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Rollo doing a great job with some super content – he’s only getting better.

John Le Bon first (getting pretty cranky too) , then 3 hours later I join Rollo for some chatter.



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  1. More_questions_than_answers

    I agree that John’s time with Rollo did seem like a sales pitch. I felt that underlying the whole discussion, the one thing on John’s mind was the message that all those who are interested in the truth but are not actively forwarding it (the people he hates the most), should contribute to his bank account and future livelihood. There are multiple reasons why some people have chosen not to remonstrate publicly and have the wisdom to play it carefully in the knowledge that the criminal elite have always been many chess moves ahead of the hoi polloi. Once upon a time I’m sure that we were all outspoken about subjects that it came to pass were in fact fallacies, so why are you so sure that what you are stating is not helping the elites at this point in their game plan? Perhaps the relatively recent rise of conspiracy culture is in place to bait the free-thinkers out into the open for a future culling? Perhaps some ‘awake’ people have enough troubles in their microcosm to have the time to tackle the juggernaut slowly consuming the world. Perhaps some are disillusioned with humankind in general and feel that they would be casting pearls before swine? In general I enjoy listening to John le Bon and find him inspiring, but I think his hatred for people who are not in the firing line is mis-placed.

    Rollo – the casino!!? Why fight them when you are so at home with their mafia pleasure palaces?

    1. John le Bon

      Do you have any evidence that the ‘criminal elite’ are ‘baiting the free-thinkers out into the open for a future culling’? Any evidence whatsoever?

      Or is this merely a convenient excuse for not doing more to research and disseminate good information to others?

      Methinks the latter.

      I say that if you know that the government is mind control, television is one of its chief weapons, and the masses are being dumbed down; but you have decided that this is simply your lot in life and will do nothing (or next to nothing) to help others understand this, then that is up to you. Just don’t make silly Jeffrey-esque excuses for yourself. Be honest. You have given up and don’t really care. The same way, it would seem, many people have known and given up before you were even born.

      Hey, the system isn’t that bad anyway, right? We go to some office for a large chunk of our week, and they give us a card with which we can buy food and tickets to movies. Coffees full of yummy cows’ milk as well. Not to mention futuristic gadgets straight from China – and we can even purchase those entirely via our computers at home!

      Sure, it will be a pain in the ass dealing with 15-25yo in about a decade when this cohort comes through, because they will genuinely believe they are both/neither male/female (and will have all of the obvious psychological problems which stem from that), but we’ll worry about that when we get there. After all, it is not our fault. And by then we will be another decade closer to our own deaths anyway, so who really cares. Right?

      Oh, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world

      1. More_questions_than_answers

        Hi John,

        I have no solid proof for any of the scenarios I stated COULD be going on, but it’s one of many hypotheses for why the control media that you are talking about are becoming more overt with the information they are revealing to the public. It could very well be a case of Michael Hoffman’s ‘Revelation of the Method’, where the elite know that they are too far along in the game to be stopped and are further mocking us by giving us the detail of the methods of our subjugation, but it also could be that the people like us who have have worked out some of the ‘great work’ are being profiled like facebook does with everyone else. I don’t think that anybody can deny that the information being put out there is dividing people like us, ie with the sensibility to recognize the hostile takeover taking place, with those who don’t, but we don’t know the endgame and part of their plan might include us repeating what is being disseminated through the faux alternative media right now, irrespective of its veracity. Do you really think that these controllers have not anticipated what you and me to a lesser degree are trying to do? Do you think they’ve got to where they are without having contingency plans A-Z and beyond ready in case unforseen circumstances arise? I still think it’s better that people who have thought things through and are sure about what they are saying do so, but I also think that you should tolerate people who are not so sure that the information that they are spreading is not exactly what ‘they’ want to go out at a particular time, much like happened to you with the huge distraction that occured with the shape of the world controversy. True or false, it acted as a divider and distraction for truth seekers everywhere who flocked to jump on that bandwagon, thinking that if someone fell upon the real facts about that mystery, humanity would be forced to change – it didn’t and the elite’s who started the rumour are laughing themselves to sleep because of it.

        There’s another factor here and it may include why you seem to getting a bit flustered of late – human nature. We are not just fighting a group of psychopathic parasites who have killed their way to positions of power, we also have to contend with the majority of human beings, a big group of easily manipulable, extremely malleable order followers, who are in my view extremely lacking in sensibility. In order to continue to want to ameliorate society, you have to believe in people which is very difficult to do because as the Jesus story contests, 9/10 times, they will be the ones putting the knife in your back. If the truth crusaders achieve the impossible task of ousting said elites, what then? There will always be psychopaths on every level ready to take their place and begin again. The bad guys are winning because it’s much easier to navigate through life when you have no empathy and actually enjoy stepping on others to get what you want. What’s your solution to this John, do you have a plan ready if you achieve your goal?

