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Judge Bruce Ito 

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I hope I won’t regret posting this. I will allow fakeologists to evaluate. I never watched one minute of Bruce Lee, so my mind wouldn’t possibly make the connection. I know his son was probably admitted to the DCP though. 

Of course, that means that the judge, Lance Ito, had to be in on it too. And he was. He was not a real judge. Rather, he was an actor of a different stripe, a man who could simulate karate on the big screen like no one before. He was the movie martial arts performer Bruce Lee, who supposedly died in 1973.

You can understand why I laughed so hard when MH told me of his discovery. They are rubbing out face in it!


This part is amazing and believable. How many actor judges are in your town? In Toronto, I think we have a Judge Noehammer (lovely play on words). 

But Judge Lance Ito, with no law background, no presence in the LA court system, was going to raise a lot of eyebrows if he just disappeared after the trial. Here’s how they handled that, from NBC News (a player, and not a news agency):.

A spokesperson at the Los Angeles Superior Court confirmed that Ito retired on Jan. 5 [2015]. Philibosian said he quietly spent the last 20 years on the ninth floor of the criminal courts building, where high-powered cases involving major murders, robberies, and rapes are tried.

“There’s separate security to get in there. He was assigned there because of his high level of expertise,” Philibosian said.

His courtroom wasn’t easy to find: The Los Angeles Times reported a few years ago that after having his name plaque stolen so many times, Ito gave up and stopped replacing it.

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Presidential name changes

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Anyone else here wonder if there is a “legal” reason why many presidents change their names before sitting in the big chair? Is it a way to do things you couldn’t normally do without losing something?

Last evening over dinner we delved a little bit into politics, and I mentioned that three presidents in my lifetime had changed their names as young men. No one was aware of this. (They are, in case you are curious, Lesley King, who became Gerald Ford, William Blythe III, who became Bill Clinton, and Barry Soetero (Barack Whatshisname). And. Yes, I know few people know that, but you could look it up in one of your trusted sources. I think even Wikipedia, the Intelligence bible, is forthright about that matt

Source: An American Ambassador abroad | Piece of Mind

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