Larry Silverstein is the court jew/actor

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Larry Silverstein has always played a lead role in the simulation (movie + live after-the-fact real time actors who promote the narrative in a lifetime role).

I doubt any and all of the numbers (rife with satanic numerology) as real – Larry is serving the normal jew role as lightening rod to everyone’s anger – the same way the Romans used jews as tax collectors. I’m glad this view is the consensus at cluesforum.

I know this probably doesn’t help in this contingency, and maybe this is a semantic problem more than a substantial one: but somehow I wonder on the nature of this Silverstein guy, whether he really is a corrupted real-estate mogul who took part in on the scam (this seems to be after all the way we discuss him), or rather just another front, an agent/actor whose company and identity has been completely fabricated and designed to fit into this story. Like 0;Howard Lutnick” the actor/”CEO” of Cantor and so many others… Because I don’t think that whatever is behind would just let this guy and his company handle so much money and wield so much decision-making power in this matter.

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26 thoughts on “Larry Silverstein is the court jew/actor

  1. NA

    This is so touching, such a big relief! Silverstein was just a bad actor. Jews are scapegoats and they are making sacrifices for all of us of their souls. Life is improving everywhere because of globalization. We live better than our parents lived. Thanks to our teachers they are teaching us. I even dropped tears in my cup of coffee. I am not just quite sure if I did this in the right part of the text. There was no sign even or any indication on when the time is right to drop tears and start crying. You should add a sticky note: ‘Here you may cry’ or even ‘must cry’. Unbelievable. I would suggest that some of these people who write these impossible comments go live somewhere in the former Soviet counties to see for themselves how life is improving there. Nothing else to say.

      1. smj

        i reckon barbara müller, the banker, doesn’t have much trouble coping; i’m sure she’s compensated quite well serving the globalist/one world agenda. it’s easy work; alls ya gotta do is stand for nothing. you know, like a good actor should.

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Haha, Stephen, you’re speaking in song.

            I didn’t much go for the version of The Times They Are A Changin’, you posted , but now with this Tony Hadley shite you’re starting to become offensive.

            1. stephen

              Really, I thought the Hadley was rather good, I was surprised. Perhaps I am losing it!? Taste though, it’s an odd thing, fetishes an’ all vat! Luvelly missis! I think that new PM might deliver on that account! Super!

              Anyway I like using cover versions, it seems a bit Fakeological, revealing occulticakical layers, hopefully.

            2. stephen

              We’re talking story-telling really aren’t we Tom? Sort of? In some way? Well you might find this a worthwhile 3:30! Yes, that’s right THIRTY THREE! Destiny? Made for us? Could be, “Interview with Tamer Mustafa”:

              I haven’t seen the film, perhaps I should, this is, I think, from but B-n-S have done a fair few things I find very attractive, “Belle & Sebastian Storytelling”:

              Lyric here:

              This is an interesting word, from the lyric, Verity:

              1. Tom Dalpra

                Stephen said – ”Yes, that’s right THIRTY THREE! Destiny? Made for us? Could be, “Interview with Tamer Mustafa”: ”

                Well, Stephen with a ”P” sums to 33 in one variation of Gematria, I believe , but stop it.
                This video from the Proctor and Gamble employee lasts 3mins 30 secs. So what ?

                Certainly what he’s saying there is consistent with how we see we are played. ”The Narrative” . ”The Story ”; If you can control ‘The story’ you can control the outcome.
                We understand the concept of the Noble Lie and he’s really making a case for that, here, isn’t he?
                Is he not, kind of, legitimising the psyOp technique ?

                Whilst I don’t share your seemingly blissed-out love for our ” all-wise betters” I certainly think there’s a fair point to be made that all this psyOpery is just this. Story telling on a broad scale, and it can work in shaping our lives and moving society forward as the guy describes a company might. And it’s not always to the detriment of the ’employees’.

                Generally, with time, in the ‘Developed’ World, the so-called standard of living seems to have risen. This might be a fallacy, but it doesn’t seem to be. It makes sense. We eat better, we have better shelter, heating and lighting and working conditions.
                These things appear to be hard fought for but are ultimately good for the controllers too.

                I excuse our controllers by rationalising that they were merely born into a mad, well-oiled system put in place long before they existed. It’s not their fault.
                And could civilisation have developed any other way ?

                I don’t think they are an ‘evil’ hidden elite who plan to kill most of us. I just see continued control using long practised techniques and ask ‘ this is mad , isn’t there a better way ?”.