        I think you are being too fast to dismiss those people with a degree of knowledge of what’s going on simply because you are not hearing them on the radio or seeing their work on the internet. What about the idea that those people are affecting things on a local level, treating others with respect, kindness, fairness and compassion? Can you wave away those people with one hand because they are not repeating what they hear on alternative media? I agree with you wholeheartedly regarding society’s ills and I am disgusted with it’s operations but I don’t agree with the notion that we have a duty to spead these ideas simply because we know it is happening. I don’t want to be a martyr to any ideology and the fact that you and others are getting this information out there is proof enough that the elite don’t give a damn about it. If it was having a serious affect contrary to the grand plan, you’d be quelled in an instant. You will ask for proof of this and I will direct you to the history of oppressive regimes for examples of how people with no conscience solve problems. This is an old game to them and the internet is their playground. I don’t believe for one second that the internet is a double-edged sword and that ‘they’ made a mistake by giving it to us because it has allowed us to spread otherwise occult information. Everything is on schedule and I think you know deep down that we are not losing a battle, but rather we were never players in the game. I don’t intend to give up my fuitle attempts at spreading what I believe to be true in my microcosm because I feel moved to do so , but I’m realistic and the truth is that what we are doing is either at best, fruitless or at worst, inadvertently helping their cause.

        Let me know what you think.

        On the topic of whites, I wanted to know if you think that all people with white skin have a universal culture that should be retained? Although I don’t believe that present generations in Australia should feel guilty about Aboriginal genocide, where would they fit in your own idea of a perfect world? In the hypothetical event that you were in power, would they be allowed out of their designated areas to once again repopulate in a country where they were once the predominate race before they were nearly destroyed by our elite friends?

        1. John le Bon

          That is a long post so I will briefly respond to some of your main points/questions:

          1) At least you admit you ‘have no solid proof’ of your ‘they are trying to bait us into speaking publicly’ claim. I would go further and state that you don’t even have any supporting evidence, except perhaps for some FEMA camp ‘they’re coming to get us’ rants from old mate Alex Jones.

          2) Now you are saying that ‘the fact that you and others are getting this information out there is proof enough that the elite don’t give a damn about it’. So which is it? Are they trying to bait the ones who can see into speaking publicly, so they can cull us (implicitly because they don’t want us saying anything to the rest of the herd) or do they not care about us to begin with?

          You have posited two very different beliefs here, in the space of two posts. Both of the scenarios you put forward could be used by any slacktivist or demoralised do-nuthin’ to justify their lack of action, but the two do not seem to fit neatly together. Is it possible that you are simply clutching at straws in an effort to defend your own inaction?

          3) ‘What about the idea that those people are affecting things on a local level, treating others with respect, kindness, fairness and compassion?’ These are not mutually exclusive. One could easily be kind and fair to those around them, and (where possible) try to transmit good information on an interpersonal level, while also spending, say, a couple of hours per week researching and disseminating good information online. In other words, you have committed a false binary fallacy – a very common one in this scene.

          ‘Don’t judge me, JLB. I’m doing lots of research online and you don’t know what I do in real life’. No, watching youtube videos and merely listening to podcasts is not ‘research’. And no, I don’t know what you do in real life. And no, I’m not judging you. Perhaps the only person/entity that will ever judge us is ourselves, and perhaps defensiveness is a reaction to insecurity, and perhaps those who do little or no work online have every reason to feel insecure – they know they can and should be doing more. Which is why they get defensive when people like myself point out their inaction.

          4) I do not want to see any race (white, asian, black) die out. Anybody who does is, to my mind, at best psychologically damaged, and at worst a mortal enemy of those who are good. Such people do not belong anywhere near me or my family. In a better world they would be given the option to choose between repenting, the boat or the noose.

          It is clear that whites are being systematically and methodically destroyed. Anybody who argues to the contrary is either deceived or a deceiver. If they are wise enough to understand media fakery, but still can’t see (or claim to not see) that whites are being systematically and methodically destroyed, then I would infer they are of the latter camp.

