Hoaxbusterscall call of the summer 

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An outstanding call with all my favorite fakeologists. A must listen. 

John Adams Afternoon Commute w/ Jay and Andreas
Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? – Live & Recorded Episodes: jaysanalysis.com John and Myself(Chri

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  1. Blue Moon

    I haven’t finished all of this call yet but I have to say something about blackmail as it has come up in the discussion regarding pedophile priests (again)- The idea of someone being manipulated through blackmail threats is one of the hoariest literary tropes out there- Bad television writing (a redundancy) uses plot devices like this to further the preposterous action, but it does not happen in real life- Extortion, possibly, but the threat there results in paying for silence, not committing further crimes for the blackmailer, and I doubt any man with the will to transgress to the point of risking jail time is going to sit still while some fellow low life drains his bank account, and then likely tries to turn him in anyway without being exposed as an extortionist- How ridiculous can it get? No, even this does not happen to real people, law breakers though they may be- And ask yourself, how many outright criminals do you know that can make a living or even avoid arrest for more than one crime? If you know a drug dealer, and I’ve crossed paths with one or two, they are part of a larger operation that we should all know by now is symbiotic with local and federal authorities- Due diligence in fighting the war on drugs involves only the junkies at the very bottom of the food chain, and they are usually dumped back on the street within a few hours of their arrest to start the cycle all over again- Professional criminals ultimately work for the state-
    Pedophiles within The Church are protected, so goes the story – In truth, novices are well vetted and require the support of other priests as sponsors to make their final vows and win their white collar- Threats to the parish don’t get in- And when the unworthy are rejected, they hit the gay bars and drink themselves to death- And though the vetted priests may be homosexuals, and practicing at that, like anyone else, they would have to be raving psychopaths to live with their alleged crimes against children- How many psychopaths go unnoticed inside the rectory of your local parish? At this late date, none-
    Priests I’ve known either had no libido and turned their emotional investment to Jesus, were discreet homosexuals who eventually got defrocked, or were barely functional alcoholics who either dried out and left the calling, or committed suicide- It is a very unnatural psychological state to be celibate when you have to fight your guilt all day every day- That system breeds neurosis- Self-destruction is the path when the grip of faith loosens- To turn that outwards to abuse children takes a very complex mind to function as a harmless priest and a vicious criminal- That level of psychopathy has to be rare if it is at all possible- And yet here we have this epic fiction that the Church warehouses these monsters by the hundreds or thousands-
    Up the ladder to bishops and cardinals, usually senior citizens or fast approaching, does anyone honestly believe these large corporate administrators can hide their alleged sickness after all those years winnowing their way up to such heights of responsibility? Have these individuals blackmailed their way to the top? No. Have they been used as blackmailed puppets for so long they have become insensitive to anxiety? Please. The guys at the top have cooperated with power from the beginning- They don’t need to be enticed by vice to then be collared and used against their will- They are there because they want to be, whether some idiotic notion like service to their fellow man or the power and glory of the almighty dollar drives them- These men have sworn many oaths to higher (Earth bound) powers over the years and they are rewarded. They are not blackmailed-
    One more thing: The most famous trials regarding these crimes have been videotaped and so are therefore fake- Show trials to tell a story- The obvious result of the story is a plummet in prestige for the Catholic Church- Take your best guess as to who and why? I have no love for that medieval death cult known as Christianity, but the worst trope of all is the idea that whomever or whatever is powerful enough to lay waste to the Church’s reputation in this fashion is somehow more benevolent-To employ a hoary trope: It takes a monster to kill a monster-


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