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Not even trying anymore

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The scriptwriters aren’t even trying anymore. A multi-culti family that don’t even look related with different names? How obvious do they have to make it?

Major 7 number big payday lotteries are rarely, if ever, won. The odds are just too great. This winning story is certainly a fabrication – a lame one. No numbers, no detailed background stories – nothing. They don’t need to. You just fill in the blanks with your own imagination.

Reality is finally setting in for a Toronto family who won the $55-million Lotto Max jackpot in June, and what a sweet reality it is.

Source: Retirement, travel on deck after $55M Lotto Max win for Toronto family

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Real or fake? 

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Time once again to check for fakery. 

When it’s windy, I don’t even like driving across this tall bridge. 

Do you think he’s really walking across the top? 

If he was charged by the police, then how can he keep his last name private? 

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