Audiochat-Tom, Ab, Nikon

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We get together for a chat, and then something Nice happens. New voice Nikon stumbles in.


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43 thoughts on “Audiochat-Tom, Ab, Nikon

  1. Terran Downvale

    Hey, guys. I just listened to this and heard you mention me and my Central Park post. Thanks for the supportive words, Tom, and I’m glad to hear Nikon found my discoveries compelling as well. First of all, the other guy whose foot was injured was an American college football player, not a hockey player. And I’m actually American, not British. I’m still not entirely sure why these apparent “clues” are placed in these stories. I have some ideas, but at this point, the answer remains unclear. I just know they’re there! And this particular story included some very clear and definite examples that I think are quite difficult to dismiss or explain as a mere coincidence. JLB did a great gob reviewing my post, although he didn’t include everything I said. If anyone would like to read it, you can find it on my G+ here (be warned, I express some disappointment in Fakeologist in the comments, lol):…

    I posted a couple of follow-ups. This one here:…

    And this most recent one which really sends things to the next level:…

    I’ve discovered that the Central Park story is connected to the “truck attack” in Nice 11 days later! So “baby hoax” or not, the way these events are interconnected is something that I think is very important. If we can identify the patterns, we may be able to effectively “predict” future events based on possible elements of foreshadowing contained in these stories.

    I also have something interesting to show you regarding the Pokemon thing but I’ll add that comment to the appropriate post.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Hi Terran,
      I’m glad you heard the audio so that you know some of us who have some association to Fakeologist do at least look at some of your stuff and find it interesting.
      Sorry for my incorrect leap to you being possibly British which i based on your research into the Smiler Ride incident last year. I’m slightly surprised that someone from the U.S would even pick up on that ‘baby’ -ha -Brit hoax’, but it makes no odds.
      Excuse too, my sloppy recall on the ‘hockey player’. I have now watched the Miami Hurricanes football incident as 11 and 9 came together and the head coach was first on the scene…blocking our view…mmm

      The park, the witness, the T-shirt , the victim going to the same school, the tightrope, The Walk al al Promenade des Anglais. Yes, yes and yes several times over. It’s there and it’s fascinating Terran, as far as I’m concerned. Thank you for sharing it.
      I can certainly say I don’t know how it all works. It seems a bit like trying to interpret a mystery language or do a cryptic crossword or something as John suggested, but it’s certainly interesting to me.

      I found it quite funny that after JLB had been talking about perhaps not focussing so much on the ‘Baby Hoaxes’ such as ‘plane disappearances and mass shootings’, that he then had a look at this, which , by his terms could be called a ‘foetus hoax’ . Fair enough then, I guess! Ha
      If we study ‘PsyOpery’ then surely it is fascinating to look at these things on a micro scale and try and see the interconnections.

      Who talks about this kind of stuff ? Very few.
      I think it’s pretty amazing to be honest, Terran. and I echo your ‘wows’ .
      What exactly is going on and quite where Ibis hotels come in, I’m not sure, but I think that looking at this psyOpery on a micro level and seeing how it is tied-in to a broader picture and to other events is certainly very interesting.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        So I posted that last comment and went down to the town centre here in Cambridge, England.
        My phrase ”Quite what IBIS hotels has to do with it…” stuck in my head.

        Starting perhaps 18 months ago there began to appear Banksy style spray painted herons in Cambridge. It was all a bit of a mystery as they began popping up in various places ”on walls, both on city streets and even alongside the River Cam”.…

        Now here’s the thing. You got me thinking about the Ibis, Terran, and when I went past one of these ‘herons’ tonight, I had a look.
        Herons have a straighter beak and a longer neck.
        These ‘herons’ look more like ibises !

        Now I don’t know about the big picture here exactly, but what do I find as part of the big new development in central Cambridge ?…

        So, okay. I now get the Ibis reference loud and very clear right here in the streets of Cambridge.
        A sort of City wide subliminal. I get it completely and I figured there was something in it.
        Everyone knows them as herons but they’re actually alluding to an Ibis!
        The beaks are just a fraction short for the classic Ibis, so as not, perhaps, to give the game away
        but I’m happy to call them Ibises over herons.

        Funny. I answered originally with the Ibis connection being the one thing I wasn’t sure about.
        Now, I come home from my evening out and I’ve really learnt something.
        Great stuff Terran, thanks again!

        1. stephen

          Thomas, that’s not an Ibis, that Cambridge Bird, the beaks nowhere near, it’s like MM’s Lennon comparison! “A Right Bird.wmv”:

          This is an Ibis, “Thoth”:


          I’d hoped your Cambridge Bit might have been a Flamingo, then could use this, “EVERLY BROTHERS-“PRETTY FLAMINGO” ( W/ LYRICS)”:

          But no, I can’t see it. Think it probably is a Heron:

          Something like “Bare-throated tiger heron”:

          “Symbolism of the Heron or Egret”:

          Have you cum across Diddy Man Dali’s Method?

          “He employed it in the production of paintings and other artworks, especially those that involved optical illusions and other multiple images. The technique consists of the artist invoking a paranoid state (fear that the self is being manipulated, targeted or controlled by others).” Paranoiac-critical method:

          And from the… er… horses mouth, “Salvador Dali’s essay “The Conquest of the Irrational””:

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Mmm, yes, thanks Stevo,
            I wrote that excitedly in the early hours and when I woke up I had reservations.
            My thinking was that it was alluding to the Ibis, rather than being a strict depiction. If an Ibis had been depicted all over the City it might have given away too much, you know, when the I

            1. Tom Dalpra

              Mmm, yes, thanks Stevo,
              I wrote that excitedly in the early hours and when I woke up I had reservations.
              To make it clear to you, my thinking was that it was maybe alluding to the Ibis, rather than being a strict depiction. If an Ibis had been depicted all over the City it might give away too much- you know, when the big new Ibis hotel development began to spring-up right in the centre of town, transforming the landscape, just as the birds started to appear in the city ?
              There’s plenty of intelligent people in Cambridge, and if these birds are an Ibis reference, then it wouldn’t be clever to make them distinctly recognisable as that.

