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Disillusioned by the Captain

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This guy was interesting to watch debunk pedestrian youtube and facebook hoaxes – and also recently started asking for money via Patreon.

Now, his “alter ego” is discussing our fakeology research, only to be trashed by his “good” personality.

I am pretty sure he’s trashing fakeology, but his video, with his silly costumes, does leave me confused.

At 4:17, he addresses 9/11.

This proves that to appeal to the mainstream, you’d better not question the media fakery that is so obvious to us.

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Best soundtrack 

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Rollo has been playing some of the September Clues soundtrack lately… Even without the movie,  the music stands up on its own. 

Have a listen and support Simon’s music. 

Help support Simon’s research by purchasing his music.


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RR10-Ab, Typo, Tom

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Ro11o mixes it up on a long podcast.


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