Miles on the BP Oil spill – engineered hoax

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Miles does a brief commentary on the Orlando and then launches into a great piece on the BP Oil Spill Media event.

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Interesting points to ponder:
Institutionalised bribery:

Next, they spend many minutes blaming oil industry lobbyists. But if all Congresspeople weren’t
corrupt, no amount of lobbying would matter. You can’t “lobby” people who are incorruptible, by
definition. If you are a Congressman who is going to do the right thing regardless, lobbying is
meaningless. Lobbying is actually a misnomer. Why not call it what it is? Institutionalized bribery.
We are told lobbying is the second biggest business in Washington, after the Government itself. But,again, that is just smoke. Lobbying isn’t a business. It is institutionalized corruption. The definition of “business” is not—or should not be—institutionalized corruption.

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