More direct Orlando hoax phone calls

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No, you can’t wear your street clothes while being treated in the Orlando Hospital where 0;Angel Colon” was being treated.


I CALL Orlando Regional Crisis Actor Hospital About Broken Protocols – YouTube

Robin got quite a bit of this before getting his answer:

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6 thoughts on “More direct Orlando hoax phone calls

  1. Hare Brain

    Can you wear your own clothing? I just did a little bit of reading after googling the words: hospital gown wear own clothing.

    There seems to be some flexibility and there are patients who wear their own clothing. It can depend on the type of procedure. Maybe Angel Colon did wear the gown at first when he was having his initial surgical procedures, but then changed his clothing afterwards.

    1. ab Post author

      Or maybe he’s an actor. What do you think HB – was this a real event with real casualties and injuries? What exactly are you doing here?

      1. Hare Brain

        I tend to think this is a fake event with no deaths. He seems to be lying about his hand. That’s a good argument. Other arguments about windows blinds and hospital gowns are not as convincing.
        What am I doing here? I’m a fakeologist!

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