Fake tartar

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As someone who has an egg allergy (thanks to vaccines?), I can identify with this story. I can also identify – and this story is over the top ridiculous.

Typically when a waiter mixes up an order, he can expect a scowl and a lousy tip. But a Sherbrooke, Que., waiter faces a possible criminal prosecution after he served salmon tartare to a customer with a severe seafood allergy.Sherbrooke police arrested a -year-old man Wednesday on suspicion of criminal negligence following an incident in May that left Simon-Pierre Canuel in a coma after the beef tartare he ordered turned out to be salmon.

He had left his EpiPen in the car, so his partner, a medical resident, and another diner who was a doctor laid him on the floor to administer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while awaiting an ambulance.

Source: Waiter could face criminal charges after serving salmon to customer with seafood allergy | National Post

Canuel, who lives in Gatineau, Que.,

Gatineau, across the river from our capital, Ottawa, is spook central. Lots of good jobs there! Of course, there’s no reason to believe the name in the story is a real taxpayer.

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  1. Barbara Müller

    dear AB, every allergy has a strong psychosomatic component. It’s the wrong attitude which makes you feel sick when confronted with certain food. But that’s something you can work on. No allergy puts you in a coma. Of course the rest of the story is as ridiculous but it’s only an invention of some writer. All news are being manufactured to us and simply written by hired writers, real stories never make to the media, for there is to much risk of being sued, etc. I can’t see any difference between the full hour news and Saturday Night Live show.

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