              Plausible deniability, you see. An important aspect of subliminal referencing. That way too, it can get in your head without you knowing it.

              As I said previously the beak of our Cambridge herons is curved downwards. Subtly perhaps, but distinctly curved downwards.
              Can you find any image of a heron with a beak curved downwards ? I can’t. Certainly not your bare throated tiger heron.

              The beak is more suggestive of an Ibis than a heron. And I’d suggest the beak is an important feature of the bird.
              The tuft of plumage at the back of the head is more consistent with it being a heron, but not unheard of with the Ibis. It could have been thought prudent to add the little tuft of ‘heron-like plumage’ to counter-act the NOT heron-like beak.

              What I’m saying is that these ‘herons’ MAY be intended as a subliminal reference to Ibises . If they were, by the nature of subliminal referencing, it wouldn’t be obvious.

                1. stephen

                  “And they fit the bill”, boom-boom!.. hit me with your ticklin’-stick Tommy-sub-ouch-Limal!

                  I asked the Missis, no prompting “wot type-o’ bird do you fink viss is?” She said “a Heron”. I questioned more, pointed out the curved bill and she agreed they don’t have that, but still thought it fitted the archetype Heron she had in her head. Here’s the related Egret with a slight curve:

                  The other possibility, to me, is a Stork which of course has all the baby bringing symbolism:

                  “Symbolic Meaning of the Stork”:

                  1. Tom Dalpra

                    ”Boom boom ” Yes, Steve. well done and a Basil Brush hat tip to boot.
                    I appreciate the chance to clarify my point and welcome the input of your ”Missis ”.

                    We must remember that herons and Ibises are similar animals, anyway.
                    A cartoon heron might well look quite a lot like an Ibis and vice-versa.
                    With herons, being by far the more common bird, it doesn’t surprise me at all that your missis went for a heron. Remember, that’s what they’re” supposed to be”.
                    They’re in various places all over town and they’re known as ‘herons’. They have to look heron-like.

                    Again, what I’m suggesting, possibly is that these are a subliminal reference to Ibises, hidden in plain sight.
                    I look at subliminal references all the time that other people simply can’t see – even apparently clued-in people, often. Maybe you’re one of those many people who just don’t ‘do’ subliminal referencing ? You just don’t get it ?

                    The spray painted birds emerged in Cambridge as William and Kate became Duke and Duchess of the Cambridge and have coincided with major redevelopments across the city , including the big new town centre development of the Ibis hotel I referred to.

                    I’m saying that regardless of whether it’s meant to or not , it DOES allude to an Ibis. It’s a heron like creature with a short neck and a curved down bill. If you took a pencil and drew a heron and gave it a slightly curved-down beak, some smart Alec could quite rightly say, What’s that, an Ibis ?

                    The very first person I asked about them yesterday when I thought about it was a 65 year old guy who was sitting with me ten feet away from one of the birds on a wall last night.
                    When I asked what he thought of them, he said – ”I said they looked more like an Ibis.”

                    Whatever they are, these Banksy-like images certainly seem to be sponsored by the establishment and must be working on some psychological level, whatever.
                    They’re obviously not there to just look pretty.

                    1. stephen

                      “Maybe you’re one of those many people who just don’t ‘do’ subliminal referencing ? You just don’t get it ?” I’ve a lot to learn Tom I know that; those with eyes to see, see; and those with ears to hear, hear…

                      Ezekiel 12:2 “Son of man, thou dwellest in the midst of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house.”

                      Matthew 13:11-13 “He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.”

                      Luke 8:9-10 “And his disciples asked him, saying, What might this parable be? And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.”

                    2. Tom Dalpra

                      Just had to post these ‘herons’ I found on the tattooist’s.
                      So is this suggesting a grown-up Cambridge ‘heron’ with a baby one ? It certainly looks like it.
                      Just look at that beak on the ‘grown-up’ one !

                      Perhaps some bright spark is hoping we’ll start tattooing ourselves with ‘herons’ ? Yes, that makes sense to me. Of course they are. It’s a great way to spread the subliminal. I’ve seen that before. I’m sure a lot of the guys will go for the ‘Daddy ‘ heron from the front wall…

                      Banksy-style street art and tattoos. Great ways of subtly passing a message to the masses.

                      I can’t post the image at the moment. Here’s a link.

                    3. stephen

                      “Great ways of subtly passing a message to the masses.” But what message are you suggesting is being secretly fed, to poison no doubt, the Plebs? What is the point of tricking images of Ibis’s into Proles?

                      Subliminal means “below the threshold”, outside of consciousness. What’s the point of something of which we are not aware? I’ll ask you something Tom, you can see 9-11, you are aware of the Truth of 9-11? What changed after you saw this, heard this? What of significance happened to you after this revelation? If nothing then you might as well have not discovered the Truth, it made no difference; and perhaps more subtly it is then a fact that you have not seen, you have not heard, you think you have but you haven’t. Perhaps seeing the surface is one thing, the outside, but the revelation, the revolution is inward and to be meaningful that will and must manifest in genuine Reality in your now fuller life. Has it?

                      You say these Cambridge birds are trick Ibis, well why not say they are trick Storks? Here is a Stork, looks very similar:

                      Here’s a Stork story from today, “Hooligan stork riles German villagers”:

                      You say it’s connected to Ibis Hotels, but there they are clearly telling you, no tricks “we have named our hotel chain after Thoth” maybe! It’s hidden in plain site, maybe. For a meaningful language, however occulted, it has to have rules, be patterned, consistently differentiated. “Bad” is good, “Wicked” is good, “Sick” is good, why? Because it’s reversal, opposites. The Son is the sun, why because Jesus is depicted with a sun behind his head, the crown of thorns are the rays of the sun, sometimes he has a Halo, so that’s the ring of Saturn because… and on and on. But! An Oak tree is not a Hazelnut, it is not a Yew, though is it… Yggdrasil is an Oak but it is evergreen so can’t be, is it then Yew the traditional tree for every Church… You see what I’m getting at? You can suggest correspondence and reflection but it has to follow a path, you can’t just make up words otherwise you are just talking to yourself, or a tiny group who share your predilections.

