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A Bomb’s birthday party

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I missed the A Bomb’s birthday last week on 8/6.

To celebrate, here’s an article you don’t see much anywhere besides here or cluesforum.info.

It is the anniversary of dropping an atom bomb on Hiroshima. But the Hiroshima narrative is a lie.

We’ve reported at considerable length about how the whatever was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t have the kind of immediate destructive impact that is portrayed.

Here’s Anders “shock interview” (who was banned from cluesforum.info I think) saying nukes are a hoax. Strangely, he still believes in nuclear fission and nuke plants.

The Daily Bell: OK, then, when did you decide that nuclear weapons were a hoax? You wrote to us that it took 50 years?

Anders Björkman: Actually, it took me 40 years to become an A-bomb denier. I worked in Japan 1972/6 and learnt a lot about the A-bombs there and many other things that didn’t add up.

The Daily Bell: You think nuclear power is valid. How does nuclear power work?

Anders Björkman: Fission works. But it must be moderated and it works only in peaceful, nuclear power stations. Fission was discovered 1938 but most physicists didn’t really understand how it worked until the 1950s

h/t Chris

Cluesforum nuke hoax thread

Remember this call?

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RIP, Rob Ford persona

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Whether you believe Rob Ford really died on 3/22 or not, this video ends the whole psyop that brought in our latest mayor,  John Tory, who, while competent, was previously unelectable. 

The sharp contrast between the two shoehorned him into office. 

I suspect the same theater is being played out with Trump/Hitlery. 

If this is Rob Ford, he is clearly playing a part. There’s no evidence of crack, and his unintelligible dribble could be bad acting. Either way, it’s perception that counts, and he came across as the stoned fool. 

Mission accomplished. 

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We have the worst tewwowists, eh?

Even if you are not a fakeologist, how can you believe such a silly story? 

Are the police now executing suspects for pre-crimes in small towns? 

Pathetic effort, psyop writers. D- on this full of holes nonsense. Is CSIS writing this crap or are these American rejects? 

Aaron Driver planned to commit a terror attack with 72 hours when he was killed in a confrontation with police in the southwestern Ontario community of Strathroy, police said today.


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Fukushima hoax from Japan

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Interesting insight into how the hoax may have been orchestrated. 

Sean from Japan joins me to give his analysis of the recent bizarre news stories of stabbings, and how this may relate to larger geopolitical motives. We cover the history of Japan’s westernization and World War 2, shadow banking and hidden hoards of gold, the relationship of Japanese elites to Korea, the drug trade, black markets, Asian mafias and how these subjects relate to staged news.


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