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Pokémon my psyops 

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You have to hand it to the Nutwork. The newest craze barely takes over the digital world and they manage to incorporate their biggest psyops into the narrative. 

That’s proof these psyops are actively managed. What’s next? No grassy knoll? 

Callous Pokémon Go users are desecrating sacred sites across the country — including the 9/11 Memorial in lower Manhattan — all because they can’t stop playing the addictive game.


Update: out tonight and seeing many more young people chasing phones around town. This is already big and will only get bigger. 

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Not so Nice terror 

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Jay shows it’s one big Cannes. 

I give my preliminary analysis given the recent mainstream reports of massive Euro terror drills in 2016 which curiously precede all major attacks, often with the same scenarios.  Numerology comes into play echoing 7/7 in London and 7/7 last week in Dallas.  The events are yet another copy of the fake Bataclan event, Gladio-style publicly staged, entrapped and manufactured ‘terror.’  I also discuss how France is the home of French Revolutionary ‘terror’ that overthrew the monarchy for the Jacobi
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* Published: 2016-07-14 9:23:44 PM
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