                      You say “The spray painted birds emerged in Cambridge as William and Kate became Duke and Duchess of the Cambridge”, now surely that’s interesting and real if true, obvious? That’s where you should be looking for occulted meaning? “The title became extinct several times, before being revived after a hiatus of over a hundred years in 2011, when it was bestowed upon Prince William on 29 April 2011 upon his marriage on the same day to Catherine Middleton.”:

                      So maybe they are cartoon Storks, fertility charms for the future King who has already manifested two heirs with their help perhaps, guaranteeing the future health and prosperity of the Realm?



                      Your connection to tattooing is potentially interesting too if it develops as fact, the whole mainstreaming of Tat’s-n-Piecing is weird. Something is going on there?

                      “Old English wyrd (n.) “fate, destiny,” literally “that which comes,” from Proto-Germanic *wurthis (cf. Old Saxon wurd, Old High German wurt “fate,” Old Norse urðr “fate, one of the three Norns”), from PIE *wert- “to turn, wind,” (cf. German werden, Old English weorðan “to become”), from root *wer- (3) “to turn, bend” (see versus ). For sense development from “turning” to “becoming,” cf. phrase turn into “become.”

                    4. Tom Dalpra

                      Stephen said – ” what message are you suggesting is being secretly fed, to poison no doubt, the Plebs?”

                      Firstly why the assumption that I’m suggesting the ‘plebs’ are being ‘poisoned’ ?
                      I think the masses are controlled and brainwashed, I didn’t say anything about ‘poisoning’ . If you poison people they’re not going to be a lot of good to you are they ? Wouldn’t any intelligent controller ideally want his workforce healthy and happy ?
                      Relax mate, it’s all very intriguing to me, but not that sinister as far as I see it.
                      Jeez, it’s a fairly benign thing to have birds spray painted on the walls of a city. I like them. I just think it’s interesting that they may be subliminally referencing Ibis’s. And with that last tattoo shop photograph, I think my case got stronger.
                      Silence from you on that ‘clincher’ !

                      You mention the stork again but we’ve been through this. It has a straight beak too, like herons and , If they were fertility symbols why wouldn’t they just be called ‘storks’. I don’t see it likely there would be a subliminal stork. Why ?

                      No, what does make some sense to me, informed by other things I’ve looked at, is the idea that these are perhaps subliminal references to Ibis’s.
                      Remember we live in a world where right now we have a big obvious, invented world reference to the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

                      Terran highlighted the passage from wikipedia – Thoth(Ibis ) was also prominent in the Asarian myth, being of great aid to Isis. After Isis gathered together the pieces of Asar’s dismembered body, he gave her the words to resurrect him so she could be impregnated and bring forth Horus

                      I don’t know. Is there some kind of subconscious narrative being written using old Egyptian Gods? Is the ‘Intelligence’ play book using old themes and icons in planning developments, using these birds as just a little detail to help assert their hidden old power in the course of metaphorically raising Horus, by now invoking Ibis in the city of the King to be ? Are ‘they’ having fun with all this ? I don’t know. But it’s interesting to try and work it out.

                    5. stephen

                      “John McEnroe – You Cannot Be Serious”:

                      Tom mate, whenever someone tells me to “relax mate” I say “oh dear” usually to myself, but not always; it’s invariably a bad sign.

                      Poison: “something harmful or pernicious, as to happiness or well-being”… “something that destroys, corrupts, etc”.

                      “Silence from you on that ‘clincher’ !” You cannot be serious, you cannot be serious, seriously tell me you are joking?

                      “Why” Storks? I have no investment in them being Storks! I’m just suggesting possibilities because they look nothing like an Ibis to me and everyone thinks they are Herons! You say they are Subliminal Ibis I say in that case why couldn’t they be Subliminal Storks, with the then, obvious, added excitement of SS in the initials like Miles Mathis or Simon Shack:

                      You answer because they have a slightly curved beak, but I reply an Ibis has a long narrow very curved beak, the Cambridge Tarts don’t so they are just as close to the beak of a Stork… or a Heron which every tom-dicked-harry believes them to be.

                      Of course, probably, Isis is a reference to Isis the Goddess, it’s the same word! Not subliminal! The way you’re going on anything can be a reference to anything implanted by anything in the unconscious of which we are unaware! Strewth mate anyone would think you a crazy conspiracy theorist.

                    6. Tom Dalpra

                      Stevie boy, as I told you, CALM DOWN MATE, if you don’t get the idea by now, you probably never will, and so don’t worry about it. I’m certainly not going to.

                      If you can’t at least admit that the big tattoo shop ”heron” looks more like an Ibis than a heron then there’s simply no helping you .
                      As someone who has successfully and provably identified quite a lot of subliminal referencing before, I’m quite used to people just not getting it. Fine. I’m not going to bang my head against a brick wall. I’ve got plenty of friends like you and I’ve learnt not to beat myself up when they just can’t get their heads around it. Bless them.

                      I don’t know that the herons are deliberately intended as subliminal ibises, but it’s clear to me they could be.

                      The truth seems to be that you just can’t get your head round the idea of subliminal referencing. You say ISIS aren’t a subliminal reference to the goddess Isis. I say they are.
                      It may be ‘in your face’ that ISIS sounds exactly the same as the goddess Isis, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a reference. It obviously is. And it’s obviously an indirect reference. One alludes to the other indirectly and I’m happy to say that works subliminally, on most people.

                      ISIS are an obvious example of a subliminal reference and, being such a simple one, if you can’t grasp the idea with that, then you really are a long way from understanding how ‘herons’ painted all over the walls of Cambridge could be a subliminal reference to anything.

                      Hey, here’s a good test for you, because you’re obviously a beginner. I found Bob Geldof subliminally referencing the Dunblane school shooting 17 years in advance in the ”I Don’t Like Mondays” video.
                      Most people wouldn’t get it.

