Decommissioned truthers

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Simon explains yet another piece of the psyOp – 9/11 who disappear from the scene in a violent or awful way.

Here we go again… The alleged suicide – on August 1, 2016 – of the 0;Victor Thorn” entity (aka Scott Makufka) adds another pathetic note to the string of “suspicious / violent deaths of truthers & whistleblowers1;. This continuous /relentless / predictable / and very, very boring saga scripted by the ‘intelligence’ agencies seems to be working well (for them). No one dares question the premature, violent death of a “fellow truthseeker”, right?

Of course, we ‘conspiracy theorists’ (read: true / independent & honest freethinkers) are all meant to shit our pants at the (silly) idea that we might also be ‘killed off’ / or ‘suicided’ (in one way or another) some ugly day.

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