Double Fantasy fakery 

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Lennon StaycerDo I have to dig up this movie again? I have no doubt the Lennon shooting was an #hrdpar. Here’s another take on the film Tommy D. dislikes (it’s a bad movie).

Mark Staycer fakes being fake John Lennon

John Lennon liked to fuck with us. He was not a liberal or a peacenik, he was not wicked smart or deep. But he did have a crafty sense of theater about him. He knew how cool we thought he was, and handled that aspect of his public personality very well. He never let on who or what he really was.…

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23 thoughts on “Double Fantasy fakery 

  1. xileffilex

    A comment at Piece of Mindful alerts us to the public reappearance of Mark Staycer earlier in 2018 in Northern Michigan.
    Strangely, he seems to have lost most of his scouse accent since those earlier videos.

    How long has he been away? Perhaps there are several Mark Staycers as suggested at PoM?

  2. Blue Moon

    I submitted the Shake the Fake banner when Ab asked for submissions quite awhile ago- Not being an Elvis/Aron devotee, stock pot rock and roll lyrics seem to be interchangeable to a tin ear like mine- But I’d bet my set of mint condition Rudy Vallee 78’s that Elvis/Aron sang “shake whathaveyou” somewhere, sometime- Actually, “Shake the Fake” would work better on Fakeologist merchandise such as coffee mugs and tee-shirts- I bequeath the slogan to public domain- Exploit liberally-

    1. ab Post author

      I didn’t even remember that you submitted it BM. Elvis was one of the more famous celebs to have his death simulated. That’s the biggest fakery surrounding him. Is that not really conveyed with the banner? Perhaps not, but I don’t really think the banner is causing harm.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Can we conclusively say that Elvis faked his death ?
        I can’t. I’m interested in Elvis and interested in fakery, you’d think I’d have some idea.

        The way Elvis took drugs and ate is well documented and it was an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle.
        It wasn’t really a surprise for him to have had a heart attack, at all, if that’s what happened.

        Not every famous person who died young, faked their death. Fact.
        There’s not enough evidence that I’ve seen, to make the assumption Elvis faked his.

        1. rgos

          Can we conclusively say that Elvis faked his death ?

          Yes, Dries van Kuijk told me in private.

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Oh good, rgos, that’s cleared that one up, then.
            Why ever didn’t we ask our Dutch connection, earlier ?

            The Elvis case solved. Super, cheers mate.

            Joint ?

              1. Tom Dalpra

                Yeh, alright smart Alec, we’re not all bi-lingual like you Dutch. Does this mainstream TV piece add anything interesting ?

                I’m aware of the ”Carny Man’ Colonel Tom Parker and his shady Dutch origins.
                Anything interesting here beyond the fact he fled after a murder ?

    2. Tom Dalpra

      Excuse me Blue. No offence intended. It looked quite a nice banner.
      I am a rock’n’roll devotee and sorry for my pedantry. If you know your rock’n’roll then I think the wording seems clumsy juxtaposed Elvis.

      ”Shake the fake” could well be a catchy slogan for mugs and tee-shirts.

  3. Tom Dalpra

    If you’re referring to me, I never said I disliked that movie.
    I’ve never watched it.

    What I think is stupid, regarding that movie, is the idea that Staycer could actually be Lennon.
    This clearly false notion is a joke idea, I believe, that was suggested by an apparently serious Miles Mathis and is now talked about by this pieceofmindful guy .

    He finishes his article by saying he doesn’t think Staycer is Lennon, he thinks some other character is and just leaves it at that. Haha. What is this ?

    1. Tom Dalpra

      On the subject of rock’n’roll and being wary of looking stupid, dear Ab, a banner has returned to the site which troubles me.

      It’s the ”Shake the Fake” one. Do you remember you removed it before because you agreed you didn’t like it either ? There’s two pictures of Elvis, young and old and the rest of the text reads, ”C’mon Everybody”.

      C’mon Everybody was an Eddie Cochran song and ”Shake” is either a Jerry Lee Lewis or Bill Haley reference, maybe.
      They seem incongruous next to two pictures of Elvis.

      And what was fake about Elvis ? His talent ? No. His fatness? No. What ?
      What was fake about Elvis?
      His death ? Well maybe, but where’s the serious research. ? I’m quite open to anything, but there’s certainly none around here that I’ve seen.
      Nothing to justify that banner anyway.

      I’m sorry, it makes me cringe and I don’t think it reflects well on the site. You removed it and changed it before, could I ask you to remove it again, please ?

        1. Tom Dalpra

          straightfromthedevilsmouth said – ”There’s been some very good research by Miles Mathis on Elvis being played by twins.”

          That’s a matter of opinion.
          Mathis makes the clearly false claim that Mark Staycer is John Lennon.
          On this glaring evidence, alone, I would say anything else he says should be taken with a pinch of salt.

          Mathis seduces a few with his easy pulp fiction but that doesn’t make him a good researcher, more a good spinner of tales, I’d say.

          1. ab Post author

            Plus he’s been provoking Simon unnecessarily without clear explanation. He’s got nuggets with large rocks of salt, but still worth the effort. Maybe he’s even on the inside.

          2. straightfromthedevilsmouth

            I disagree with you very strongly. Mathis has been on point so many times IMO, that I’m willing to look the other way with him taking the bait on Staycer. Frankly, what else has he been blatantly wrong on from the hundreds of essays he’s written?

            I’m still considering MM being disinfo (for other reasons), but if he is, he would be the highest quality disinfo I’ve seen so far.

            1. ab Post author

              Agreed. If he’s disinfo, he’s high quality. That’s ok, since the latest fakery research is high quality too, so it’s high time the intel crowd stepped up their game.

            2. Tom Dalpra

              If Mathis ‘took the bait’ on Staycer he can’t be that clued-in.
              It’s a BIG claim and it’s clearly false. After that, alone, I have to take whatever he says with a pinch of salt as he’s clearly capable of getting things completely wrong.

              I wrote reviews of MM’S Dresden essay and his Elvis ‘twin’ essay.
              I found fault in both.
              In the Dresden essay, for example, if I remember, he mocks an image of an old lady victim saying she was clearly not burnt and looks like a mummified corpse that’s been placed there.
              The image, however, I think, is actually supposed to be of a victim of the heat and not of the fire directly. Mathis’ mocking of the old lady image seems misplaced.

              As I said, Mathis seems to have seduced quite a few with his style.
              Beware, that’s all I’d say, your thought that Mathis may be disinfo is probably right.


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