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  1. John le Bon

    I haven’t watched the first video listed by Ad as of yet and will obviously do so before commenting on it.

    Speaking more broadly about Nikola Tesla, I am of the opinion that this character of history is a vital one to understand for anybody trying to ‘decode the matrix’ (as it were). I have already released one podcast on this topic, and will release another in due season – the research is already done, it is simply a matter of finding the time to sit down, record, and edit.

    Ever wondered why so many people in this scene seem to believe in Judy Wood’s ‘DEW’ theory? Ever wondered why so many people in this scene seem to hail Tesla as a kind of superhuman genius? It may well be the case that these phenomenon are entirely interrelated and connected. It may also be the case that the people running the show have been working on this angle for several decades now…

    1. ab Post author

      Yes, I thought Judy was on to something when I stumbled upon (what was likely) carefully laid out Tesla Easter eggs. It scared me all the way to Goat Island, where his likeness stands by my beloved Niagara Falls, Ontario’s main source of real power. They wouldn’t build a statue of a fibber, would they? Well, we’ve got Einstein and the 9/11 memorials to answer that simple question. I look forward to your second chapter.

  2. Barbara Müller

    well Tesla or not, there is more in the alternating current that the officials are willing to admit. Its the only form of energy which can be transported through long distances at very low costs. You just higher up the voltage to some 10kv and it goes through copper almost without loss. It’s easy to transform alternating current into constant current with any desired voltage. The other way round it’s much more complicated. If you ever played with a Tesla Coil, you know how powerful it can be even the very small one powered with a 9v battery. When I went to school in the early 70-s, they allowed even us kids to play with such things. There were books about Tesla with a lot of DIY. Those books don’t exist anymore. Tesla was banned from the mainstream and today only fakeologists and conspiracy theorists know who that really was. Normal people think of Elon Musk instead of alternating current and high voltage, which is on purpose. Also the way electricity is being taught today in schools is much different and the reason why nobody understands it anymore. My father was a passionate engineer and always using the state of the art gadgets. We had a satellite dish back then in the early 80-s, Me and my brothers we learned early how this things work. We grow up using them, exchanging light bulbs as kids, fixing fuses, etc. My own kids had great difficulties to understand how an amplifier works because they never learned and never played with the basic stuff. They are still afraid of electrical power like all other people today are. Maybe Miles Mathis can research the person Tesla one day in detail. The stories about his conflicts with Edison may be faked but the person seems to be valid.

  3. nathan

    are we so sure that “tesla tech” wasn’t injected into the judy wood and others’ horseshit to discredit him by association? i haven’t formed an opinion one way ore another, but i think this may be worth considering…

      1. Barbara Müller

        trashed by whom? People like Edison? Was Tesla ever proved wrong? There are many fake stories about Tesla for sure but back then there was a big breakthrough in the production and in the using of electricity and Tesla is being credited with that. Not Edison, who was simply patenting inventions of other people as his own inventions. The story of electricity sounds similar to that of paper, which is still being made from trees instead of much more effective plants like hemp. Thanks to Citizen Kane (Hearst) and his “Marijuana” propaganda. I don’t believe in lasers destroying ships at far distance or any other form of energy weapons.

          1. Barbara Müller

            JBL cited from one single document written by some unknown to me Corum guys from a also unknown to me Tesla Memorial Society. Their “document” looks like trash indeed, so trashing maybe the right term. E.g. they put a long list of newspaper quotes at the end, but in the text there are no references to the quotes so we cannot really prove if Tesla ever said any of those weird things. They could have simply invented all this quotes and nobody will be able to prove it. If those newspapers are still available in some archives, who will take the time to check it and validate it? For all I know Tesla was some kind of nerd and versatile craftsman and not a person writing newspaper stories. I consider the entire Sci-Fi corner, stories about aliens, space adventures, etc as propaganda which was a part of the scam from the beginning. It was necessary to condition the people to the “outer space” to prepare them for things like relativity theory, otherwise nobody would ever take it seriously. Maybe Tesla was interested in receiving signals from other planets, maybe not. I don’t care. It’s just a name like Einstein is also just a name. I don’t care if Einstein, who was a pretty bad student and working as patent clerk until his genius exploded (according to Wikipedia) and he within a couple of weeks published his 4 most important works and made his phd at the same time, really invented the relativity theory or if it was Maxwell or some secret committee because it’s all wrong and unimportant and I don’t care if Tesla invented all the things he is credited with because this knowledge is real and just being hidden from us through wrong teaching. As I said before, I remember books about Tesla which are not existing anymore and many of his inventions can be easily created DIY. We simply have to rediscover those things and there is a lot of potential for other versatile craftsmen. Btw. I consider stories about secret energy weapons like those from Judy Wood, about time travels like in Philadelphia Experiment as part of the same scam. This has nothing to do with Tesla and his experiments. There must be some old books somewhere in some forgotten antiquarian bookshops where this not so old knowledge is properly described and can be rediscovered again.

            1. John le Bon

              “JBL cited from one single document…”

              You obviously have not listened to the podcast in question. I recommend you do so, if you are interested in learning more about the character known as ‘Nikola Tesla’.

              [See guys? I am being very patient 🙂 ]

              1. ab Post author

                We producers need infinite patience. Who else puts up with such abuse in their own house in the name of open discourse and learning from others? It’s a razor sharp doubled edged sword.

              2. Barbara Müller

                sorry, dear JBL. I was referring to the video, where you were analyzing this Corum document. I may take time to listen to the podcast on weekend but I don’t expect anything I don’t already know. As I wrote before, I don’t care about the person Tesla that much. It’s the technology which I’m interested in. This is the real thing, not some dry theory, which cannot be tested, like the Relativity Theory. Tesla died long time ago and we will never know for sure, what he really said or wrote and what not. So why wasting time on that? The technology can be rediscovered and retested. If it doesn’t work, we’ll know for sure what to think about Tesla. The Tesla Coin is a very impressing thing. Even the small one where you can burn a 9v battery to get a nice lighting. Ever tried that?

                1. stephen

                  “Ever tried that?” This man’s got a nice vibe, I dig his aura, very interesting stuff, “Music, Magic and Mayhem with Tesla Coil”:

  4. UNreal

    John Hutchinson was the one i found most dubious in the Judy Wood tale as he is the only one who can produce these effects but can’t replicate them in a lab in front of unbiased observers, or better yet, the Nasa,,, Only when i understood nuclear bombs were a psyop did i seriously start to doubt Tesla and his superweapons,,,

    Deathray/Atomicbomb are the same tales by the same authors. only they scrapped Tesla (too old?) in favor of Oppenheimer’s nuclear bomb.

    J.Hutchinson’s ‘lab’ looks a little bit like the ISS/Nasa. the embroidered logos on his jacket reminds of how the Nasa spacesuit and crafts are so full of symbols and overcomplexified interiors with too many components.

  5. UNreal

    Thesis, anthesis, synthesis. It is incredible how so many ‘researchers’ are unable to see how Edison and Tesla were complementary public figures in the establishment of the ‘electric’ age.

    Nicola Tesla died on the 33rd floor of the Hotel New Yorker in Room 3327 where he kept his ‘Death Ray’ papers in a ‘safe’…..

    1. ab Post author

      I can only thank Judy Wood for introducing me to Tesla. Without him, her story was impossible to believe. With him, it became worse. My guess is that all past and future inventions come from the military, which absorbs all the money and the brains on behalf of our rulers.

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