Titanic story pre-written

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I believe the Titanic myth was a big of the day – and Miles Mathis says it was pre-written. Call it predictive programming, I call it a script for a fake event. Reminds me of the pre-written Oklahoma City/McVeigh story.

If that isn’t weird enough for you, try this: Leo starred in Titanic, right? Well, a guy named Morgan Robertson wrote a book about the sinking of the Titanic 14 years before it happened. In his book Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan, Robertson had his ship crash into an iceberg 400 miles from Newfoundland in April around midnight. His ship was 800 ft. long, 3 propellers, 2 masts, 3000 capacity, British owned, and “unsinkable”. Since we now know the Titanic event was managed, we see how Robertson knew what would happen before it would happen. He was just setting the table.


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3 thoughts on “Titanic story pre-written

  1. Henry Ford

    As quoted from his essay on the Titanic scam:

    “The Titanic never sank at all. It was simply refitted and stored in Hamburg during the war, posing as the Imperator. So Robin Gardiner’s title is correct: Titanic: the Ship that Never Sank. Now that we are at the end of our investigation, you can notice that he told you the truth, while misleading you into thinking the Olympic sank instead. No, no ship sank that day. The whole story was a hoax, run as cover for a series of insurance scams far beyond the one he suggests.

    “But what about the ship on the bottom of the sea, that we have seen footage of from Robert Ballard?” you will scream. Also faked. Ballard is another from these families, and his bio is likewise full of red flags. His mother is scrubbed at Wikipedia. His father was chief engineer of the minuteman missile program (ICBM), another fake. Robert was commissioned out of ROTC into Naval Intelligence. He was liaison between ONR and Woods Hole. The footage of the Titanic wreckage is faked, which becomes obvious once you study the story for sense. Lead-ups to the mission in 1979-80 were funded by British billionaire Sir James Goldsmith (Goldschmidt), a Jewish banker of course. His family founded the bank that became BNP Paribas. They are closely related to the Rothschilds, Bourbons, and Khans. This links Goldsmith to the other players in the Titanic fraud. He was involved with other scams before this Titanic wreckage scam, being part of SlaterWalker when it was “rescued” by the Bank of England in the banking crisis of the 1970s. He became Chairman of SlaterWalker after the bailout. For this rape of the British taxpayer he was knighted. He soon became one of the most hated corporate raiders in the world, known for union busting and shady dealing. He retired to Mexico in 1987, beating the market crash of that year. He later became involved in fake environmentalism, used as a cover for more treasury dips.

    In the early 80s, another billionaire got involved. Texas oilman Jack Grimm—who had previously funded expeditions to find the hole at the north pole, as well as to find Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster—led the way this time, taking a monkey named Titan onboard to tell him how to navigate. The monkey actually did find the ship, according to the mainstream story, since Ballard used Grimm’s mission for his coordinates. Some say the monkey didn’t come on the final voyage, but since all the stories are fiction, it hardly matters. In the final analysis, anyone onboard was a monkey.

    If that isn’t enough to blow the whole story, simply read the Titanic wreck page at Wikipedia. There we learn that the wreckage is too fragile to be saved or lifted, and that it is now protected by UNESCO convention. Convenient. We learn that although it has survived a century on the sea floor, it is expected to disintegrate very soon.”

    Also see my post at Encyclopedia Titanica (scroll down to find and read it.) www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/…

    For a bonus, also read:


  2. xileffilex

    Miles has another “paper” out on the Titanic. [October 2018]
    Miles throws the spotlight on

    Gladys (Millvina) Dean, alleged to be the
    last survivor of the Titanic. She was 2 months old in April of 1912

    Miles then proceeds to take us down several Goldbuggian rabbit holes. So I thought I’d have a look at “Ms Dean” myself. Clearly she would not remember a thing about it, neither would her brother.
    Strangely, I note here Wiki page is littered with minor mistakes [deliberate?] as is the recently cultivated and privately managed Geni page of the family tree.

    There is no doubt that the production of fictims had already been well honed 90 years before 9/11 and the steering technique used throughout the intervening time and thereafter into the present and beyond.

    To be continued…

    1. xileffilex

      The story relating to the “Family” emigration to Kansas is here in the Encyclopaedia Titanica [hmmm,an excellent platform for gatekeeping….]

      Mr Bertram [sic] Frank Dean was born in East Devon in 1886 He was Bertrum [sic] Frank Dean on marriage in Wandsworth, London in 1910 Q1 to …..
      Eva Georgetta Dean [nee Light] who was born near Southampton in 1879 [Q3], a shotgun wedding, since Bertrum [sic] Vere Dean was born in the next quarter of 1910, but back in Southampton.

      Oddly, Mrs Dean is living in Islington London, a year after giving birth, according to the April 1911 census. Where’s Mr Dean? He’s hanging out across the river in Southwark. And the baby? He’s back in Netley Marsh, Southampton, where quite a few Lights were living, including one John George Light, who was apparently born in “America”.
      Dean, her mother, and her brother were placed in Lifeboat 10 and were among the first third-class passengers to escape [Wiki]
      Neither the last survivor, nor her brother married. The brother never had any probate issued after his death in 1992.
      The last survivor’s widowed mother, became on remarriage to Leonard Burden [1885=1961] in 1920 – no probate! – Eva Georgetta Burden. [1879-1975] latterly at 7 Green Close, Woodlands, Southampton.
      Her daughter Eliza Gladys Millvina Dean *** died in 2009 probate granted 2010 –

      Eliza’s uncle, Laurence Geoffrey G Light [1880-1953] was a publican at the Sun Inn, Weyhill Hampshire, near Farnham. His wife Gwendoline Stella Jessie Light died in 1978.

      George Light [1856-1938] and his wife, m 1877, Alice Maud M Light ** , nee Norbury, [1859 1950] lived latterly at The Regis, Woodlands, Southampton. It seems safe to assume that Bertrum was being brought up by his grandparents Light in 1911. In 1881, George was a farmer of 64 acres in Eling, Southampton,[and where his wife and children were born] and employing a domestic servant!
      ** Actually, she was Alice Sarah Norbury, whose probate was issued as Alice Sarah Light…. granted to Laurence Geoffrey Light and Leonard Burden. Strange that she married under a different name…

      perhaps this was a disfunctional family and Bertram Dean was off to America away from the family for good and Mrs Dean and two infants who would not remember a thing were roped into the hoax and never left the shores of England.
      John George Light, born America 1854 died January 11 1913 aged 58 returned to the UK and married, secondly, Emma Mary Blake in late 1881 where they settled. She died in 1937, latterly of Cleveland House, Woodlands, Southampton. His first wife, whom he married in 1873 had died earlier in 1881 aged 33. A quick re-marriage. He was a farmer of 27 acres in Netley Marsh, Eling also.

      *** Jewish my fat arse. Similar nonsense is all Miles’ guff trying to link these Hampshire farmers to the peerage. And born in Camberwell, South London, not Branscombe Devon, as per her wiki page, being confused with the birthplace of her “Titanic victim” father, Bertram.


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