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  1. John le Bon

    I don’t think I ever took the time to thank you for originally posting parts 1 and 2. After listening to them I decided to check out some of Jan Irvin’s back-catalogue and have now listened to maybe 20 of his podcasts, and am looking forward to listening to more. His work on ‘mk-ultra’ and the ‘trivium method’ is, for me, groundbreaking stuff, which I am thankful to have found.

    For anybody reading this who is not familiar with Jan Irvin, I recommend you check out his site gnosticmedia.com and in particular the ‘Unspun’ series with Joe Atwill. You are likely to find it a little info-heavy at first but eventually you will get up to speed, if you take the time to check the citations for yourself – which we all ought to be doing as routine to begin with.

    Thanks, Ab.

    1. ab Post author

      You’re welcome. I talked to Atwill in the past about the Christ psyop. Not sure what to think but it’s another biggie. I think both fail the 9/11 test but are fun to listen to.

      1. John le Bon

        I wasn’t aware you had spoken to Atwill (was it a FAK?) nor was I aware of his and Irvin’s opinions on 9/11. Would you care to summarise for me? If it was a podcast, I will listen to your chat with Atwill asap.

        My own criticism of Irvin is his apparent belief that ‘Plato’ actually lived 2,500 years i.e. ‘Plato’ was a real man of real history. I cannot quite understand how a man as intelligent as Irvin is, and one so well-versed in critical thinking, could still believe in official history.

        That said, his work on the connections between the Huxleys and their ilk, and the involvement of the intelligence communities in ‘psychedelics’ (or ‘suggestogens’ as he calls them) is, in my opinion, brilliant. His efforts to promote critical thinking via the ‘trivium method’ are also highly commendable.


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