                      I know that one is definitely there, but do you ‘get it’ Stephen ?

                    7. stephen

                      Tommy Lad, maybe I just don’t get you. ISIS terrorist group is not a subliminal reference to the Egyptian Goddess, how can it be, they have the same name, therefore it is a DIRECT reference [if it is of course, I think it is.] It is not below the level of consciousness, Isis means Isis, and Isis IS an Egyptian Goddess. Are you doing this on purpose?

                      I am calm, I’m laughing but I’m calm. Seriously listen to yourself, “CALM DOWN MATE” in capital letters, “don’t worry about it” in bold as is “If you can’t at least admit that the big tattoo shop ”heron” looks more like an Ibis than a heron then there’s simply no helping you”. That is teenage-pop-forum behaviour. You know who you sound like? The people who get agitated when we say “not only was 9-11 a fraud but it was fake too”, or “nobody walked on the moon, nothing has ever left the Earths atmosphere”, or “nuclear bombs don’t exist and much much more so there!” “That’s You That Is”:

                      So no, whilst I may be wrong I don’t consider myself “obviously a beginner” but are you sure of your status in the Maze? Do I “get it”? Depends what’s being offered to me. I wont take your test, thanks all the same, I guess it’s not important to me I do remember reading your “Don’t Like Mondays” posts when you originally wrote them, I’ve been reading this forum for a long time, and seem to remember it being interesting.

                      I do have a reasonable, to me at least, understanding of subliminal stimuli. We did it as part of my graphics degree in the complementary/art history part to do with advertising and perhaps Dali too, Also Genesis P-Orridge, and I think William S. Burroughs, were always going on about it, both of whom I was interested in back late 70’s-80’s into 90’s. I knew Pee Orridge for a while.

                    8. Terran Downvale

                      In this case, I think the beak is the sneak. That little curve that suggests an ibis in heron’s clothing. Remember that Thoth tributes involve wearing an ibis MASK. And again, since there will be an Ibis Hotel opening in Cambridge in the terrorism-charged month of September, I think this connection definitely has some merit. But then I’ve got an ibis bias after what I found in the Central Park story ;-P

                      Speaking of ibis masks, check out this article about the masks seen in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and so-called “plague doctors.”…

                      The interior scenes where the sex party took place were apparently filmed at Elveden Hall near the A11 in Cambridge-adjacent Suffolk:…

                      Elveden=Eleven? A11=111? Anyway, here’s a shot from the party scene. I spy a couple curved-beaked bird masks:…

                      Also, from Wiki:

                      Elveden Hall played host to a wide range of sporting activities but none rivalled the Maharajah’s passion for shooting. His shooting parties were popular amongst aristocracy including Prince George, Duke of Cambridge.

                      Terrorist attacks are kind of like “shooting parties.”

                      And then there was this article published 12 days before the Paris attacks linking Eyes Wide Shut and Cambridge:…

                      LOL, I see the would-be Trump assassin story I just mentioned on the Hinkley post on the sidebar. I think a perusal of news stories with the keywords “Cambridge” and “ibis” may yield some interesting results:…

                      On the first page of results, we have another article from March about the coming UK Accor Hotels, including three Ibises:…

                      And this bird-themed article from May about the glut of cranes in the “fast-growing hotspot” of “Cranebrige.” The future Ibis Hotel is mentioned:…

                      Remember that crane collapse in Mecca last 9/11?…

                      Possible foreshadowing for the destruction of a newly crane-constructed Ibis Hotel in September?

                      Also in May, we have a direct connection between a UK Ibis Hotel and potential terrorism:…

                      And finally, to round out the first page of results, we have a story on the recent movie Money Monster:…

                      Kyle, an earnest blue-collar lummox, is upset because he bet a $60,000 inheritance on one of Lee’s stock tips, and the company in question, a hedge fund with the not-at-all-evil-sounding name of Ibis, has just gone south for mysterious reasons, taking the kid’s money with it. He wants the host to publicly apologize and he wants Walt Camby (Dominic West of TV’s “The Affair”), the preening CEO of Ibis, to come down and explain.

                      The Ibis CEO character’s name is Camby which recalls Cambridge. Dominic West, the actor playing him, is a Brit.

                      Money Monster was also one of the films seen on the marquee at the portentous Berlin theater shooting in late June. I talked about it in this post at the time where I predicted a future attack in Germany:…

                      I’m wondering if these Ibis-terrorism tie-ins could be hinting at a future incident involving a UK hotel or maybe just a major UK attack in general? Seems you folks are due for one. Maybe even in September to coincide with the Cambridge Ibis opening?

                      Here are a couple of stories from the past few days:



                    9. Tom Dalpra

                      Hi Steevie you old git,

                      This is my last try. I’ll try and talk you through this really slowly.
                      First , I’ll (do what you do and) cut and paste the word ‘subliminal’ and it’s meaning from a dictionary –
                      Subliminal – perceived by or affecting someone’s mind without their being aware of it.

                      ISIS is an acronym meaning Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. People all over the World know about, and are talking about, ISIS the terrorist organisation.
                      When they do, they aren’t consciously thinking about the Goddess Isis, or the River Isis, for that matter, they’re talking about a terrorist organisation.
                      In this way people many people around the World are invoking the Goddess Isis without knowing it.

                      Can you not understand this ?
                      What is the debate here, anyway ?
                      Is it about the word ‘subliminal’ ?

                      Let’s forget that word then and see if you can agree with this statement –
                      It is likely that ISIS is the name deliberately contrived for the terrorist organisation partly because it indirectly invokes the Goddess Isis ?

                      Yeh ? Happy with that ? Fine.

                      Now, all I’m suggesting possibly is that the ‘herons’ of Cambridge are deliberately and sneakily suggestive of an Ibis.
                      There is no question in my mind that they do suggest the Ibis to some people because they do a bit, to me, and others. My mate, Alan, 65, the other night, for example. When I asked him ”What do you think of the herons ?” he answered, straight away – ”I thought they looked more like ibis.”

