Cringe alert – grin or grimace?

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Amber Alert update  Taliyah Marsman s father releases statement   Calgary AmberI always thought the Amber alert concept was a good idea – getting children back that have gone 0;missing” asap. Who wouldn’t? Children are our most vulnerable citizens, but sadly it’s usually an abusive relative that does all the harm instead of all the care.

That said, if this case isn’t a hoax, then it’s the most un-heartfelt press conference I’ve seen in a long time. Not a tear in sight. In fact, smiles usually replace grimaces, since they take less effort to fake.

This bit of falls into the category of noble lie, that is, promoting a good idea with a typical case using crisis actors.

Noble lies are controlled fake events conducted in typical fashion: they look every bit real, use many regular (unaware – is it possible?) EMT personnel, but the prime agents are actors and agents.

As the Amber alert for missing Calgary girl Taliyah Leigh Marsman entered its second day, the five-year-old’s father issued an emotional plea for her safe return.

0;With all my heart, I love her sooo much; she is my light! Please allow her to come home to her family,” said Colin Marsman, in a statement issued through his friend, Gabriel Goree.

Source: Amber Alert update: Taliyah Marsman’s father releases statement | Calgary Amber

Maybe this company can help sort out if what we’re seeing is genuine.

Smile, Frown, Grimace and Grin — Your Facial Expression Is the Next Frontier in Big Data | Innovation | Smithsonian

The punchline:

Amber Alert system offers hope to families of missing children | PLATT | Canada

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