                1. stephen

                  “blissed-out love for our ” all-wise betters”” Ha, ha, I luvit, cheeky! “[12] Cannon & Ball – Rock On Tommy (I’m So In Love With You)”:

                  “3mins 30 secs. So what?” Here’s an interesting chap, calls himself “martyleeds33”, highly recommended:

                  I think he breaks down the Thirty Three in relation to Pi, but maybe not, whatever 3+3=6, and 3×3=9 and as I say to the Missis “what is a nine” an’ she replies “a six”, “that’s right” I reply. And remember “Information, we want information”. “You wont get it!” “By hook or by crook we will”. “Who is Number One?” “You are Number Six.” “I’m not a number, I’m a free man.” “Ha, Ha, har…”. “Axiom Funk – If 6 was 9”:

    1. stephen

      I cahn’t really work out wot yer mean Guvner…

      You agree Mr Silver is an actor? The Jews, at some level are or have been scapegoats? I’m not saying you should, that’s up to you, it’s just not clear.

      You are being sarcastic when you say “Life is improving everywhere because of globalization. We live better than our parents lived”? So can you give me examples of things that are going from bad to worse? Because, my opinion, based on what I’ve seen for fifty odd years, if you are not living a better life than your parents did you are doing something wrong.

      And really? Things are worse now in the former Soviet Bloc than they were under the Who-Ever? All the East Europeans that have come to UK seem happy confident, healthy, people going back-n-forth to their homeland, I don’t hear them tell horror stories, but again give me examples maybe I’m ignorant. I vaguely chat with an Albanian who has never hinted that things are awful back home since the mighty Enver Hoxha was disposed of, the opposite.

      Johnny Le Bonny posted today, on “3 thoughts on “Pay for truth 2016” thread, he rings my bell:

      “… At best, the majority of these people are demoralised to the point where few will reverse their own fortunes… Degeneracy and apathy abound… Not that this is necessarily their fault – we have all been conditioned since birth… It is tough enough to undo our own conditioning, so it would be folly to condemn those who can’t (or won’t) undo their own… What I am releasing is not ‘truth’ to them – if it were, they would change their own lifestyles and behaviours. No, to those people, all my content is entertainment.”

      “Anita Ward ~ Ring My Bell”:

  2. straightfromthedevilsmouth

    I don’t believe he owned or had a lease on any of the buildings they say he owned or leased. Here are the flags:

    I take this one to mean his entire business is a spook company, and perhaps a few fake deaths, marriages, and divorces included
    “Silverstein became involved in real estate, together with his father, Harry G. Silverstein, and then friend and brother-in-law, Bernard H. Mendik. In 1957, they established Silverstein Properties, as Harry G. Silverstein & Sons, and bought their first building, in Manhattan. Mendik and Silverstein continued the business after the elder Silverstein’s death in 1966. In 1977, Mendik divorced Annette Silverstein Mendik, with the business partnership also splitting up at that time”

    I mark these as all fake purchases, or fronts for someone else’s purchase:

    “By 1978, Silverstein owned five buildings on Fifth Avenue, as well as 44 Wall Street, and a shopping center in Stamford, Connecticut. In 1980, he renovated the building at 11 West 42nd Street, and acquired the lease for the Equitable Building at 120 Broadway.”
    “Also in 1980, Silverstein bought the building at 120 Wall Street, which was constructed in 1930.”

    I take this to mean his lease of the WTC is BS:
    “Silverstein’s lease with the Port Authority, for the World Trade Center complex, requires him to continue paying $102 million annually in base rent.”

    I’ll add the 7 World Trade Center was 47 stories. So they had Silverstein involved and 9/11 already planned in 1980.

    1. ab Post author

      I think we need to do more research on spook fronts. Clearly Larry is the actor in chief for this one. All his buildings are numerically coded to indicate spookery. Our perceived world is peppered and even dominated by military controlled businesses that seamlessly blend with non military.

      1. straightfromthedevilsmouth

        It’s really bad.

        Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter.

        That’s just the technology sector. It’s a question of what’s not a spook front?

        In NYC real estate, along with Silverstein, I would add Trump and the Corcoran Group. Probably much more.

  3. Blue Moon

    For those interested in why there is this Jew/Gentile false dialectic, try this:…
    For those who think Jesus Christ was real, try this:…
    We all originally know about Silverstein because of CNN- Why would anyone believe anything from CNN? That character is as real as Jed Clampett (JC)- He’s television programming- Building “7” (Seven)!!! Do the meth! And, no, our betters are not trying to lift us up- They, like any good cattle ranchers, are trying to get as much out of their investment as possible- Fat and lazy seems to be the preferred treatment for cattle, now- Short life span and filthy illiterate ignorance was the plan of old- When that agenda is preferred, back to the bog we peasants will go- Unless we just leave the room and let go of the literary tropes that substitute for reality-
    (Ab- I appear to be signed in- If you have to approve this message first, tell me what to do to avoid that step- Tech savvy I’m not)

    1. stephen

      “…And, no, our betters are not trying to lift us up…” Oh, I don’t know, but I imagine it’s a long hard slog and they’re “trying to get as much out of their investment as possible” but as you point out many of us are “fat and lazy”.

