Periodic table of hoaxes

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The world probably boils down to a few basic elements – all the rest are alloys or combinations used by mining companies to synthesize scarcity and therefore value/worth. Watch this 1950s-style propaganda/PR film. Titanium’s numerology is also occult – 47/9 ().

Titanium (hoax element ) is also used in the for storage of nuclear “waste”.

Yes “TITANIUM” is just another “SILLY CON”! Atomic theory, the periodic table and all of the “amazing newly discovered elements” of the periodic table are just a big hoax. There is no “titanium” it’s just another metal alloy with a big corporate PR campaign to create fake scarcity and stories to make themselves sound impressive. By naming their hoaxes after Roman myths like Titans.

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5 thoughts on “Periodic table of hoaxes

  1. Barbara Müller

    where did you get this “47/9 (9/11)” from? The mass is 47.867, the number 47 seems to have no special meaning there. I don’t see anything suspicious there. Do you suspect every 47 years old person? Do you consider every hotel room with the number 47 to being suspicious? What about house numbers? You can go back to the old Greeks and describe the world as being build from wind, water, earth and fire, but to what advantage? Periodic table of elements is being used in the chemistry for over 200 years to successfully make predictions about their reactions. It works fine. What’s wrong with it?

    1. stephen

      I loved the Periodic Table when I did Chemistry as a school boy, it’s ability to “successfully make predictions about their reactions” was a revelation. The whole electrons-thing in chemical equations was wonderful!

      The joys of Magnesium ribbon, Sodium and Potassium! Not me, but a toilet bowl was exploded with a jar of either K or Na! Exciting times.

      Working out on paper, with newly revealed, special symbols, some insoluble compound that would result from combining this-that-n-the-other solutions, then to have it precipitate before this spotty working class oik, as he dribbled one into the other was astonishing. Taught a language to use for identifying what some smelly, explosive gas was that I got from mixing-n-heating a bit of this and a bit of that was satisfying, empowering even.

      Ha, ha, I was so inspired I concocted a sulphur dioxide, I think, stink-bomb which I heated up in a German lesson which resulted in a sore bottom, the head of Chemistry administered the stick. Not before challenging me to write the formula up on the black board, he was impressed and I thought I’d got off, I was wrong!

      God, I hated German, I was useless at it, so I tried to ruin it for everybody else I suppose.

      Regards Titanium. As a pigment, Tit’ white is a very different thing to Lead white or Zinc white. I’ve mixed my own oil paints and they take up different amounts of linseed, at different rates and have different feels, consistency; they then dry and age differently; they interact with other colours differently.

      1. ab Post author

        I like chemistry too. I always wondered about some of the more recently added elements, as their names seemed self indulgent.

        As for 47, it’s an occult number used often by the psyientists and other Satanists who rule over us. Any reader of this blog shouldn’t be questioning that.

        1. Barbara Müller

          I know that about 47 Beavis, tell me something I don’t know. This number is, besides its occult meaning, also a regular number which appears on house fronts, room doors, car signs, birthdays of totally normal people. The mass of Titanium is 47.867 not 47.911, so what?
          There are no new elements in the periodic table. There are 81 stable elements, which is a VERY interesting thing, because this number appears in many physical formulas. It is also interesting, the elements 43 and 61 are missing. The German scientist Peter Plichta found many interesting things about this natural coding. You may like to read his only book translated into English: “God’s Secret Formula: Deciphering the Riddle of the Universe and the Prime Number Code” It’s not a bit esoteric, trust me. And its a good read for a scientific book. The occult meaning of 47 and actually all other “occult meanings” have its roots in this knowledge which is very ancient and just hidden from us through state controlled school systems. Do you know where the SI-unit system originates from? Why 1m, 1s, 1kg relate to each other? Units like foot, inch, pound, etc were chosen at will, arbitrary. They have no relations to each other. Not so the SI-units.

          1. stephen

            You’ll probably find this man worth your while, he uses a cipher for English centered on 7 with a relationship to Pi. “martyleeds33”:

            Not that I understand it anywhere near comprehensively, far from as usual, The Golden Ratio, and various spirals derived from it, appear to my autodidactic mind to show the Creator’s handiwork:

            Golden ratio:

            Fibonacci number:

            Logarithmic spiral

            Apparently Debussy’s “La Mer” is, possibly unconsciously, structured on the Golden Ratio. Lovely piece, my door into Classical music really. I still find it beautifully satisfying.

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