Plain plane stories 

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Humble Howard, a small craft pilot, confirmed in my mind that this plane crash story is yet another . Humble also goes on to remind us that the original plane story was of a small craft, among other conflicting (by design) versions of planes.

Zoom to 1:40:00 to hear his thoughts. It’s highly unlikely any amateur could or would fly a plane at night on a path with very few lights. Amazing that a self-confessed skeptic isn’t the least bit concerned about all the details of this story that don’t add up, and never will. Willfully blind?

Go here to read about the – at an intersection I personally go through regularly. Even the reporter was mystified that not one hydro wire was touched. Interesting 0;eyewitness” footage here from an interesting facebook profile.


It’s the 6 weeks before 9/11-a time you’ll be hearing about more plane crash stories than normal.


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  2. psyopticon

    Where’s Felix? “Air crashes” are his forté. This one stinks good too.…

    Tail number C-FSYH — a Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk (C/N 38-79A0889). A two-seater trainer built 1978. Nearly 40 years old. Imported 2008. In same ownership since then. Based at Markham Airport, Ontario.…


    Name: Peck, Donald
    Address: 232 Jelley Avenue
    City: Newmarket
    Postal Code: L3X 1S6
    Province/Territory/State: Ontario
    Country: CANADA

    (Peck, Donald F., previously of 917 Caribou Valley Circle, Newmarket, L3X 1W9)

    Canadian Civil Aircraft Register: Aircraft History Details (C-FSYH)… — C-FSYH Canadian Aircraft Registration Details

    Former owner of the Piper Tomahawk (under tail no. N2524N) — Gagliardo, Anthony, of Lakeville, MN, US……

    Hmm.. Anthony (Tony) Gagliardo.. This Tony Gagliardo?! Now of NASA JPL……

    Tony Gagliardo — Director, Technical Training, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (April 2016 – Present)
    Flight Engineer, Turbojet;
    Flight Engineer Instructor, USAF;
    Lead Avionics Technician, Lockheed Martin;
    Contract Field manager, Boeing;
    Air Traffic Control Training Manager, Federal Aviation Administration;
    Sworn officer, Washington DC Metropolitan Police, Disaster and Humanitarian Relief.

    The Piper Tomahawk which “crashed” on Lansdowne “hadn’t flown in awhile since it was due for repairs“, reported Chex TV, who interviewed the owner’s wife, Suzanne/Sue/Susan Peck.

    In Newmarket, Suzanne Peck was stunned by the news that her husband beloved plane had been stolen.

    Suzanne: “His dad was an airline pilot so it was always his dream to own one and now…it’s gone.”

    For 10 years Donald Peck took small flights on the plane. But he hadn’t flown in awhile since it was due for repairs.

    Suzanne: It wasn’t working yet – it works but it was being maintenanced for its annual. so there were things still being processed.”…

    The Toronto Star reports:…:

    As Don Peck neared the end of his firefighting shift in north Toronto Friday, he had no idea a young thief was hurtling through the night sky toward a fatal crash on Peterborough’s main drag — in Peck’s propeller plane.

    “I said, ‘Holy smokes! Really? I’m the only one with a key,’ ” Peck recalled after York Regional Police contacted him at 3:30 a.m., just over two hours after the crash.

    Peck’s two-seat Piper PA Tomahawk, a training aircraft, had been stolen from Markham Airport. The thief clearly knew something about aeronautics, taking off and flying for about 100 kilometres solo before the crash, said airport operator Allan Rubin.

    “He had to have had some kind of experience, obviously . . . The keys were not there . . . but if you can take off, you can fly it.”

    The plane, which was insured, was valued between $20,000 and $30,000, said Peck.

    More bad luck for the Pecks. In 2010 Don and Sue Peck’s house burned down. And now this. Would you Adam-and-Eve it?

    Home of Susan & Don Peck, Mount Albert, Ontario.

    After fire destroyed the home of Susan and Don Peck, they found themselves at odds with their insurer. Not only was their insurance company slow to respond, they were also unfair in their assessment of damages. Susan and Don engaged NFA [National Fire Adjustment Co., Inc.] to assist in their claim settlement. NFA was able to settle the claim to their complete satisfaction in a timely manner. We would highly recommend NFA’s services to anyone who has experienced a loss such as we did.
    Don Peck, Professional Firefighter; Susan Peck, Registered Nurse Mount Albert, ON

    Donald F Peck, a professional firefighter – 2013 salary in the City of Toronto’s Sunshine List — $115,993.14 plus expenses. Promoted 2015 to Captain.……

    Donald F Peck, also in the Craft. Bro. Donald F Peck, Senior Steward, Tuscan Lodge No.99, Newmarket Masonic Hall, York District Masons, Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

    Wife Suzanne (Sue) Peck; Registered Nurse, Labour and Delivery; Lives in Newmarket, Ontario; From London, United Kingdom. Her heavily locked-down Facebook page here:

    Plenty of “crash photos” here:…

    1. rgos

      Donald F Peck, also in the Craft.…

      Interesting, from that site, MASONICh.I.P.:

      there are no devices added to the children

      What a relief.

      Wonder whether brother Peck had his plane chipped.

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