          1. stephen

            On the Waterfront, “I coulda been a contender”:

            “Do you have any evidence that the ‘criminal elite’ are ‘baiting the free-thinkers out into the open for a future culling’? Any evidence whatsoever?”

            As you Jon-Jon-la-Bon-Bon have pointed out in this thread, “This scene is filled with damaged… outright scum… hell-bent on putting their own infantile short-term egotism and ‘feelings’ ahead of anything constructive…” Many of “‘truther’/’conspiracy theorist’/alternative thinker” crowd are not in the slightest bit different to the mass they proclaim are stupid, asleep, mongs. Their paranoia allows them to feel superior, their lack of self-awarness is astonishing as people who pride themselves on being critical thinkers, but is not surprising. They do not see what a comedy they are. “Raging Bull Final Scene”:

            They use Truth as a crutch, an excuse for their own failure, low standards and poor choices. They need something to blame, a channel for resentment; so it’s The Evils behind 9-11, Boston Bombing, NASA the Jews-n-Jesuit… creating delusional, self-validating, fictions and denouncing anyone who questions them, holds them to fact-n-evidence, they are beset by worldwide spy-agencies out to get ’em in a nihilistic world where all is fake and all a con, everything is rubbish, except, of course, themselves. “Made it ma, top of the world!”

            “James Cagney in White Heat – Top of the World”:

            But Bonny Johnny are you really attempting to make a living from subscription/donation-podcasts-books-whatevers about this sort-a-stuff. As far as I can tell a lot of Truther World are on benefits, from their detested masters, or employed in low-paid, low-skill, jobs by their detested masters? Have you got what it takes to be Icke or Jones? Or a Hicks for that matter! Are you any good at football? “David Icke, hereford United football player”:

            1. John le Bon

              It is difficult to disagree with much of what you have written here. Once I got active in this scene it slowly but surely dawned on me that, as you say, many ‘truthers’ are in one way or another the runts of the system – not skilled, qualified or self-empowered enough to find/maintain steady work which might bestow them the opportunity to indulge in the ‘benefits’ the system provides (nicer homes, holidays, gadgetry, etc). You seem to allude to the notion that ‘trutherism’ is their psychological response to the situation in which they find themselves, ‘I don’t like the system and the system doesn’t like me’ – but really, the system doesn’t like me so I don’t like the system. It is now obvious to me that in many cases, this is precisely what is going on.

              I have said this many times and will say it many times again: If I had known two years ago what I know now, I would have done things very differently. This was, I like to think, the most powerful and efficient way to learn some of the lessons I have learned. I went into this thinking (or hoping) that the others in this scene were like me, and now see that in most cases they simply are not. Principles are beyond most of these people, as is critical thinking. Nobody can fairly say I didn’t try to assist them: my ‘Thinking 101‘ series (three videos and counting) took more time to produce than the vast majority of people in this scene have spent producing any content whatsoever.

              All of that said, there are, as I’m sure you know, still many people who lurk around in this scene who may (may) be good people who are here for good reasons. Several of them frequent this very site, which is why I keep tabs on it (and probably why you do, too). How much hope is there for this small number of people, as individuals and as a collective? Time will tell.

              As for making a living from my work online, no, I don’t expect that to ever happen. What I am hoping is that I might eventually be able to supplement my income so that I can avoid working a regular 9-5 for the rest of my days (i.e. work a system job less than the standard 40+ hours per week). It may take another year or two to reach such a point, and in the meantime I will obviously have to work regular system jobs, as I have been up until this point. My current line of thinking is that even if my ambitions fail, I will be able to say to myself in a few years, ‘at least I tried’. At least I tried to use the talents I have to do something other than what I was trained, conditioned and programmed to do. Worst case scenario is that it might make my days paper shuffling in an office more bearable to think, ‘at least I tried’.

              Better case scenario is that I show these Eeyores, do-nuthins and fear-pornographers that not only can one put out good work and not be ‘culled’, but that one can even make a little bit of money in the process. Let’s reconvene at this thread in a year or two to see how far my cautious optimism got me 🙂

          2. More_questions_than_answers

            I’m not doing an Alex Jones or a Jeff C, I’m merely stating genuine reasons why I’m not out there vehemently spouting out my opinion. It’s true that I don’t like to hear your type of ‘you’re either with us or against us’ or ‘if you’re not taking action, then you’re part of the problem’ or ‘how are you going to look your children in the eye and tell them you did nothing to inspire’ cliched dictator vitriol, which I feel is going to be turning people away rather than helping. I certainly don’t want to add to the clamour of knee-jerk reactions seen on the internet because as I say, like so many good causes, I think the increasing mess that is conspiracy culture is part of a bigger plan set in place.

