Juno how to pull off a Jovian feat?

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Just in time for July 4, when the great American of 0;we’re #1” reaches its apex, we have the latest space comedy – encoded with the beloved 911 numerology.

Simon says:

Oh dear, here they go again – exulting like teenagers pulling of ‘another good prank’…

To their credit, they’re at least ‘being somewhat honest’ in their description of their ‘Jovian feat’…1;The people behind NASA’s Juno mission rode a wave of emotions Monday night (July 4) as the spacecraft approached Jupiter and then, after a picture-perfect, 35-minute engine burn, became just the second probe ever to enter orbit around the giant planet.”

Yup. ‘Picture-perfect’ it is. Or more correctly still, ‘cartoon-perfect’.

The cost of the 0;Juno mission” (and its “nine science instruments”)? Well, $1.1 billion, of course!

Source: View topic – Miscellaneous NASA comedies • Cluesforum.info

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