame

          Regarding the hospital, we have to keep in mind that, for example, the CIA’s secret MKULTRA program was conducted in many hospitals throughout the US, and also Canada. Could they not have DHS or another organization set up a separate area in the hospital, with restricted access (to protect the tewwowist victims)? And then only allow specific “nurses” and “doctors” to care for them?

          Remember, another “active shooter drill” was conducted at the hospital in March, so they could have used that to set the stage for this event.


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