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Larry Silverstein is the court jew/actor

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Larry Silverstein has always played a lead role in the 9/11 simulation (movie + live after-the-fact real time actors who promote the narrative in a lifetime role).

I doubt any and all of the numbers (rife with satanic numerology) as real – Larry is serving the normal jew role as lightening rod to everyone’s anger – the same way the Romans used jews as tax collectors. I’m glad this view is the consensus at cluesforum.

I know this probably doesn’t help in this contingency, and maybe this is a semantic problem more than a substantial one: but somehow I wonder on the nature of this Silverstein guy, whether he really is a corrupted real-estate mogul who took part in on the 9/11 scam (this seems to be after all the way we discuss him), or rather just another front, an agent/actor whose company and identity has been completely fabricated and designed to fit into this story. Like “Howard Lutnick” the actor/”CEO” of Cantor and so many others… Because I don’t think that whatever is behind 9/11 would just let this guy and his company handle so much money and wield so much decision-making power in this matter.

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