Virology fakeology

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Do you think that viri exist at all? The whole science of virology I contend is a hoax, like nuclear 0;science”. Who has access to these electron “microscopes”? Are these images all phony or fabricated as well? They are as controlled as powerful telescopes. Anything we cannot sense with our 6 senses is subject to fabrication and fakeology – from very small to very large.

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2 thoughts on “Virology fakeology

  1. Barbara Müller

    I wouldn’t throw everything to the same pot. As for viruses, one thing is for sure: there is no such thing as small living structures making us sick. Call it a virus or bacteria. Single cell organisms and protozoons use virus like objects to exchange structure information and energy. They fulfill all official virus criteria except they do not harm, they are useful. Bacteria can be observed easily with optical microscopes but there never was any prove, they do any harm. They simply appear and disappear depending on certain conditions. We don’t even know where do they come from. Electronic microscopes are being used not only in secret laboratories but on all scientific oriented universities and students are using (and have to use) them frequently, so they are also real for me even though I never used one personally. I know many people who worked with them and the technology seems very valid to me. Basically it’s scanning the surface electrically using very small distances. Similar effect is being used in hard discs. And we all use hard discs, don’t we? A todays terabyte hard disc is an amazing thing proving that we are capable of extraordinary technology. As student I once worked on the IBM’s hard disc assembly line, in the so called cleaning room where 300MB discs where being produced. It’s been 25 years ago and a terabyte disc impresses me very much. So why not electronic microscopes? Very big optical telescopes can make planets appear only slightly bigger than those one can buy at amazon. I’m using a pretty good goto telescope and having some experience on making log time exposures following astral objects so more detail can be made visible. It’s not an easy thing to do and requires al lot of carefulness but anybody with some patience can learn it. There is no magic or secret know how. I never saw or photographed any details of that object we call ISS though. But something bright up there is flying really fast and really high so why not an empty satellite whose only purpose is to reflect some sunlight for our amusement? I understand that one must be pretty paranoid these days and you cannot be paranoid enough if you’re looking for the truth but even then I don’t think everything I never had any contact with is fake. That would be pretty stupid thing to do. It’s easy to reject everything if you do not have any formal education and job experience depending only on your relatively small personal life experience but that is far from being critical. Today everybody who owns a car can also buy himself and afford a proper microscope or telescope so why not start there and make some real experience for himself. It’s the theoretical physics which made up all those fake things like relativity theories or Higgs particles. It’s people who said there is no need for practice and experiments, thinking alone would suffice to make science. Let’s not follow their path if you value reality.


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