            Ok, I´ll try to elaborate on your second point. It could be both is my answer and remember that I’m speculating here. They could be luring the type of people with anti-establishment sensibilities to speak their mind so that they can identify them down the line when they implement different stages of their plan and need to know who is likely to resist them AND at the same time not care about the information being presented because if anybody was saying anything that really was important, it would not be allowed to be out there. Do you think if there was someone out there who was revealing real secrets to the public…the real revelations being found in the secret guarded elite laboratories where big the big questions about life are being investigated, that they would not squash it immediately?

            I don’t like to hear you talk with such hate of a group of people who you don’t know as individuals. Perhaps you like the sound of your own voice and think you are doing a saving the day with your youthful exuberance and rightful indignation, but so do the people who put time and effort into charity work only to end up inadvertently helping to put more power in the elite’s hands. If this information wasn’t out there in the alternative media at this time, you’d probably be picking up some other social justice movement such as climate change or feeding starving Africans and yet you think your present crusade is different from that…that you’ve got the bad guys on the run with your words of enlightenment? I understand why you are doing what you do and you we should always fight against evil, but it’s a little naive. You are allowed to do what you are doing because it works for them at this juncture. All you are effectively doing is chronicalling the changes you are seeing around you as they are enacted. The minute you do something that actually makes a dent, you’ll be Jesus’d but as you don’t know anything about the chinks in their armour, you’ll remain a joke on their radar like the rest of us.

            If you have time, please address some of my other comments and questions in the previous message. I’d like to know if you have ever been concerned with the plight of Aboriginals in your country.

            I’m not sure about your claim that whites are being systematically and methodically destroyed and to question that doesn’t mean that I’m a deceiver or deceived, it could mean that you are making long term prognastications that you don’t know will come to pass. This immigration issue may be causing a state of flux in once predominately white societies so that people are less grounded as is happening all around the world, but do you really think that they are going to eradicate white skin altogether? At so many stages, black people may have thought the same and it never happened. I think white people are always going to be around and you don’t have any proof that total destruction is in their sights, so this ‘Red Ice rampage’ of yours is as yet unfounded. There’s a problem for sure with the dialectic shake up of races, but I hope you don’t go down the Hitler wasn’t such a bad man route.

            1. John le Bon

              If you take the time to rewrite your latest post without the ad hominems, red herrings, and non sequiturs, I will respond. I have already taken the time to reply to one of your fallacy-laden posts and my time is too precious to waste wading through such tripe again.

              Perhaps basic reason and evidence is beyond you and, if so, I wish you well.

              1. More_questions_than_answers

                You sound like one of them. I write down what comes into my head and it doesn’t have to adhere to intellectual snobbery. I’m not trying to fool you by planting red herrings and you do indeed seem to like hearing your voice too much over those of others. I was thinking today that the reason I am so bothered by you is that I would have preferred to have been your ally, but instead you put me off (and no doubt many others) with your histrionics about how the worst kind of people are those who don’t speak up about the agenda. If you had an issue with these people who you have lumped into a group then you could have addressed it in a better way, but I vouch that the way in which you did tackle your bias has pushed more people away rather than influenced them to help spread the information. A bad move in a world where only a small minority of us see that there’s something amiss. I have to repeat again that not everyone is so sure of themselves as you are in what they believe at any time. Look at how many people are out there that you don’t agree with and have spoken against – they are giving the world their point of view on what is going on but often you don’t like it, so which is it – should they be out there or not or only talking if it cross matches with your own research?

                This thing with evidence that you are always calling for is not always applicable but anyway, I’ve given you circumstances where the elite have rallied people for ostensibly good causes such as the case of the climate change nonsense which has ultimately aided their cause, but you are choosing to ignore that so what can I do? It only takes standing in poo once to know not to stand in it again and so it is with the way their controlled media works – if it’s out there, it’s working for them or at least it is in no way hampering their agenda.

                Anyway, time is precious John Connor, you need to find your Phrygian cap and there are bloodsports to be watched in the Colloseum. Ad hominem you say? Sometimes it’s necessary to mention when you find someone so sanctimonious doing something so ridiculous as watching two people beat each other to a pulp for money. ‘You’re an idiot for watching an hour of tv a day to relax Rollo and I don’t understand how anybody can laugh at comedy these days, but what’s ok by me is a good old fashioned face pounding’. Moral relativity amazes me.

