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RR15-John Le Bon, Ab

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Rollo doing a great job with some super content – he’s only getting better.

John Le Bon first (getting pretty cranky too) , then 3 hours later I join Rollo for some 9/11 chatter.



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Hip over, for now – Roger, wilco

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The hip-la over Gord’s cancer and his last tour is now over – and by all accounts the concerts were a great success.

Let’s hope his final, terminal days are full of wealth and happiness.

Perhaps he will draw strength from a fellow rocker’s cancer cure miracle from over the pond.

Wilko Johnson became the miracle man of music when he survived terminal cancer.

He faced the illness head on, went on a “farewell” tour and only got a second opinion when he was still alive two months after doctors said he should be dead.

Things went so well for Wilco that he dumped his old wife and re-booted with a 35 year old.

In an emotional, frank interview, the star also reveals how he cheated on late wife Irene over their 40-year marriage and his lovers included current partner Yuriko Daikoku.

His tumor was big – as a baby. Interesting numerology. It took 9 hours to remove all 7-11 of it.

In April 2014 he had his pancreas, spleen, part of his stomach and part of his small and large intestine removed in a nine-hour operation at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

Surgeon Emmanuel Huguet, who removed the 7lb 11oz tumour, said: “It’s no exaggeration to say Wilko’s been taken to the limit of what a human being can take.

There are many stories of regular schmucks faking cancer. They’re just in it for the money, though.

Rich rockers wouldn’t be in it for the money, would they?

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