Anorexia NOTvosa 

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Karen Carpenter is 66 this year. Yes, she was removed the stage at 33, and was a member of the (). 

A.N. is another destructive behaviour I don’t hear much in the media these days. Is it still a problem among young females? 

Great insights by POM.

The business is too influential to be left to chance talent taking it places where our leaders do not want us to go.  Music is a gateway to the brain and soul. Churches us it to keep the congregations in line, and nation-states have songs that bring people instantly to their feet, hats off. A subversive might incite people to doubt the necessity of a war or reality of a fake event. So music is under control of Intelligence. This explains in part the Laurel Canyon scene of the 60s and 70s, where so many meriocre musicians, children of military and intelligence families, invaded, formed groups that achieved instant unearned fame. They then died off, many reappearing in news and opinion culture.…

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3 thoughts on “Anorexia NOTvosa 

  1. Mark Tokarski

    Your link on YouTube leads to nothing, I am afraid. The purpose of the Dallas Gold Bug scam is blackwashing, that is, any who are able to out various hoaxes and Zombies, can be instantly discredited by mere reference to that particular Intelligence agent, or group, whoever they might be. They are only effective because they are planned and scoped out in advance. They are nothings, nobodys, but have impact due to the psy-op factor. Gold Bug is a psy-op, and it worked on you, apparently. Or, you are Gold Bug, or that group.

    The overall tone of your comment plus the dead link (I assume you know that most who read don’t follow links so you were free just to toss in a dead one) leads me to think you are misdirection. You offer nothing of substance and refer to “we” to project your own private views as a group consensus.

    Bad comment. Bad! Misdirection!

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Hi Mark,

      I don’t really understand your first paragraph. It doesn’t come across as coherent to me.
      Something about Dallas Goldbug and Zombies.

      The link is fine, here. It’s from a 1981 TV show. I’ll try again and no, I didn’t ”toss in a dead one” ha !

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Karen Carpenter may have been retired somewhere else, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that she got painfully thin.

    Anorexia Nervosa was still very much a real thing 6 years ago when I worked in a Ward which part-specialised in that, in my local hospital. One fourteen year old girl I remember dying while I was there. I’ve seen nothing more tragic in my life (and I worked on a palliative care cancer ward too).
    I was the food and drink guy, so I was very aware of a terribly destructive relationship with food that these girls had.

    The nature of this condition is interesting and something I remember thinking worth exploring. It’s a mental illness. My experience was limited, but at that time remember someone saying it was a ”Middle -Class” thing which I found interesting. I don’t know, but I do know eating disorders are a real thing and certainly not something to be taken lightly in view of the grief they can bring.

    Back to Karen Carpenter and POM’s article. Who is this guy POM ?
    He talks nonsense doesn’t he ? Didn’t we laugh at his take on the MM Lennon article ?
    Didn’t we raise our eye-brows at his sketchy face-comparison technique.
    Jeez, this guy’s latest thing is Zombies –
    ”This blog has been devoted these past weeks to exposure of “Zombies,” or walking dead. These are prominent people who fake their death and reappear as another person. There is purpose to such reassignment, most often having to do with placement of talent to manage opinion and culture. For instance, Bobby Fuller became Bill O’Reilly, Brandon DeWilde Thom Hartmann. Each has a vital, even if small, role to play.”

    Really ? Maybe, I don’t even really know these people, but, call me old fashioned, I’m concerned about being goldbuggered here.

    Carpenter was a member of a so-called ‘dead celebrity programme’ ?
    Is there any evidence anywhere to back this statement up other than she died at age 33 ?
    As I say, she might have been retired, I know it can happen, but I’m seeing nothing in this POM guys dodgy photo analysis to inform me either way and eating disorders are real and she did look thin !

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