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Never can have too many dead people

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George’s always been touted as one of the good guys, a prophet of sorts fighting the elite. He does have some good observational humor that truthers enjoy. Allegedly this audio was “too close” to 9/11 to release, but now of course it’s fine since it helps reinforce the phony narrative.

Our owners use comedians to tell truth, since we’re psychologically not going to register it into our conscious, but of course it goes straight into our subconscious where it stays forever. Therefore it’s likely George is as controlled as the rest of them – since he’s promoted in the media.

You’re not in the club, one of my favorites:

Source:George Carlin pre-9/11 bit resurfaces | EW.com

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Plain plane stories 

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Humble Howard, a small craft pilot, confirmed in my mind that this plane crash story is yet another #HRDPAR. Humble also goes on to remind us that the original 9/11 plane story was of a small craft, among other conflicting (by design) versions of planes.

Zoom to 1:40:00 to hear his thoughts. It’s highly unlikely any amateur could or would fly a plane at night on a path with very few lights. Amazing that a self-confessed skeptic isn’t the least bit concerned about all the details of this story that don’t add up, and never will. Willfully blind?

Go here to read about the plane crash – at an intersection I personally go through regularly. Even the reporter was mystified that not one hydro wire was touched. Interesting “eyewitness” footage here from an interesting facebook profile.


It’s the 6 weeks before 9/11-a time you’ll be hearing about more plane crash stories than normal.


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Hbc449-How I See the World and the Groom of the Stool

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Chris is back from Texas. 

Who was the last Groom of the stool?  

Austin Hoax Buddies Confab, Robin of â??howISeeTheWorldâ??(www.youtube.com/channel/UC85FE…),channel on Youtube joins the call, Orlando Shooting, Nukes, Military Industrial Complex, Disney, Mass Shootings, Bloody Shoe Doctor, Fox News, Moon landing, Mass Media, Jesse Waugh, Fiction vs. Reality, Perception Management, Jon Benet Ramsey, Nancy Holloway, Missing Persons, Katie Perry, Glen Kealey, Dallas Goldbug, Jane Fonda, Nancy Pelosi, Rochello and John Adams on the call,Be

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Periodic table of hoaxes

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The world probably boils down to a few basic elements – all the rest are alloys or combinations used by mining companies to synthesize scarcity and therefore value/worth. Watch this 1950s-style propaganda/PR film. Titanium’s numerology is also occult – 47/9 (9/11).

Titanium (hoax element 22) is also used in the nuclear hoax for storage of nuclear “waste”.

Yes “TITANIUM” is just another “SILLY CON”! Atomic theory, the periodic table and all of the “amazing newly discovered elements” of the periodic table are just a big hoax. There is no “titanium” it’s just another metal alloy with a big corporate PR campaign to create fake scarcity and stories to make themselves sound impressive. By naming their hoaxes after Roman myths like Titans.

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