Jay Dyer gets it – DALLAS “ATTACK” DIALECTICS: Summer of Uncle Sam

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Fantastic analysis by Jay, who is the smartest philosopher and analyst who accepts media fakery (move over and on Fetzer!) 


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1 thought on “Jay Dyer gets it – DALLAS “ATTACK” DIALECTICS: Summer of Uncle Sam

  1. Jack33

    My mother’s boss claims to have known one of the cops who was killed during the supposed shootout here in Dallas the other night. She says he and his wife were members of the same church she attends.

    My mother told her what I thought about the incident, but her boss kept insisting the officer actually died, offering a viewing she was attending tonight as proof it was real.

    Now she said “viewing”, so I asked my mom to have her clarify whether it was going to be an open casket viewing or a closed casket memorial. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out the answer to that one -but I think all of us here know the answer already.

    Also, I’ve asked my mom to have her boss clarify whether or not she knew them personally or if she only knew of them because she’d been told they were both members of the same congregation.

    Often times people like to exaggerate or embellish the details of their connection to a victim in these types of situations. It makes themselves feel important. Especially in such a high profile, highly publisized event.

    I asked if I could tag along with her to the memorial but she wasn’t down with it.

    Let’s just pretend for a moment this officer and his wife were members of this particular Church. What do you suppose happens to these officers in real life once their killed off in a made for TV movie? Do they take their bonus checks and early retirement and skip town to start over, leaving everybody they ever knew behind to think they actually died.
    What about any family they might have? I guess you’d have to have each and everyone of them in on the secret as well.

    My guess is that my mom’s boss didn’t know this officer or his wife at all, but rather she was only told they were members of the same congregation at Church.

    I’m guessing they bring these guys in a few years prior to an event such as this to have them appear to be who they say they are, but in reality they’re only there to do a job and are probably discouraged from making any meaningful connections with anybody.
    They’re running a ‘long conn’ game, and split town when the jobs complete.

    Who knows? Anyone else know of how they might do it?


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