RR13-Ab, Typo – Aussie 9/11

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I didn’t realize that all the Aussie audio was from Rollo’s own VCR tapes from 2001. Well done mate! We discuss these and other fakeologist issues of the day.


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9 thoughts on “RR13-Ab, Typo – Aussie 9/11

  1. Henkus

    Another great radio Rollo. Keep making new ones please.

    Also, what is that song played around 165 minutes.
    Really made my day 🙂

  2. Typoerror

    After several aborted attempts at making a post both here and on the savechat thread (audio quality is not my only problem, I’m sure podpickerz will agree*) I will deliver this, my thirst post proper to the boards, come hell or quantum foam.

    Hi all.

    UnInstallMedia,the ejaculation to which you refer was by way of a “live shout out” vis-à-vis your response to “Friend of the show” Unreal’s post about Victor Thorne.

    Fetzer? Freeman?(you and i had once spoken of Freeman)= Err,Oh yeah, Shout out to Uninstall. Hope he is listening- he’ll log on to radio ro11o and give us/me/Ro11o/et al his take on the then newish alt:goss re: This Victor Thorne Character.
    Just the way the thought process pans out for me.

    Wafflin’ as Ro11o was away to his bed thats where i was going with that but only in a effort to make a genuine fake contribution to RR-13 but that’s where you would have had to have come in. I of course would have suggested Ro11o played

    either before, after or even during that chat.

    *Feel free to list them.By way of Feedback.

    1. uninstall_media

      Fair enough. As easygoing as I can be, the other side of the coin is a bit surly. I would join a radio ro110 but it’s an inconvenient time of the early morning for me.

  3. uninstall_media

    Typo what the fook mate? Where you goin’ with that (3:56:40) are you trying to insinuate I am Freeman? Frankie would like that, he tried to do the same thing, of course he’d deny it. Try to stay on topic for more than 10 seconds and maybe you wouldn’t have so many critics

  4. Vespadouglas

    I also use the name VD XXXIII, and the venereal connection is deliberate. Well spotted. This is due to me being, as you rightly pointed out, an irritating c_nt.

  5. Vespadouglas

    Dear me. You can practically hear the nephew working the levers and feeding the lines in the background.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      I dunno about that Vespa, but I’ll put a word in for you. It’s only Uncle Rollo, nay worries…
      He’s like a dog sometimes. Lovely, but stupid.

      From my perspective, you seem alright.

      The JLB ‘incident’ this week was mentioned. John accused you of having made personal ‘attacks’ on him. This accusation didn’t seem fair to me. I’m not sure John wasn’t getting you a bit confused with Frank?
      Yeh, you’ve talked about John, but in reasonable enough terms, I think. To call your questioning of his associations ”ad hominem attacks” struck me as inappropriate.
      It was all Franks fault, anyway. He has been mocking towards John ”The Good”.

      If John is really good, he’ll come to understand that you’ve been quite a fan of his over time, and still retain respect for him, despite your suspicions.
      Maybe when he works that out, he’ll realise he over-reacted and he can come back and answer your questions in a calm fashion ?


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