Now Dave McGowan’s site is R.I.P. 

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Now Dave’s website is effectively gone. I didn’t spend much time there, but enjoyed his interviews on the moon. He didn’t touch as I would have liked, but that’s always the ultimate litmus test for these 0;truthers”.

Cluesforum backup link via getsync.

To the uninformed, a search for McGowan’s name across this forum will show how important and stimulating his website 0;Center for an informed America” has been… Maybe not for 9/11, about which McGowan never suggested the presence of fakery, but undoubtedly for the Moon landings, the Kennedy assassination, the Laurel Canyon scene and many other topics. His style of writing, a mix of elegant humor and facts, was the best you could get.Unfortunately, of his great website and all the material that was there, nothing is left. I regret not having made a full backup of it.

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2 thoughts on “Now Dave McGowan’s site is R.I.P. 

  1. Barbara Müller

    I also was impressed back then by his Apollo findings, but Cluesforum made McGowan just obsolete. He never really wrote anything of importance as the first one. He never really went into ISS and only focused on Apollo, his Boston analysis came after others found everything out already. The Laurel Canyon story is a good read, like a good Steven King book, but its fiction and it simply propagates the fear-porn Idea of a serial killer and satanists in Hollywood. I started to have doubts when I saw his Laurel Canyon pictures. Who could have access to pictures of mutilated body of the Black Dahlia if not a shill of the controlled opposition? Then his sudden death on 22.11 at 12:47. lol. Yeah, right. Another Ace Baker went dark.

  2. Mark T

    I once thought McGowan’s work was more important than it turned out to be, and so backed up his work on my own computer. I have it all. If anyone wants it, please go to my website and we can arrange a contact.


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