Did Reagan even ever have Alzheimer’s?

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I never thought about every Conservative’s favorite president Ronald Reagan faking an assassination attempt, let alone faking having a fatal mental disease until reading a comment on YouTube. The thought was that the Reagan illusionists could keep his legacy intact by subverting the many negatives that enriched the few at the expense of the many and keep Reagan from ever having to speak to any criticism after his presidency by rendering him mentally mute by a fake diagnosis.

Recently, a reinforcing movie, a characteristic of all psyops, was brought to the forefront with a manufactured controversy itself. See how deep the levels of the onion go?

You won’t find any discussion anywhere of this speculation, as the media is dominated by the usual prefabricated talking points.

Reagan was one of the most successful made for TV presidents ever. His legacy only grows as memories fade and illusions are embellished.


It took a little more than 12 hours for Will Ferrell to drop out of a starring role in a satirical film about Ronald Reagan’s struggles with Alzheimer’s – just long enough for conservatives to muster up a bit of outrage with which to knock the comedian into submission, and to raise questions about whether the free speech brigade has become PC.

3 thoughts on “Did Reagan even ever have Alzheimer’s?

  1. straightfromthedevilsmouth

    Wiki is unclear on Reagan and his Alzheimers. Here are the flags. Could be interpreted either way:

    “But there was also speculation over how long Reagan had demonstrated symptoms of mental degeneration.”

    “His former Chief of Staff James Baker considered “ludicrous” the idea that Reagan slept during cabinet meetings.”

    However, there are flags towards Michael J Fox’s Parkinsons disease and Montel Williams and his MS. So many high-profile celebrity illnesses are likely to be fake.

  2. OldeVirginian (but no dementia yet)

    I don’t buy into Reagan hagiography and never have… I shocked my friend in high school by mock cheering when he told me it had just happened on the day of the assassination attempt. I was only being anti-establishment and irreverent that day and messing with his Young Republicans mind. Of course most of us had no idea back in that era about the conspiracies and psy-ops but I’ve always had a pretty reliable BS detector.

    However — I think a good argument could made against making such a film not on the grounds of politics but just on the grounds of good taste. Dementia is definitely a thing whether the Gipper had it or not. I wouldn’t watch something making fun of the condition even if it was an actor pretending to be somebody pretending to have it.


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