Plain plane crash story part 2

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This silly story pretty much wraps up and proves to me that the Peterborough is fake nonsense.

I drove down this 0;main drag” where the “plane crashed” and noticed that hydro lines ran down each side of the road, with joiner wires crossing over the road between almost every pole.

We’re told no wires were hit. Just one traffic light with standard was shown laid down nicely by the media at the broadcast intersection.

The Muslim-with-mental-disorders is a tried and true trope that’s repeated a-la on almost all recent hoaxes.


usual fuzzy picture

On his 18th birthday, Mohammad Hasan Chaudhary backed his parents’ minivan out of the driveway without permission and disappeared. He’d nabbed the keys in front of his mother, whom he rarely disobeyed, and revved up on a frigid Wednesday in January — laughing as he did it — while his father futilely gripped the door handle. Police found him cruising through Pickering five hours later. They took him to hospital. One month later, Hasan was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Source: Man who stole, crashed plane remembered as troubled tinkerer | Toronto Star

Two small towns mentioned where I live and work. Coincidence, paranoia, confirmation bias or tribute to my research?

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