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Anorexia NOTvosa 

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Karen Carpenter is 66 this year. Yes, she was removed the stage at 33, and was a member of the DCP (dead celebrity program). 

A.N. is another destructive behaviour I don’t hear much in the media these days. Is it still a problem among young females? 

Great insights by POM.

The music business is too influential to be left to chance talent taking it places where our leaders do not want us to go.  Music is a gateway to the brain and soul. Churches us it to keep the congregations in line, and nation-states have songs that bring people instantly to their feet, hats off. A subversive song might incite people to doubt the necessity of a war or reality of a fake event. So music is under control of Intelligence. This explains in part the Laurel Canyon scene of the 60s and 70s, where so many meriocre musicians, children of military and intelligence families, invaded, formed groups that achieved instant unearned fame. They then died off, many reappearing in news and opinion culture.


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Backyard antics? Where are the jaws of life?

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On my way out to pick up my child, a road in front of me was closed.

Here’s the media story. Normally, when one comes across a collision in one’s own area, one is not skeptical. After all, can we be fooled in our own neighborhood?

A 19-year-old woman is dead and two other people are fighting for their lives in hospital after a collision between a dump truck and an Acura sedan in Pickering.

Source: Female driver killed, two others critically injured in Pickering collision

I take this scene, since I know it was there, as real. However, I didn’t see the collision, therefore, I don’t know if it was real. Some problems I have verifying if it was not staged.

  • no skid marks  I did see a photo with skid marks (but didn’t check road with my own eyes)
  • dump truck’s identifying company markings (required by law) obscured or perhaps absent
  • occurred within 500m of a fire station, normally the first respondents
  • no jaws of life

Does anyone remember the jaws of life? I am on Toronto roads daily, and see results of what look like real collisions all the time. These were/are staples of serious collision scenes. They took often hours to use to extricate passengers. (Apparently they are still in use world wide – link)

In the last few years, I have not even once heard them referenced around here. What’s changed? Do cars now crack open like walnuts, allowing passengers to fall out? More likely, the lack of their use is proof that so many of the recent collision scenes are staged for drill purposes and noble lie shows. After all, they take much time to use, and if the media were at a real scene, and they were doing a real job, they’d show the extrication process. This would be much harder to stage (but possible) – and what’s the point? The end message is all that matters, and no-one is looking into big events, let alone small ones.

Remember, just because it happens close to home, or you see it, doesn’t make it real.

Once more, if this was real, condolences to all families involved. If not, shame on the media and its controllers for lying. Lying is never ok, even for a noble cause.



I’m still investigating, but a few clues that this was real are emerging. She has an iffy facebook profile, but she was found in a local yearbook. The intersection is a dangerous one, and apparently will now get a serious shot at a traffic light. As usual, we will have to wait and see what other evidence of it being real emerge. This is the state of our media – unreliable and complicit in too many psyOps to get a free pass. Real events do occur, they’re just harder to find. I’ll keep looking, and will be willing to admit if I’m wrong.

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