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RR12-Radio Rollo

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He’s on a ro11!


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Are torrent sites honeypots?

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Many tech-savvy computer users download shows, old and new, from torrent sites. These are sites that share millions of common file identifiers that allows a torrent program to find a file over a distributed network, typically home users with the file on their computer.

These collating sites are in the media all the time, being shut down for aiding in distribution of “illegally copied” movies and TV shows. Of course, they don’t hold any files, they just carry the keys to the distribution.

My question is, who is running these sites? My guess is that our controllers run them, and use sims and actors or both to pretend to run them. Kim Dotcom is the most obvious of the bunch – and “his” site actually contained the “illegal” files, and not the pointer keys. They are running them to once more control the opposition, or the competition, to their entertainment/movie business. It’s a good way to see what’s hot and what’s not, by the non-paying or poor part of the populations.

Gary Fung – actor or sim?

After a decade of lawsuits, the iconic torrent site IsoHunt has settled its last remaining legal dispute. Gary Fung, the Canadian founder of the defunct search engine, has agreed to pay a $66 million settlement to the local music industry group and is glad he can move on with his life.

Source: isoHunt Founder Settles with Music Industry for $66 Million – TorrentFreak


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