                      If the birds looked exactly like Ibis it wouldn’t work as a hidden reference would it ? That would be a bit like the terrorist group being just called ‘Isis’ and not (from the acronym) I.S.I.S.
                      It might be too obvious in that instance. The ibis, with that beak, is very distinctive.

                      So, yes, I don’t know if the Cambridge herons do deliberately allude to the ibis but they look like they might well do, to me and from what I’ve seen, this subtle presentation is exactly what one might expect if this was the case.

                      I hope this helps you to understand/

                    10. Terran Downvale

                      Ugh, it’s hard to keep these comments in order. On the origin of the so-named ISIS terrorist group, I’ve been trying to figure out when exactly that word was first seen in the media connected to terrorism. From my research, it appears to be 7/6/13.

                      BUT, we were introduced subliminally to the image of the “ISIS ninja boogeyman” 11 months earlier in August of 2012 via the carillon player “Cast In Bronze” and the TV show America’s Got Talent.

                      I did some posts and a video on it:





                      Here’s the video. WARNING: possible mind-blowing material:…

                      So we have more bird mask symbolism!

                      I’ll just sum it up with this image:


                    11. stephen

                      Terran Downvalley-n-Carry On Up the Khyber, that Eyes Wide Shut legomenon-link is good, the comments have insights too. Those Plague Doctors outfits, fascinating, there’s more to that costume than meets the wiki-informed eye… don’t know what it is but it’s perfumed occultic.

                      This armour comes to mind, “From around 1380 the visor, by this time considerably larger than earlier forms, was drawn out into a conical point like a muzzle or a beak”:

                      If Eyes Wide Shut-n-Stuff interests you this chap teases lot’s of great layers, or he did, but he seems to shut down the site, or pages, every-so-often so it all might not be there at the moment, “Horselover Phat’s Subliminal-Synchro-Sphere”:

                      This might interest too “Unified Code Theory: Kubrick’s CRM 114”:

                      Regards Elveden Hall, surely “elve” is suggested? Elf:

                      Here’s the Eyes Wide Shut versions:


                  2. Terran Downvale

                    See my previous comment for my thoughts on this apparent ibis programming as possible foreshadowing for a future terror attack psyop in the UK. Here’s another story that adds to that:…

                    A hotel, a “terror hoax” and George Clooney and Julia Roberts in Cannes for their movie Money Monster that I just mentioned!

                    1. Tom Dalpra

                      Great digging Terrain, some very interesting finds.

                      The carrillon player on America’s Got Talent foreshadowing Isis is a good one.
                      (Last year’s season of Britain’s Got Talent was won by a fairly average magician/soldier in uniform. Go figure).

                      I also like the Def Tones and Isis album spawning the single Future Terrorist just as Isis emerged! Mmm.

                      Much more to explore but I just wanted to say good stuff.

                    2. Terran Downvale

                      Tom, it gets even deeper. Deftones were scheduled to play the Bataclan the night after the Paris attacks. Several members were at the Eagles of Death Metal show but left before the attack:…

                      The drummer (with the MM hat, lol) seemed to give us a bit of foreshadowing a few weeks earlier:…

                      That interview took place on 10/21 which is known as “Back to the Future Day.” There is some foreshadowing of the Paris attacks in Back to the Future II as well.

                      Deftones are from Sacramento, CA and there are major connections between Sac (where one of the “heroes” of the Paris train attack was later stabbed) and the Paris attacks. I still have yet to do a post or video on all of this.

                    3. Tom Dalpra

                      Yes, the way these comment threads are formatted (if that’s the right word) is a bit nuts isn’t it ?
                      It’s why I normally go to the forums to discuss things.

                      Anyway, just watching your carrilon video Terran and you point to far right French politician Marine Le Pen. The sandcastle tribute from the Hebdo attacks certainly suggested her to me. With French Elections coming up in 2017, who’s to say anyone can stop her ?


                    4. Terran Downvale

                      stephen: Yes, Cube-brick’s work is a bottomless rabbit hole in itself. Thanks for the links. I’ve seen that horselover blog before. Great stuff. There was an interesting post by ProperGander at CF a while back re: EWS:…

                      Of all the talk about John Lennon appearing alive and well, that one actually seems the most plausible to me. But still impossible to prove one way or the other. I see a “Gateman #1” listed in the credits which is a different actor. No Gateman #2 as far as I can tell.

                      El-ves, lol. What enchanting creatures they are. I actually noticed some elfin themes in a couple stories recently. One related to a guy who I think could be a Peter Pan symbol:…

                      Enjoy the mini rabbit hole in the comments. And LOL, I see they somehow replaced the photo for my post link with a pic of The Rock. WTF?

                      And the strange creature from this story here:…

                    5. Terran Downvale

                      Tom: Wow, that’s some pretty clear Pen-manship there! Another interesting theme. Maybe a ref to how this “reality” they’re presenting is all scripted. I just noticed a suspicious-looking appearance of a pen in a story I posted about yesterday:…

                      In the female (Dorothy stand-in) cop’s hand in this “Yellow Brick Road” shot:…

                      Yet another scripted story?

                      I don’t expect you guys to be reading all of the posts I link to, lol. Just in case you find them intriguing. I’m presently working on a video that I think you’ll be interested in, though, Tom. It features an iconic UK musician who I guess could be considered your peer (although I believe he’s a bit older). I’m tempted to tell you who it is and ask if you know of any shenanigans he might have been involved in, but I don’t wanna reveal his name until I do my video. Let’s just say a MEAT cleaver plays a role.

                    6. stephen

                      Terraining-in-my-heart, talking of “El-ves Lol”, wot-a-bout El-vis Presloly? The first, the father, of rock-n-pop Gods.

                      “Are you Roman tonight? Statue of ‘Elvis’ chiselled 1800 years before his birth goes under the hammer”:

                      Here as the face of the Stature of Liberty which is perhaps a Statue of Isis.


                      And regards Peter Pan, Sir Cliff, the British Elvis, Harry Webb, is “The Peter Pan of Pop”.