      “back to the bog we peasants will go”, have you any evidence for this? Because I look around and don’t see it, the opposite in fact, and anyway why? How would THEY benefit? THEY live in the same world as us? Would they want to live among Bog People? An island surrounded by Boggers!

      “Simon & Garfunkel – I Am A Rock (Live Canadian TV, 1966)”:…

      But who knows, maybe it’s an American thing? I only know Europe-n-UK, or maybe I’ve left the room whilst hanging onto my literary tropes, dangling probably?

      “For singing till his heaven fills,
      ’T is love of earth that he instils,
      And ever winging up and up,
      Our valley is his golden cup,
      And he the wine which overflows
      To lift us with him as he goes:
      The woods and brooks, the sheep and kine
      He is, the hills, the human line,
      The meadows green, the fallows brown,
      The dreams of labor in the town;
      He sings the sap, the quicken’d veins;
      The wedding song of sun and rains
      He is, the dance of children, thanks
      Of sowers, shout of primrose-banks,
      And eye of violets while they breathe;
      All these the circling song will wreathe,
      And you shall hear the herb and tree,
      The better heart of men shall see,
      Shall feel celestially, as long
      As you crave nothing save the song.
      Was never voice of ours could say
      Our inmost in the sweetest way,
      Like yonder voice aloft, and link
      All hearers in the song they drink:
      Our wisdom speaks from failing blood,
      Our passion is too full in flood,
      We want the key of his wild note
      Of truthful in a tuneful throat,
      The song seraphically free
      Of taint of personality,
      So pure that it salutes the suns
      The voice of one for millions,
      In whom the millions rejoice
      For giving their one spirit voice.”

      From “The Lark Ascending by George Meredith”:…

      Or for any Pop Pickers out there, “THE LARK ASCENDING (performed as originally heard)”:

  4. stephen

    “Simon & Garfunkel “The Times They Are a Changin'”:…

    I agree, The Jew’s are probably a set-up to fall; created a scapegoat. But at the highest levels they are in on this victimisation. It’s like they sacrifice themselves in order to save others, to raise people up. Sounds bonkers, but that’s exactly what Jesus does in that story and he’s a Jew. Of course, I think it’s not only good Jews who do this, many good people will go down and bring another out the depths, a chance in the light you might say if that way inclined.

    For example, Silverstein is in on it, he is acting to a script, a cartoon villain; it is designed for us to find and SEE. But why show us all the obvious fakery? Planes passing through buildings, Incredible Hulk and Steven Spielberg at Boston Bombing? Because we are meant to. Why? To teach us.

    The key to understanding why-n-what at this level, is to show those who are initiated, illuminated by the Fake that our leaders, who put, allow, this stuff to come out, are good, have our best interests at heart; they are trying to raise us, and themselves, up to a higher level, and we will pull those below, who can’t yet see, up. One will be trapped going round-n-round just chasing the fake if you continue to see our King, the Princes and Princesses, as bad.

    “Rolling Stones .. All Down the line”:…::

    So to understand that we are being helped, educated, not harmed, turns the lock. Opens a door where we can then look for the next door. Be honest, I’m fifty-odd my, and everyone I know, their lives have got better, very-better as time has passed. How can this be if the-powers-that-be are out to harm? The simple answer is they are not trying to hurt us, the opposite.

    Yes in many ways it appears we are being farmed, but that is because we are so far from the Creator, what would pigs-n-cows do with no farmer to look after them? They would not exist. Yes we are slaves, but to a benevolent King who wants us eventually Kings aswell. This will take a very-very long time because we have such great potential. Life is a great thing, unbelievably complex, rich, and a gift, we are here to use, explore and improve.

    They, the Power, only want us for paying taxes you say? But why? They have as much money as they want, more than they can use, how many bottles of Champagne can you drink, how many cars, how big a house? They create money, it’s to motivate us, encourage us forward, make improvements. Lot’s of us would, and do, shit in our own nests if we don’t have to work at getting money or things of value.

    Or some say they, the Power, want to poison, exterminate us? Well why don’t they? Why make our lives more comfortable every generation?

    They want us passive zombies? So why give us books, art galleries, films and the INTERNET! We have a choice; to be a zombie or educate ourselves with their help and enjoy the music.

    I get the impression people hold onto the idea that the King is out to hurt us from a sense of self-harm, it feels good. It’s an excuse, someone to blame.

