1 thought on “Half don’t believe it and most don’t care

  1. stephen

    Truth is not necessarily for everyone, all people are not equal, or ready, pearls before swine and all that jazz!

    It’s my current thinking that partakers of Fakeologist, and sites like it, have been initiated. Initiated into a Secret Society; or semi-secret, like all the Secret Societies we know of! On Fakeologist most everyone, I think, experienced that initiation with and through 9-11. As most had no other guide, Teacher, than the Internet, alone with our destiny and Will, that initiation and subsequent may have been fairly/very traumatic and disorientating. Which is not to say the Internet isn’t a gift, it is. Perhaps 9-11 was also a gift?

    Some of those initiated might not understand that seeing the Lies is one thing, but understanding Truth another; use apparent secrets revealed to seek the next level, follow the correct, stay a true path to a greater initiation. If the revelation is not used to explore and enjoy Wisdom, and happiness, then you might aswell, you do, stay ignorant, naive. Look around YOU, what do you YOU HONESTLY see, experience?

    Arthur Prysock- My Funny Valentine:

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