                1. John le Bon

                  So instead of rewriting your post without the logical fallacies, you have instead typed up another post filled with more logical fallacies. This is why I didn’t want to waste my own time trying to reason with you after your previous post: those who mistake or confuse fallacious thinking for wisdom are unlikely to improve their game, no matter how much time others spend trying to assist them.


                  1. More_questions_than_answers

                    Fine, you have decided to be haughty about responding to my issues so you don’t have to answer them. This will be my last comment also.

                    You may or not be the real deal i.e a genuine individual concerned with where the world is headed who wants to make a difference, but for sure you have made one of the biggest mistakes made by researchers today and that is to think that that the elite are stupid. I believe that the problems that you discuss are for the most part occurring but just as you so adamantly deride those people looking into the ‘baby hoaxes’ and inform them with such gusto that they are wasting their time, you are making exactly the same mistake on another level. Issues such as immigration and pan sexuality etc are in fact minor potatoes and act as another level of distraction to avert our eyes away from the invisible threats that never can be revealed. Did you imagine that their diversionary tactics work only on one level and that they do not have a level for the likes of you? This is what I am talking about when I say that some people don’t talk because they are not sure it’s a good idea, people who anticipate that whatever is out there has to be out there because it’s working for ‘them’. While you are blabbing on about your concerns, it’s ensuring that more dangerous occulted topics are never contemplated. Even if you weren’t doing what you do, it probably would not be realised, but as I say, these people don’t take chances and you are indirectly (I hope) working for them.

                    The chimps in the laboratory are permitted to scream and shout all they want, but the vivisection is still scheduled for eleven minutes past nine.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    After quite enjoying a couple of hours of that, though it felt a bit at times, like a long sales pitch, I was quite enjoying it. John actually made me laugh at 2-22 when he sang along to ”Sher” (I think that’s what he said ).
    He’s human, I thought. And he knows the words to ‘Sher’ . I warmed to the ‘nerd’ in him.

    Then, rudely at about 2hrs 26 mins he goes into some unconvincing rant going back to some old comment of mine on his JLB ”versus” Jeff C video. For some reason he drags it up from the past and quotes me out of context .
    My original comment referred to Jeff C ‘looking good’ regarding the issue of there being shills on-line in that particular argument. Not in general and not overall in that debate at all. Just on that yes/no stance within that discussion.
    As I recall Jeff C made a case for there being paid agents on line and John was suggesting there wasn’t any. The idea of there being shills online wasn’t an original thought from Jeff C at all, but, juxtaposed John’s – what seemed to several of us around here I think – slightly strange position at the time of – ”Paid shills don’t exist online” Jeff ”looked good”, because, yeh, there are obviously ‘agents’ online and John seemed to be inferring there weren’t.

    To John –
    Why bring it up ? It’s weak. And to me, you don’t sound convincing at all, saying it
    whilst whining like ”Sher”. You’re dragging up some old part of a comment and quoting me out of context and whining, for what reason ? You’re looking for a fight ? Why ? Why now, for fuck’s sake ?
    Did someone tell you to do this ? And will you take a polygraph ? Haha.
    I threw that in, but I’d love to, by the way. Wouldn’t you ? I’ve been accused of being a shill, too. I know you have. I’d do it for sure.

    Nah, you’re weak on that point, John. I dunno why you want to bring up that one comment from the past and have a dig at me. It’s not as if I’ve made any recent comments on audio or in text about you.

    If you’re being straight about this, then you mis understand me or I misunderstood you, therefore we can agree I think, that it ‘s a misunderstanding of some sort and nothing more sinister. As such I’d be happy to leave it as something to not whine-on about considering the many more interesting things I’d certainly rather be thinking about and doing.

    If you want a fight, then go ahead and mug yourself off.

    1. John le Bon

      You recall wrong. I was not ‘suggesting that there are no shills online’. Not even close. I have stated on countless occasions – including during the Jeffrey debate in question – that there very well could be paid shills in this scene. Indeed, I have my own suspicions; I would not be surprised one bit if solid evidence ever came to light that certain characters on youtube (and elsewhere) are indeed ‘paid shills’.

      My point, and it is one I continue to make to this day, is that the people calling out ‘shill! shill!’ invariably have zero evidence to support their claims. No public admissions, no private admissions, no paper or money trails, no employment records, nothing. That is, they are making disparaging (and slanderous) claims about other individuals in this scene without providing evidence for those claims.

