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Two sides of same a$$truNOT coin

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Confirmation that the biggest NASA vicsim hoax was also the most in-your-face (literally).

Down below I compared the facial features of Christa McAuliffe and Syracuse law professors Sharon McAuliffe and concluded that they are the same person, and  therefore that the Challenger disaster was a hoax.

Source: Piece of Mind | “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” (Mark Twain, attributed)

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Pay for truth 2016

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If you follow any subject long enough, the same old memes and themes cycle back. This, I suppose, is life.

Initially, Markus started this debate, which I thought was worthwhile. I came down on the donation model, like hoaxbusterscall.com. I think it’s the best, so those that won’t or can’t pay still receive the benefits of this most important topic. I don’t think any bonus tier is necessary for donors, but I do think acknowledgement in some form is appropriate. (I will acknowledge donors here if they wish – please let me know if you want your name listed).

Pay for truth?

ep64b-Pay for truth?

Recently, Mark Sargent changed to a pay format. John Le Bon has added a patreon function. Both put a full time job’s worth of time into their sites, so I agree money is needed to keep going in this money system.

Once more, I ask, are you willing to pay for truth? Let’s start a discussion – again.


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