                      “Cliff meets Elvis”:

                      “Elvis Presley and Cliff Richard LIVE – Blue Christmas”:

                    7. stephen

                      Terry-ran, El-vis liked his meat, here’s the vegetarian version, “Morrissey – You’ll Be Gone (Elvis Presley Cover)”:

                    8. Tom Dalpra

                      These comments threads dot around all over the place .
                      It’s difficult to have a coherent thread.

                      But, I wanted to share where I’m at with this.
                      I was intrigued looking at one of the articles talking about the new Ibis Hotels development in Cambridge. It mentioned something called the Golden Triangle.

                      The Golden Triangle is an imagined triangle between the great old Universities of England – Oxford, Cambridge and London.

                      Now, strap in. Oxford, has a
                      very clear Isis reference. It’s on the River Isis ! The reference is naturally all over the City.

                      If we recall that Ibis was essential to Isis in helping her give birth to Horus, then we can perhaps see London, the capital, as Horus, or ‘The Eye’, in this particular imaginary triangle. We all know the London Eye landmark.

                      This makes some sense to me in the way that it asserts the old institutions of established power, subliminally, with a classic old story. We love a good story.
                      And with all this powerful referencing that they make up, might it not gently assert itself in our minds?

                    9. Terran Downvale

                      Tom, check out my replies to your comment on my G+ post. This is getting VERY interesting! I’ll just paste what I wrote here (also be sure to read the extra message at the bottom regarding MOZ):

                      Wow, this is all really coming together now. Regarding the London Eye, check this out. First, take a look these Ibis Hotels near the London Eye:


                      Now check out the search results for “London Eye” and “Isis.”


                      We see results from four UK media sources: Daily Mail, Metro, The Sun and Daily Star. *For all four hits, they have either deleted or changed the articles!*

                      For the Daily Mail, the result clearly says “UK terror cell linked to Brussels planned to attack London Eye.” Yet when you go to the link, the headline is different and there is no mention of The Eye in the story other than a link to Mirror article with the headline “London Eye ‘a target for Paris and Brussels terrorists’ as police arrest ISIS suspects” which is a DEAD LINK. Here’s the Daily Mail article as it is now. Unfortunately, there is no cached version:


                      For the Metro article, the search result clearly says “Isis terror cell ‘planned to bomb the London Eye next’ after Paris and …” and shows the URL…/london-eye-was-next-isis-target-for-paris-and-brussels-bombers.

                      Yet when you go to the link, it redirects to another URL with an article that does NOT mention The Eye:…

                      Here’s a cached version of the old link mentioning The Eye:


                      The result for The Sun says “London Eye is a ‘prime target for the Isis-backed Paris and Brussels …” and now leads to a dead link. Here’s the cached version:


                      The Daily Star result says “ISIS planned attack on UK and targeted the London Eye” and also leads to a dead link. Cached version:


                      When I search for “London Eye” and “Isis” on the Daily Star site, I get no results.

                      I get this result from The Sun that merely shows The Eye lit up in Red, White and Blue showing solidarity with France after the Nice attack with no mention of The Eye being a potential target:


                      And at the Metro site, I get the same result that says “Isis terror cell ‘planned to bomb the London Eye next’ after Paris and …” which again redirects to the other story that makes no mention of The Eye.

                      What’s going on here, Tom???

                      And this second comment relates to what Stephen just posted in response to my MEAT hint. Well, you nailed it, Stephan. Here is my second comment from that G+ thread:

                      See my previous comment. I just noticed something else. That link I gave you for the search “ibis near london eye, United Kingdom” on Google Maps:


                      Look at where it puts the star. Right on VAUXHALL. This is significant! It has to do with my upcoming video I alluded to in the Fakeologist thread. Man, I really need to get that done pronto. It’s gonna make yer head explode!

                      Just remember this in preparation for my video: VAUXHALL & EYE

                      Now Tom, give us some dirt on MOZ please!

                    10. Terran Downvale

                      CORRECTION: I just realized the Google Maps star is right on Vauxhall because I put it there, lol. I’d marked it on the map when I was signed in.

                      BUT… You can still see that Vauxhall and The London Eye are near each other. So this still is relevant regarding VAUXHALL & EYE which won’t make much sense at this point. Video coming soon!

                      Also, MOZ = Morrissey, in case you didn’t know. Sorry to be so cryptic.

                    11. Tom Dalpra

                      Ha, yeh, I did wonder about the star. Figured the point remained. I got the Morrisey reference. Just no dirt to dish, as it were!
                      I don’t know much about Morrisey. Never really looked at him.
                      I now await, with interest, this post of yours as well as the Vauxhall video!

                      I thought it perhaps a worthwhile detail to explain on the thread that The River Isis is the name given to the River Thames a as it passes through Oxford. The very river that becomes the Thames and leads us to the Eye of the City. So that’s perfect for the analogy.
                      Horus coming out of Isis as it were.

                    12. stephen

                      At the risk of inflaming your passions, again, Thomas, I think you are reaching, again. I get your drift but this isn’t really true “… Ibis was essential to Isis in helping her give birth to Horus”.

                      Osiris was “essential” to Isis in her giving birth to Horus, he’s the father! The golden dildo, that Isis fashioned knob of Osiris, was more essential than, the oily rag, Thoth!

                      “About the Product
                      Usage: Deep Internal
                      Type of Stimulation: G-spot
                      Material: 24K gold
                      Waterproof: Yes
                      Wearable: No”

                      St Peter:

                      Women who demand the ultimate:

                      Cheaper from Amazon:




                    13. Tom Dalpra

                      Hey Steph,

                      ‘Inflaming’ my ‘passions again’? Ha ! When did you imagine you inflamed them in the first place ?

                      I actually felt a bit sorry for you, you poor lamb. Honestly, hehe.
                      My nature, you see – a carer. Bless you. I’m lucky, it’s better for one to be like that, I think.

                      Now, my little sweetie, I’m ‘reaching’ alright, I’ll give you that. I’m a happy amateur just shooting the shit wondering what this could represent.

                      I’m not saying for a moment I know exactly what’s going on, I’m just offering speculation based on some evidence.

