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I don’t get much feedback lately, but I’ll post it all here for you to peruse and possibly answer.

via Anon:

Ab, take a look at the images for the recent Dallas Cowboys Bus crash with a van that killed the 4 Chinese nationals in the van. The depicted demolished van pictures are all different and couldn’t possibly be the same vehicle. This took place in my neck of the woods, between Kingman, AZ and Las Vegas, NV. I’m calling HOAX, but why? Keep up the good work.

via Latif:

Comment: I love conspiracies and trying to find the truth. Wanted to know a bit more about the thoughts on this page about the 1988 Clapham disaster. I was a school boy at Emanuel and trust me this was very real! No crisis actors, health and safety was not the in thing so that is not a reason to think that this was all a hoax.
I was at school that day – feel free to contact me for more info!

via Anon:

Comment: 62 yrs old, researcher for 25 yrs. I’ve been following your channel for sometime. Very good information although sometimes cannot listen due to granddaughter and language of some guests, ha! I have a still from one of the news stations, checking on family in Northern BC many things are strange up hear right now with all of the fires, I had been sensing for sometime things were going to get really bad for us here in Alberta. I live east of Peace River surrounded by fires. I don’t know I can send an email to you with a clip from Canadian press. EWWW! Stinks ! Obviously altered but full of symbolism. You know we are reeking of the stench of the pervasive witchcraft in Canada some places worse than others. Fort McMurray is not the only place superimposed of the map of destruction planned for this area.… Scroll down to photo by Betsy Trumpener and the Canadian Press I tried to get other than my subscribe but don’t know what you mean by Pathway… We need to open these events up please. Anyone with open eyes an hearts in Canada needs to be readied for what is coming. NOW This is not fear induced, it is wisdom and humility. Thanks Ab. Protect you and yours with a shield of love. Anon

via Joan:

Dear OBF and Ab,

What needs to be done to wrap up 9/11, is to make clear that no one was killed. Fetzer and Judy Wood are using nuke and DEW theories in order to justify the allegation that the government killed 3,000 people and they are going along with the huge amounts of money given to the 0;victims.” Like Sandy Hook, government and charity money were given to the actors in this farce. It’s all about the money or mostly about the money insurance and getting rid of old real estate.

In order to successfully implode the towers, they had to remove all fixtures and people. IMO, Simon Shack has not sufficiently answered this question in a video. The video should be much slower than Sept. Clues and without that distracting music. You need artists who do film work in studios to explain how easily an art department could have mocked up those scenes in the archives.

I’m a graphic artist and can visualize how they did this. Also, I would love to hear from a expert on how these steel buildings could have been imploded.

I hope you saw Fetzer’s latest video where he did a case closed type of show and explained how the planes in the archived footage were holograms captured on film by cameras from every angle. Also, he explains how the holes in the building facades were made. LOL. Do something please and stop this madness. He has monopolized this topic and elbowed us students out of the way. Enough of too. Let that go completely.

Thanks for listening,

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2 thoughts on “Mailbag

  1. Jack33

    I agree with Joan as well.

    I give Simon the highest praise I can give for figuring it all out. Without his research we might have still been arguing about nanothermite and jets with exploding pods.

    His movie September Clues explains it all, it just doesn’t explain it all very well. I’ve written him a couple of times urging for a remake. Hoi’s vicsim report needs to be included as well.

    The information he and Hoi have uncovered is Earth shattering and should be seen by as many people as possible.

    I propose a, spare no expenses, remake is in order -one that’s professional, slick and easier for people to comprehend. After all, this information could change everything if enough people see it.

    I’d definately donate for such a worthy cause.




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