Istanbul Airport (Turkey) ‘Terror Bombing’ – Real or Hoax? [LIVE COVERAGE]

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I thought JLB said looking into all these media events was a waste of time – but like he told me in the last audiochat, perhaps I didn’t understand what he meant. Either way, his take on the latest event.

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10 thoughts on “Istanbul Airport (Turkey) ‘Terror Bombing’ – Real or Hoax? [LIVE COVERAGE]

  1. Vespadouglas

    Big baws to JLB for attempting to take that on as a “live event” . The content that MSM issue is just so totally ridiculous its hard not to just look at it and think , ffs , do I really need to point this out to you ? The best stuff you see “live” is the witnesses and it cant be easy to try and scan the networks , collecting the best stuff and run a live show at the same time .
    I think this sort of live event requires a few more eyes working together , having a bit of time to analyse (even briefly ) before screening . John shouldnt have to do the searching , he should be getting ” fed” links and pointers. Someone else with time to go into building ownership , security companies , witness backgrounds blah blah .

    Jlb is young , keen and and smart as fuck . He doesnt need me to tell him how to spend his time on the internet . If he is on a genuine mission to spread the word about fakery , he WILL .
    I myself am a simple(ton) guy who stumbled across a very small part of the internet that was inhabited by some very clever people whos outlook on the world was strangely similar to mine .

    I know ab is very keen to reach out and thats fine for me. Im not interested in that . Ab &co bring opinions , I filter them for myself , offer my own opinion and thats it. My crude reciprocation is at times welcomed . That does me .
    95% of my output is chatango . Its not even saved , yet Jlb chooses to call me egocentric. I think my opinion on pink men, on brown mens land, telling yellow and black men they are not welcome is his beef with me .
    Anyone who wants to turn a ” scene ” into a ” community” all power to them , although IMO anyone with connections to extremely suss people has to themselves appreciate “being” suss.
    JLB recently mentioned people ” endlessly focusing on the latest shooting hoax ” so it is curious that he would immediately do just that , as you say ab . But heres me not focussing on the message , but on the messenger . Focus / not focus wtf .
    Jlb has strong connections with the potatoes. Thats very suss for me . I believe that just about every organisation that has ever been considered remotely threatening or forward thinking ( or even remotely may be in 10/20 years ) to the authority has been infiltrated from very , very early on by “leaders” who become the cleverest , most commited , and born to serve the cause legends . Would fakeologist or cluesforum be any different .
    Maybe abs here to keep people away from cluesforum . Maybe jlb is here to “contain” fakeology . Its all opinions . If you want to know how suss I am , just ask . Theres an email ( under VD XXXIII) somewhere hereabouts highlighting my masonic , military connections .;-)

    1. Vespadouglas

      As for the hoax itself .
      Yawn .
      For me , it was difficult to get into . The early release of such poor quality pictures was enough . Its a ” prove it happened ” event and that aint gonna happen .
      Im more intrigued by pk right now .

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Yeah, so Peekay, Russian vids and someone else have made ABC in Australia.
        We were just wondering about Peekay and Russianvids…

        JLB, who – presumably coincidentally – has just very recently touched bases with those two again, has already put out a video defending them, saying they don’t come across as bullies. This seems a fair enough point, I don’t think they do either, but shouldn’t we be looking beyond that and be asking a couple of simple questions like –

        – Why are Russianvids and Peekay being promoted on the mainstream media ?

        – Can we agree now that these guys appear to be controlled opposition ?

        Russianvids sometimes gets a quarter of a million views in a day for his youtubes. Hello. He’s clearly ready for the mainstream.
        His Bill Hicks is Alex Jones and his JFK is Carter strawmen are firmly attached to distract a few and invalidate anything else he might talk about, to the majority.

