Are torrent sites honeypots?

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Many tech-savvy computer users download shows, old and new, from torrent sites. These are sites that share millions of common file identifiers that allows a torrent program to find a file over a distributed network, typically home users with the file on their computer.

These collating sites are in the media all the time, being shut down for aiding in distribution of 0;illegally copied” movies and TV shows. Of course, they don’t hold any files, they just carry the keys to the distribution.

My question is, who is these sites? My guess is that our controllers run them, and use and actors or both to pretend to run them. Kim Dotcom is the most obvious of the bunch – and “his” site actually contained the “illegal” files, and not the pointer keys. They are running them to once more control the opposition, or the competition, to their entertainment/movie business. It’s a good way to see what’s hot and what’s not, by the non-paying or poor part of the populations.

Gary Fung – actor or sim?

After a decade of lawsuits, the iconic torrent site IsoHunt has settled its last remaining legal dispute. Gary Fung, the Canadian founder of the defunct search engine, has agreed to pay a $66 million settlement to the local industry group and is glad he can move on with his life.

Source: isoHunt Founder Settles with Music Industry for $66 Million – TorrentFreak


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4 thoughts on “Are torrent sites honeypots?

  1. Blue Moon

    These show trials and phony lawsuits are to dampen the enthusiasm for massive bulk downloading- Individuals don’t get arrested or sued, just sims- I don’t have a TV or cable but I download occasionally and get sucked into a show’s vortex- Game of Thrones exposes me to their ads via listicles like : 33 clues to the next season of Thrones!- Bored out of my mind on my commute, I bite and my subconcious gets carpet bombed by ads cheek by jowl with celeb nip slips and the like- No one escapes- Total spectrum dominance! Believe it-

  2. straightfromthedevilsmouth

    All the free streaming sites are owned by the elite as well.

    If you stream sports, you’ll notice that many times the game will freeze at the worst moments and frustrate you to the point you give up. Sometimes you find good streams though.

    I guess they decide that they rather have the poor/young crowd watching ads on free stream sites, rather than not watching the ads at all.

  3. Barbara Müller

    as for Kim Dotcom aka Kimble (originally Kim Schmitz), he started his career selling copies of commodore games (C64) to kids and then suing the parents for money together with the lawyer Günter Freiherr von Gravenreuth, who headshot himself 2010 after being sentenced for jail. He definitely is a con with very good connections to the elite.

  4. UNreal

    Great insight Ab, definitely think you are right.

    I used Kickass torrent myself and just didn’t think anything of it, but yesterday i saw there are now the exact same sites with only minimal differences (‘illegally’) popping up,,
    (,, etc.)
    As usual there will be extradition and maybe a trial and lots of coverage for Artem Vaulin (… Extraditions and arrests has the advantage of being reported in international news as to gather a (world) wider public. Curiously there is no individual Wikipedia page on the KAT owner yet.
    — Lol, i still remember the Gary McKinnon case (the Nasa hacker)

    Movies and culture is produced for population control, not to possess printed paper the same population give value to as dollars and euros.

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