                      We know in legend that – Thoth helped Isis work the ritual to bring Osiris back from the dead, and who drove the magical poison of Set from her son, Horus with the power of his magic.

                      Quite a useful lad then ? Not one to be taken lightly and certainly possibly worth
                      invoking in a world where Isis is being ‘played’ on us ?

                      There is a possible allusion to the Ibis in the Cambridge herons, not a certain one, but a definite possibility.
                      Ibis was was associated by the Egyptians with speech, literature, arts, learning.
                      This would seem an ideal association for Cambridge – seat of learning.

                      We also know that –
                      ”In the “Contendings of Horus and Seth”, Horus-Re emerges victorious to claim the throne but, in the process, loses an eye. Thoth/ Ibis reassembles the eye”
                      So Ibis has a firm association with Horus, particularly the Eye.

                      As far as the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Oxford/Isis, Cambridge/Ibis and London goes, I’m still quite drawn to the idea of ( big Daddy ) London being the analogical Horus. Hey, but what do I know, I’m just shooting the shit.

                      It’s the eye, though, innit ?

                    14. stephen

                      Mr Apollo by The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band:

                      Ha, ha, no offense mate just “shooting the shit” as you say Tom, but you’re a bit erm… odd? “Inflaming” your “passions” was just an amusing, to me, way of saying “annoying you”, teasing your, big, ego. You seem to have an, inflated, problem with self-awareness?

                      You “felt a bit sorry for” me!! “you poor lamb”!!! As I’ve said before, you can’t be serious!? Your ridiculous arrogance is so misplaced I snigger. Don’t feel sorry for me, gently pat yourself on the back for being so, non-aggressively, passively, humorous; just as you point out, “bless you”, for you are a “Carer”, many thanks and hence no doubt your terming me your “little sweetie”! Blimey! But yes true, for someone my age, I’m not unattractive.

                      I know you fancy yourself a bit of a Muso, inspired by the gods of “speech, literature, arts, learning” Mr Apollo no doubt. Well here’s a genuine one for your covers-band: “The Platters – The Great Pretender – HD (1955)”:

        2. Terran Downvale

          I’m typing this quickly and will have more to say later. I just have to say amazing find, Tom! With the short curved beak, it looks like we have some kind if ibis/heron hybrid! The connection with the coming Ibis Hotel seems pretty clear to me since this was all in Cambridge. In fact, I have another example of “art foreshadowing psyops” I’ll show you in a moment.

          Stephan, your mention of Thoth I think is significant. Check out this passage from Wikipedia:

          Thoth was also prominent in the Asarian myth, being of great aid to Isis. After Isis/Aset gathered together the pieces of Asar’s dismembered body, he gave her the words to resurrect him so she could be impregnated and bring forth Horus. After a battle between Horus and Set in which the latter plucked out Horus’ eye, Thoth’s counsel provided him the wisdom he needed to recover it. Thoth was the god who always speaks the words that fulfill the wishes of Ra.

          I’ve been seeing some figurative and literal references to the Eye of Horus in psyops and suspicious news stories lately. Most significant is the “blood smear” and “dead body” pattern on the Bataclan floor from that other French “terrorist attack.” I believe one of our favorite controlled opposition pranksers Math Powerland may have foreshadowed it in his own “artwork.” Check out these two posts I did on it here:



          And there was something similar in Nice but I can’t seem to find the photo, only a censored version. There were some bodies lying in a strange configuration. Anyone have the original?


          And then there are the “pieces of Asar’s dismembered body” mentioned in the Wiki entry. There was a young witness at the Nice attack whose dramatic, tearful account was featured on CNN. She described seeing “severed heads and dismembered legs.” She can be seen in Benjamin Donkey’s video here:…

          This led to a lengthy discussion with a very clueless lady in the comments for Lesta Nediam’s post here:…

          I did my own post about one of my own comments from that discussion where I point out some interesting possible connections concerning that particular witness and her mother’s names:…

          But anyway, the Eye of Horus seems to be appearing more and more. Perhaps this is what they are symbolically trying to “bring forth?” In this post, I discussed a recent story about the death of a skydiver from Kansas (Dorothy/OZ anyone?):…

          The victim had recently received a degree in Bible and Ministry Studies at Hesston College in Kansas. Their mascot is also a bird, a lark. The logo contains a not-so-subtle Eye of Horus:…

          And I saw a literal Eye of Horus in another recent news story about a homeless man who was beaten to death in San Diego. LOTS of very strange symbolism in that story, which I still need to do a post on.

          Anyway, all of this seems to be connected somehow. The grand Psy-Opera, as you aptly called it. In fact, there is another key “Eye” connection between the Paris attacks and the stabbing attack in Sacramento, CA of one of the “heroes” in the Paris train attack that occurred a couple months before the Paris attacks last November. That’s something I still need to do a post or video on ASAP. What I found illustrates the extent and scope of the symbolism and connections between all of these events in a staggering way.

          I’ll just link to a crazy-looking diagram I made back in November that kind of explains some of it, although it probably won’t make much sense without my explanation:…

          I’ve really gotta get on that one soon since it’s been almost 9 months since that event. I’ve just been sitting on this info since then!

          OK, I guess this turned out to be quite a lengthy reply. I’m glad you guys are trying to help me figure out this madness. The idea of pysops as “art” I think might help us understand the big picture. You can look at much of it as performance art. The Alton Towers story and its crazy connections to The KLF and Discordianism really brought this idea home for me. I’m sure the creators of these narratives and spectacles have a real fun time planning and pulling them off. They get to be artists with the world stage as their canvas. It’s about as close as you can get to “playing God.” Anyway, I’ll be back with more comments later.