      This means that countless hours are wasted with go-nowhere speculation, gossip, and fearmongering. Fakeologist audiochats are often ruined by this very problem. There are so many productive and interesting lines of inquiry one can take once one has let go of the authorities’ version of reality, so why waste any time speculating about this guy or that guy being a ‘paid shill’? What is the benefit? This is a serious question, not a rhetorical one: what is the benefit?

      Seems to me the overarching outcome of this endless speculation is that it adds to the fear and trepidation which many people already feel, as they begin to dip their toes into the water of independent research (or what the authorities have programmed the masses to describe as ‘conspiracy theories’). Why would any good person want to add to that sense of fear and trepidation, unless they had solid evidence to support their accusations? Why?

      Jeffrey embarrassed himself in that debate, spending considerable periods of time airing what could be fairly be described as paranoid delusions. ‘They are coming for me, they monitor me, they are trying to shut me down’. If I wanted to make the prominent voices in this scene look like a pack of stereotypical ‘conspiracy theorists’, I couldn’t ask for a better performance than what Jeffrey gave us that day. All I had to do was ask him the questions, give him the rope, and from there he did the rest.

      And how did you see it at the time? ‘Jeffrey sounded like the sensible one’. I’m paraphrasing but I would be pleasantly surprised if your words weren’t similar to that line. The man carrying on like a paranoid delusional, who claims to have received ‘one hundred death threats’ (for making youtube videos about baby hoaxes), sounded like the ‘sensible’ one to you. I lost a lot of respect for you when I heard you utter this nonsense. Which is my problem, not yours.

      Which is why it is incumbent on me to apologise to you for criticising you when you weren’t there to defend yourself. And I do apologise. This is something I have had to deal with quite a lot over the last two years, from fakeologists (including yourself) as well as the broader scene (particularly on YouTube), and I ought to know better. Ab says I sounded ‘cranky’ and having listened back to the audio, although I disagree with Ab, I can see why he might say that. I have suffered fools for a long time and even I, evidently, have a limit to my patience. May god help the fools if my patience ever rises from ‘tested’ to ‘exhausted’.

      In the meantime, I have no ill will towards you, and certainly much good still to say about fakeologist dot com – to which you are one of the chief contributors. Among other things, this place helped me see through the YouTube ‘truth community’ scene and for that I am very grateful. As I mentioned to Rollo during the call, I have recently spent a lot of time looking into the work of Jan Irvin, and it was Ab’s posting of the Irvin/Outtrim interviews which led me to look further into Irvin’s work. This site, despite its flaws, serves as an invaluable hub to those who take the time to dig deeper for themselves, and I will continue to promote it, as I have done repeatedly over the past 16 months or so.


      1. ab Post author

        John I’ve been a fan of yours since day one. You seem to have reached a frustration level that everyone who spends time in this tar pit usually gets to. It’s easy to conclude that the masses are ripe fruit ready for picking at any time. We are the stubborn apples that won’t fall off the tree. While the rest are made into apple sauce, we will be talking to ourselves from tree to tree. This IS the reality, so you must best deal with it and not psych yourself out. Meanwhile, give us your PayPal button so I can add it to my recommended list. Patreon is another middle man you should do without.

        1. John le Bon

          Fair call on the Patreon. I recently sat down and ran the maths on Patreon’s payout to me and, long story short, they take about 10% before Paypal take their own outrageous slice of the pie. This is without including the VAT they add to European supporters’ pledges (which is roughly 20% – I kid you not). I don’t mind Patreon taking a cut for what they provide, and the notion of viewers/listeners contributing regular amounts to their favourite content creators is one I would like to do my part to encourage by being party to Patreon. 10% plus Paypal, though, is a bit rich. I’ll have more to say on this in the near future.

          Your sentiments about ‘not psyching yourself out’ I broadly agree with, though I add the qualifier that I think I have managed to keep my calm while learning an awful lot about our reality in a relatively short space of time. If anybody goes back to the early ARP episodes they will note just how naive I was to not only the typical human condition but, in particular, the typical ‘truther’/’conspiracy theorist’/alternative thinker condition. This scene is filled with damaged and demoralised people, and those are generally the better ones. Then you have the minions and the outright scum who collectively seem hell-bent on putting their own infantile short-term egotism and ‘feelings’ ahead of anything constructive towards that which they claim to be here for.

          Or, to put it another way, I didn’t realise how few good people were left, and I have had to learn it the hard way. They say that evil flourishes when good men do nothing. I am of the opinion that a man who does nothing is not a good man. And who does that leave us with?


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