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If you follow any subject long enough, the same old memes and themes cycle back. This, I suppose, is life.

Initially, Markus started this debate, which I thought was worthwhile. I came down on the donation model, like I think it’s the best, so those that won’t or can’t pay still receive the benefits of this most important topic. I don’t think any bonus tier is necessary for donors, but I do think acknowledgement in some form is appropriate. (I will acknowledge donors here if they wish – please let me know if you want your name listed).

Pay for truth?

ep64b-Pay for truth?

Recently, Mark Sargent changed to a pay format. John Le Bon has added a patreon function. Both put a full time job’s worth of time into their sites, so I agree money is needed to keep going in this money system.

Once more, I ask, are you willing to pay for truth? Let’s start a discussion – again.


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5 thoughts on “Pay for truth 2016

  1. Steve L

    I’ve paid and subscribed to many ‘truth’ sites over the years but none have offered refunds if you find untruths in their truths or if you don’t believe in their ‘truth’. Many of them have claimed to be totally broke then you hear they have taken a long vacation in a foreign land, can’t remember the last time i had a vacation. The ‘truth movement’ is as divided as the Christian religion, another organisation i have given a lot of money to in the past for their different truths, and have achieved their division in a much shorter time period. I’m at the point now that i am very reluctant to cough up any more for ‘truth’.

  2. John le Bon

    Thanks for posting the link to call with Markus Allen. I hadn’t heard it before and found it rather illuminating. My only other exposure to Allen was his conversation with Simon Shack (which I also found through Fakeologist) and I suppose I had gotten the wrong impression of Allen as a result of that Shack piece. Does anybody know if Allen still has a paywall site? All I found was his ‘truthin7minutes’ site which, so far as I can tell, is an open blog. Am I missing something, or did the money stop rolling in?

    On to the topic at hand, my views on this have changed over time. When I first got into this scene I had the ridiculously naive notion that most of the people involved in ‘truth’ were like me: good, decent, moral people. It turns out that this is simply not the case. At best, the majority of these people are demoralised to the point where few will reverse their own fortunes. At worst, this scene is infested with minions who may think they mean well but are actually, in thoughts and in actions, scum.

    This means that the work I put out is, for most people who consume it, merely entertainment. Why would I want to entertain people I see as being one of the biggest parts of the very problem I am speaking out against? Degeneracy and apathy abound, and the majority of my 3,000 YouTube subscribers are at least one of those two things. Not that this is necessarily their fault – we have all been conditioned since birth to be degenerate and apathetic. It is tough enough to undo our own conditioning, so it would be folly to condemn those who can’t (or won’t) undo their own.

    Now I have set up a patreon to test the waters to see how much people actually value my work. I use the word ‘value’ intentionally. The typical ten-minute video takes me several hours to script, record, edit and upload. If the information and presentation is worth nothing to those who view it, then that is the reality. At present there are ten people who have indicated via patreon that they value the work I put out. My original intention was to continue to release regular videos and podcasts for free but also release occasional patreon-only content as well.

    After another two weeks of thought, having seen the initial reaction/support received, and having listened to a few insightful podcasts (including Allen’s) I am slowly but surely coming to realise that those who are not willing to financially support what I am doing are also unlikely to support what I am doing in any other way. It really is just entertainment. What I am releasing is not ‘truth’ to them – if it were, they would change their own lifestyles and behaviours. No, to those people, all my content is is entertainment. They can go and get that from a multitude of sources; I could close my channel tomorrow and it would not make an ounce of difference to their lives.

    With three weeks to go until the first money is taken from any patron’s bank accounts, I have a fair idea of what my next moves will be. My own mission to find and spread truth will remain the same, but strategies need to be updated to accommodate new information. I simply did not have the same information at hand two years ago as I have today. I’m better for the experience. Can others say the same?

    1. Vespadouglas

      Hi jlb. Could you possibly give an example of some of the ( financially valuable) truths that you are releasing, ( that some people are not getting), that should be changing lifestyles and behaviours.
      I’m also not sure who you mean when you talk about degenerates, Minions and scum. Could you clarify that.
      Some of us here do find you rather entertaining, in more ways than one, so I’m presuming I / me / we are included.
      Yours In Doubt

  3. Blue Moon

    Vespa, you are exactly right- Opinion is what’s on offer here- I think of the NT passage where Pilate asks Christ “what is truth?” but immediately leaves, knowing the question is unanswerable, and IMO because a paradigm is a subjective world view mistaken for an objective one- Ergo, truth is as malleable as opinion- In fact, its often the same thing- Or, when more than one opinion aligns, you have a species of “truth” but it’s rarely universal- The obvious roundness of the earth isn’t even a universal truth, thanks to opinion being mistaken for truth- (My head hurts…)

  4. Vespadouglas

    Isn’t it more of a case of ” paying for opinion? ”
    I doubt very much whether Mr Sergeant has any truth in him.
    If Jlb could provide me with truth / proof of a few of my and his shared views I would gladly, even gratefully, pay him ( Or anyone else. ) .
    But the minute he provides real ” truth” it will spread like wildfire.
    In the meantime, he offers opinions. Bloody good ones at times. He suggests he’s going to “exclusive ‘ some of his opinions
    Is it worth paying for? . Some will say yes. Then they’ll tell us won’t they?


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