    I want more freedom you say? What would you do with this Freedom? What would you do that you can’t now? Cut off your own nose, cut off someone elses? Keep your guns? To do what with? The only people who need guns are hunters, and that would be a hunting rifle in the countryside under some kind of appropriate rules. It’s like the ban on smoking in public buildings. I was totally against it, but pubs and such like are much-much better for it, I’ve learnt, why should I have to put up with others smoke-n-stink? So yes these Mass Shooting Events are to enable gun control, and that’s a good thing. But at the same time they are telling us, who can see-n-ears to hear, that these events are fake, no one is hurt. When we see the illusion we can use it’s illumination to progress closer to The Truth.

    The Truth, The Key, is that our betters are wise, very-very clever, good and kind.

    The truth is that the people below, especially at the bottom, the disabled in life are the ones who need more freedom and we should use our insights to help them.

    I think, I may be wrong, but we’ve just entered a time of new life, young, new growth from enriched ground, 9-11 was a sign, and a door, that is why so much foreshadowing points to it, we are supposed to find it and SEE. Things are changing, again, big-big changes, perhaps the biggest for a long-long time, and we are here to see it, and help it in our little ways.

    “david bowie – changes”:

    1. ab Post author

      I agree Larry is a willing participant, just like leaders of countries and religions who know what’s going on and do nothing.

      You seem to be saying that this is all for our own good. Sorry, but I don’t agree that deception and theft is a good way to herd the masses for their own good. While I get annoyed with the herd, there is no way I condone the disgusting events that scare the masses into early graves.

      Who’s side are you on anyway?

      1. Barbara Müller

        aren’t you contradicting yourself here, dear AB? Don’t we know already these “disgusting events” that scare that masses are but fear porn? Isn’t it up to everybody to decide what way to live. The most of us unfortunately want to be heard. It’s the very few of us who are capable of dealing with the truth. What theft? Do you believe, Larry Silverstein stole something from anybody? Actors only play thieves and criminals and massmurderers, don’t you know? The only thing you can make actors responsible for is bad acting.

    2. Barbara Müller

      I have to admit, I agree to many of these thoughts. Our life is becoming better and better through the decades. We live better than our parents has lived and our children’s childhood is much better than ours was. It’s mainly thanks to globalization. You may not like it, but it is for all those big shipping companies transporting all possible wares and food around the world that we do not fear bad summers anymore. That we have tomatoes, apples or even strawberries the entire year in our shops. That people in underdeveloped countries can now participate in this global market slowly changing their status into developed. Live is improving not only here, but everywhere. Maybe not with the same speed but that is not the point. We know all this horrible war stories are just fear porn created to control the masses. There is nothing to fear but the fear itself. Unfortunately the most of us want and have to be “farmed”. Categorical imperative from I. Kant comes to my mind. Otherwise there would be no need for leaders. The very few of us capable of handling the truth have all the possibilities to search for it. I was thinking about some assessment centers I had to go through while applying for my first jobs after my university time. They were looking for good actors, for people with talents to present any ideas to masses, to argument and fight for these ideas without involving themselves personally. That’s what politicians and actors do for living. That’s why in USA and elsewhere children compete in debating. The best then become Larry Silvesteins, Barack Obamas and such. You make your own luck. Find and accept your limits. Stop complaining and being envious. Live is to short for such a wasting of time.

      1. stephen

        Do you remember Lord Haw Haw? Alter-ego of William Joyce. “Tone Band: Germany Calling (1982)”:…

        Well this, me, is Britain calling, so thank you for the replies Ab and Barbara. Unfortunately my mind is a bit of a mash-up at the moment, like every room I spend time in, or every table after my meal, a bit of a mess, sometimes a great big mess! Fortunately someone always comes along to clean it up for me. So I need time to order and develop my thought to answer you.

        Until then, these quotes sound right to me:

        “That people in underdeveloped countries can now participate in this global market slowly changing their status into developed. Live is improving not only here, but everywhere. Maybe not with the same speed but that is not the point.”

        “Actors only play thieves and criminals and massmurderers, don’t you know? The only thing you can make actors responsible for is bad acting.”

        “The very few of us capable of handling the truth have all the possibilities to search for it.”

        “They were looking for good actors, for people with talents to present any ideas to masses, to argument and fight for these ideas without involving themselves personally.”

        An aside, Ab, did you know there is a little piece of France that is a bit of Canada, you are Canadian right? Givenchy-en-Gohelle, “The memorial is on land that was given to Canada by the French “freely and for all time””:…

        I came across it a few days ago, via this story, “The 18 sewer men who changed the war”:…

    3. Carole Thomas

      Hi Stephen
      Your take is interesting. Would you like to elaborate on it here on in the chat?

      1. stephen

        Carole, thanks for thumbsup!

        I could elaborate, but am not quite sure myself, a work in progress, I might do more harm than good; too often in the past I’ve shot my mouth off without understanding. But do go ahead and ask me any questions if you wish.


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