5 thoughts on “Is that you Paul?

  1. Tom Dalpra

    (Edit. Feckin feck . I’m in a hurry and this should be posted lower down on the thread. )

    Oh yeh sure, Ra with the ‘ball’ over his head like Isis, I got that.

    I’ll just try and post the image on the thread here.

    Massive band at that point. Huge sales guaranteed. The image in so many living rooms painting a backdrop to the swinging sixties.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    ”More hidden in plain site?”

    Haha Gimme a break. No! Haha

    People used to go weak at the knees for Paul McCartney , now they go weak in the head.

    The power of a ‘living legend’. This is surely some scouse wit playing up to it ?
    He’s not old enough, he doesn’t really look like McCartney might and he doesn’t sound like him.
    The bloke that really says he is him, does.

    No,no, no,no. Thanks for the laugh, anyway.

    1. stephen

      I think you’re right Thomas, thanks, it’s an important and nicely humorous observation, “The bloke that really says he is him, does.”

      But then the question still is “Who, what, is Paul McCee?” I think he is, or related to, Osiris the dying-and-rising god. Symbolically of course! What do you take me for? I’d say Johnny might be Ra the sun god, have a look at the back cover of Revolver, originally to be titled Abracadabra apparently.



      1. Tom Dalpra

        mmm…makes you wonder…Lennon, the ”illuminated one” in normal glasses (?) and the others in dark shades.
        Lennon too, with the brighter shirt. Is this very carefully contrived ? Probably !

        I read the cover was designed by the same guy who did the ‘butchered baby’ stuff.
        Did he design the back of the cover, I wonder ?

        1. stephen

          That’s right, you got it. But further, this is Ra:


          Compare that to Lennon on the back cover, notice the hair, nose and spotlight above his head.

          Also I suspect the, almost complete, triangle the lighting booms, [whatever], make is something.

          And yes, the Butcher Cover Affair glares as some kind of semi-secret symbolism doesn’t it. I think at one point I had some insight but can’t remember what it was now! Kali as the Destroyer type thing probably, but the Egyptian version for the Beetles obviously. Oh! I’ve literally just remembered, Osiris is rendered into 13, whatever, pieces, his flesh is torn apart.

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