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PsyOps and their messy details

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Sami has a great response to Allan, who is apparently still confused about JFK.

I don’t think there is any desert island. These characters are among us all the time. Small disguises and security is all that’s required to keep them away from us. I am sure Lady Di even went to her son’s wedding. It’s not hard with money, and psyOp budgets are unlimited.

I respectfully disagree. All of these psyops are full of “unnecessarily messy details”, are they not? Why do you believe these details would result in more people knowing the nature of the operation when in fact it’s been well hidden for over 50 years? The nature of Connally’s wounds are 100% part of the narrative and fully controlled by the media outlets of the time. Using the same logic, why bother with a story about a second gunman on the grassy knoll, or the man with the umbrella, or James Files or any of these other “messy details” …

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