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George Bush Center for Intelligence 

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Who knew HQ was renamed in honor of its former director (not Jr./shrub)

The George Bush Center for Intelligence is the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency, located in the unincorporated community of Langley in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States. The headquarters is a conglomeration of the Original Headquarters Building (OHB) and the New Headquarters Building (NHB) that sits on a total of 258 acres (1.04 km2) of land.[1]

Source: George Bush Center for Intelligence – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Hoax management 

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HRDPAR scenes are real, with real people who may or not be who they say they are. 

This guy (if a real investigator, and not a token/controlled one) has balls of steel to question and then mock big men with big guns. 

This of course is to show you what you’d find if YOU decided to attend a scene. 

A big blue wall is what you’d find. A conspiracy of solidarity and silence. Good luck breaking that. 

H/t Chris 

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Tom Hanks, HRDPAR A1 actor

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Yep, if there’s a psyop story to be told in a movie, Tom’s your man.

Tom Hanks has a history of being in movies that are about fake/staged events that portrays them as real. Tom’s most recent movie that he has coming out is called Sully which is about Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who famously/allegedly made an emergency crash landing of a commercial airliner on the Hudson River. See US Airways Flight 1549.

Source: Questioning Our Reality: Tom Hanks Is The Go-To Actor For Portraying Fake Events As Real

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Hollywool fights back: Denial: The David Irving story 

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Denial is a potent word or spell craft often foisted upon truthers. 
Most fakeologists are painted as 9/11 deniers. 

The Holocaust is the most contentious event of the 20th century. Really,  the whole WW2 narrative is possibly one of the most successful exercises in propaganda, genocide, rearranged borders, looting, and false stories that has ever occurred.

David Irving is an interesting  character. Knowing what we know about controlled opposition, the fact that he is now the subject of a movie is disturbing. If he’s real, was his original message compromised? I’m not sure, I’d have to study him more. 

Either way,  Hollywool is staying ahead of the narrative by giving you a new dose of ideas (known as propaganda). 

I’m sure this is a holocaust history booster shot.   

There are many alternative history researchers. I advocate reviewing all of them and drawing your own opinion. 

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Not all sheeps get sheared

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Caller Lynn from Maryland makes for a great guest. He reminds me of Joey from CT. 

“Not long ago, I saw Billy Graham join with Shecky Green, Red Buttons, Dionne Warwick, Milton Berle and other theologians in a tribute to George Burns, who was celebrating himself for surviving eighty years in show business. The Reverend Graham exchanged one-liners with Burns about making preparations for Eternity. Although the Bible makes no mention of it, the Reverend Graham assured the audience that God loves those who make people laugh. It was an honest mistake. He merely mistook NBC for G

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Hill is ill

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Green screen shenanigans and Hillary’s sick? Left right politics is divide and conquer nonsense to keep you distracted, but I’m sure media fakery and Hollywool trickery is abound this campaign. 

I agree with Scott Adams that it’s ludicrous to have 70 year old puppets “in charge”.  

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Why you need a farewell tour with a twist 

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I pose the question: would the Tragically Hip have had such a big final tour without a fatal cancer story? 

Probably not.  People are conditioned to not believe that little lie, and would probably note his age and figure they could catch him in the future when he burned through his latest concert boost. After all, musicians only really have live shows and merchandise to earn from as youtube has all but eliminated music sales. 

If Gord survives this fatal cancer, and then does another tour, how many times will it take for this confidence trick to  wear off and be unbelievable? 

I always thought The Who were the worst offenders, but there are plenty of examples. 

When Mötley Crüe raised the idea of a farewell tour, the band was stunned by their booking agents’ reaction. “They said to us, ‘This is a good marketing thing,'” says bassist Nikki Sixx. “It really bummed us out.” It’s hard to fault the Crüe camp for their skepticism: Farewell tours are an easy way to sell tickets to fans who want to come see their idols before they “retire.” It has even become somewhat of a joke. Phil Collins cheekily labelled his 2004 outing the “First Final Farewell Tour” and the Eagles went on their “Farewell 1” tour around the same time. The Crüe swear they are for real, but many groups in the past were equally emphatic when they announced their final tours. Here’s a look back at 10 of them.…

My friend thought Gord looked ill, injured by cancer therapies. I thought he looked pretty good, considering I don’t know what he looked like before or what he’s been up to for the last 20 years. 

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New voice from Christchurch, NZ Justsayindude talks to Rollo and Ab.


<06:58:57> “Justsayindude”:… 🙂
<08:29:10> “Justsayindude”:…


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Tall tale time again

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Time to replay the ol’ 9/11 chestnuts to relive that fateful, game changing simulation.

On Sept. 11, 2001, Welles Crowther sat at his desk on the 104th floor in the south tower of the World Trade Center and dialed his mother’s cellphone. His mother, Alison, never heard the call. Welles left a short message. “Mom .?.?. this is Welles. I .?.?. I want you to know that I’m OK.”Modal TriggerThe time was 9:12 a.m. They were the last words his family would ever hear him speak.

Source: 9/11 survivors: We were saved by the man with the red bandanna | New York Post

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