          1. stephen

            “Asar” is Osiris, The Green Man:

            The Eye of Horus.., is personified in the goddess Wadjet derived from “wadj” meaning “green”, hence “the green one”:


            There is a Green Man at Altamont, “Rolling Stones – Under My Thumb (Meredith Hunter’s Death at Altamont)”:

            At the Rock-n-Roll Circus Mick bared his chest, “The rolling stones, Sympathy for the devil, subtitulado al español”:

            Nice tits Mick, this is Ishtar, the Stripper:

            “At each gate, Ishtar had to shed one article of clothing.”:

            Is this Ishtar with Scarabs, is that a string of fashioned Penises of Osiris?:

            Fourteen pieces of meat? Could be I suppose, but a hacked up body, and are those eyes of Horus dotted about, Johnny’s got a hand full:

            How many pieces here, what’s John finger pointing to below, what’s Paul hand doing with that head at his crotch? Just a single eye-of here:

  2. stephen

    “Flakey”?! Flakey! Well could be worse couldv’e likened me to Puff… pastry you see? Alluding to whoopsy-boys, as I was, you’re probably old enough Tom Dee, whatever happened to The Pouffee, have I spelt that right? Those stuffed-n-sit-on feet-up cushion things. Were all the rage, I couldn’t work out why a Bum Boy was a vinyl covered stout cushion. Kinky! “The Kinks – Mr. Churchill Says (Mono BBC Version)”:…

    Oh well, The Beatles, my opinion, you should see the Paul-Is-Dead as Osiris dead and reborn. Here’s when he came back, note Crook, some jiggery-pokery with the hands, maybe an as-above-so-below:……

    When thinking about what Beatles were or did it’s wise to compare:

    “but how strange the change from major to minor”:

    Cole Porter could do it because… “Born to a wealthy family… Classically trained… After a slow start, he began to achieve success in the 1920s, and by the 1930s he was one of the major songwriters for the Broadway musical stage… began his musical training at an early age. He learned the violin at age six, the piano at eight, and wrote his first operetta (with help from his mother) at ten…

    … Entering Yale University in 1909, Porter majored in English, minored in music, and also studied French… After graduating from Yale, Porter enrolled in… Harvard’s music faculty, where he studied harmony and counterpoint with Pietro Yon… Finally, Porter enrolled at the Schola Cantorum in Paris where he studied orchestration and counterpoint with Vincent d’Indy…

    … At the age of 36, Porter reintroduced himself to Broadway in 1928 with the musical Paris, his first hit.”

    Compare the Lennon… “his uncle, a dairyman at his family’s farm, bought him a mouth organ and engaged him in solving crossword puzzles… Lennon’s playing of a mouth organ during a bus journey to visit his cousin in Scotland caught the driver’s ear. Impressed, the driver told Lennon of a harmonica he could have if he came to Edinburgh the following day, where one had been stored in the bus depot since a passenger left it on a bus…

    … His mother bought him his first guitar in 1956… Lennon failed all his GCE O-level examinations, and was accepted into the Liverpool College of Art only after his aunt and headmaster intervened… He failed an annual exam, despite help from fellow student and future wife Cynthia Powell, and was “thrown out of the college before his final year”. The Beatles broke up Sep’ 1969 when Lennon was 29.

    Compare the Mocca… “McCartney’s mother Mary was a midwife and the family’s primary wage earner…
    an upright piano in the front room… advised Paul to take piano lessons, but he preferred to learn by ear… Jim gave Paul a nickel-plated trumpet for his fourteenth birthday, but when rock and roll became popular on Radio Luxembourg, McCartney traded it for a £15 Framus Zenith (model 17) acoustic guitar, rationalising that it would be difficult to sing while playing a trumpet.” Mock was 27 when Beatles ended.

    The Beatles “became widely regarded as the foremost and most influential act of the rock era. Rooted in skiffle, beat, and 1950s rock and roll, the Beatles later experimented with several genres, ranging from pop ballads and Indian music to psychedelia and hard rock, often incorporating classical elements in innovative ways… the Beatles are the best-selling music artists in the United States, with 178 million certified units. They have had more number-one albums on the British charts and sold more singles in the UK than any other act… they are the best-selling band in history, with estimated sales of over 600 million records worldwide… In their native United Kingdom, during 1962–1970, the Beatles released 12 studio albums, 13 extended plays (EPs) and 22 singles.”

    Far too many voices, too many styles, far-far too much work for four young lads. That said inspiration, the Muse, an’ team work is an amazing thing, so perhaps the Beatles were creatively involved to some degree, maybe George Martin taught the boys to sing like a bird, hence his name and that may well be a link to Britain’s previous finest hour, the Spitfire and Hurricane’s of the Battle of Britain; a BB, like the Beach Boys or Bridgette Badot. “Sigourney Weaver – Back in the USSR”:…

    The Battle of Britain was, probably to one degree or another, fake, and suspect the Beatles concerts were fake too, PA’s to pre-recorded backing tapes, hence there abandonment in 1966. Previously Bobby said, in 63, “Well, my telephone rang it would not stop
    It’s President Kennedy callin’ me up
    He said, “My friend, Bob, what do we need to make the country grow?”
    I said, “My friend, John, Brigitte Bardot…”

    So I guess dirty-ol’ Serge was onto something, “Gainsbourg, The initials BB”:…

    Or orchestral version, “Initials BB – Serge Gainsbourg”:

  3. rgos

    They are doing it for our own good? You two are going soft. Fecking NWO shills. Peddling FE disinfo and now two broadcasts timed with major French ops. I bet you have their agenda. I bet you are on their agenda.
    Still, good show.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      ”Peddling FE disinfo and now two broadcasts timed with major French ops. I bet you have their agenda. I bet you are on their agenda.
      Still, good show.”

      Thanks a lot.
      Actually, you might have half a point. Both times that we’ve been live for a French Op, Ab has encouraged me to come in to audiochat.
      At 18-00 mins of this effort, he asks me whether I want to ” play a video while we’re waiting”.
      I picked up on that straight away, ”Waiting for what? ” I asked, but it was forgotten.
      You see, as far as I knew, ‘we’ weren’t ‘waiting’ for anything

      1. rgos

        Ah, I was only joking. I even hadn’t picked that one up. You are sharp and on the ball. That’s always good.
        It is probably nothing. And if Ab is disinfo, he’s top notch disinfo.
        Besides, it is quite easy to have an op coincide with a broadcast these days. They come in droves.


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