Paris Is Not Really a Hilton

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Like everyone else,  I always thought she was a fake, but not this fake. Wiki flags abound.

I have a hunch that Nicky Hilton is the real Hilton who married a real Rothschild, while Paris Hilton is an actress hired for the role of “Wild Socialite”. I always wondered how a billionaire family like the Hilton would ever allow a sex tape to leak of an heiress. This explains how, and that’s if the Paris in the sex tape is even the Paris we know.


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2 thoughts on “Paris Is Not Really a Hilton

  1. farcevalue

    Trollbait, yummmm!

    It fosters the idea that the progeny of the established families can occasionally go off the reservation or go rogue, if you will.

    The controllers cannot even control their ditzy, air-headed porn tape releasing bimbo daughters, how are they gonna control the whole world fachrissakes?!

    Now move along, nothing to see here. Just remember Donlary Trumton in November.

  2. Hare Brain

    Not sure why they would hire someone to be a “wild socialite.” Are Billy Carter and Roger Clinton actors? Is there a need to embarrass your own family name?

    Is Jared Fogle’s pedophilia part of Subway’s marketing plan?


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