        Willard made an interesting post saying that he (and John Adams) had been unable to post to Hoaxbusters site at some point and that the next day Russianvids had made a video talking about the very stuff he had failed to post at hoaxbusters. I don’t know. It certainly makes some sense that ‘Intelligence’ would operate in that way. Screening the genuine researchers and handing it to the russianvids machine – type people.

        Peekay is less obviously dodgy to me but his coarse delivery reminds me of Alex Jones, a little.
        With Jones his tone alone alienates over half the listeners from the get-go.
        I think it’s maybe the same with Peekay ( and Jungle, RV maybe ). The truth in their mouths is pretty safe, perhaps ?
        The old ranting conspiracy theorist 2016 model, Aussie branch. It seems his ‘life role’, right now.
        I read somewhere that he had a previous chemtrail phase where he was accused of intimidating pilots. I don’t know, I’d need to look at it, but that would be informative.

        Anyway. Russianvids and Peekay made ABC.
        For me it’s almost impossible to think that this doesn’t confirm them as controlled opposition.
        Any thoughts, anyone else ?

        1. Vespadouglas

          Anyone on mainstream who may have drifted over to pk , as curious , would be whacked in the jaw with his new hicks/jones video . That has to be the whole point of the MSM marketing. There is no other point to it that I can see . But hey , wtf do I know .

          Im just a chap who turns his phone to ” conspiracy mode ” and this extraordinary game starts . This game involves , intrigue , deception , bluff , double bluff (triple too )) , strategy , problemail solving , team strategy, and much much more . And its free .

          Is it really too incredulous to imagine that the people behind jones and icke know they are losing more ” evolved” members of their audience so upgrades need to happen.

        2. John le Bon

          ‘Presumably coincidentally’? Why presume coincidence when the more sexy version of events is that this was yet another planned psyop, hatched over coffee at CIA HQ? ‘We’re going to put Peekay and Russianvids into the mainstream, but we need cover so the fakeologists and other youtube-truther-personality-skeptics don’t get wise to scheme. JLB, that’s where you come in. Russianvids will ask to come onto your Impromptu with Rollo, and Peekay will make a cameo on your live coverage of Istanbul. I know you haven’t planned the Impromptu yet, and Istanbul hasn’t even happened, but leave that to us’.

          Damn it Tom, you busted it wide open yet again. I keep telling the chief of station to make you an offer you can’t refuse but he says we are flush out of cash. I doubt his story.

    2. John le Bon

      ‘Strong connections with the potatoes’? Do you mean as in the Hot Potato crowd? If so, you are mistaken. I declined an invitation onto Patricia’s show months ago, and my recent debate with Antonio Subirats (moderated by Nathan Oakley) was instigated by the Potato crowd, not me – and I showed their Flat Earth belief system up for the nonsense that it is.

      As for why I would do a liveshow about a shooting hoax (i.e. Baby Hoax) I explained this clearly – twice – to Ab on our recent audiochat. If what I said did not make sense then, perhaps it won’t make sense now, but I will give it one last go: covering these Baby Hoaxes is good for introducing n00bs and increasing subscriber base especially if you get in early. My criticism is of those who churn out numerous videos on the same made-for-tv movie when it has already been established that it is a made-for-tv movie. What is achieved from doing this, other than distraction?

      Thanks for the props regarding my covering of this event early. I am not sure there is all that much to it, though. Finding links to security companies etc seems superfluous. If an event is getting mass coverage in Aus as it happens, then it is simply a matter of looking at the footage as it rolls in and trying to find evidence of realism. If no realism, probably fakery 🙂

      1. Vespadouglas

        People think, People preach , others gather, people chat opinions are offered, disputes surface, alliances form, people meet, Cabals form, agendas arise, power struggles begin, leaders surface, people follow, people disagree, people leave, people think, People preach…

      2. Vespadouglas

        The three potatoes.
        And weiss potato four.
        He’s the one who seems to be doing all the facilitating.
        He’s the one who has lied about 911.

        Great job on the science guy BTW.

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