Free Atmospheric Energy

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Controlling energy = controlling humans.

Controlling food = controlling humans.

Controlling free herbs/medicine = controlling humans.

Controlling money = controlling humans.

If electricity were unmetered, what would this world look like?

It still seems like more fantasy than reality, but I CAN believe that there has been a 100 year or more conspiracy to cover up this reality.

Electricity, especially nuclear, is a big pet peeve of mine. Ontario went from the lowest to one of the highest kwh rates in North America, perhaps the world. Therefore you bet it’s a topic that has my attention.

By contrast, this article says I shouldn’t complain.

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1 thought on “Free Atmospheric Energy

  1. Barbara Müller

    the question to ask could be:”If electricity were unmetered, what would humans do?” The food is actually sort of “unmetered” as for now we can afford and buy more than we can consume. There is physical limit in the size of the stomach but still. People get more and more fat. The conscience to keep nutrition limits, to eat healthy and not to much is very low. So what would happen, if there was no limit in power supply and electricity was for free? How many households would then switch off their air conditioning devices, their ovens, TV’s, computers, lights and whatever? This would have very negative side effects on everything. Free atmospheric energy? What could that be? Well insects use some form of it and maybe Usain Bolt. But that’s NFE (not for everybody). Let’s stay pragmatic. I’ve never seen any prove, there is some form of free energy around us which can be consciously used for our needs.

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