Presidential name changes

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Anyone else here wonder if there is a 0;legal” reason why many presidents change their names before sitting in the big chair? Is it a way to do things you couldn’t normally do without losing something?

Last evening over dinner we delved a little bit into politics, and I mentioned that three presidents in my lifetime had changed their names as young men. No one was aware of this. (They are, in case you are curious, Lesley King, who became Gerald Ford, William Blythe III, who became Bill Clinton, and Barry Soetero (Barack Whatshisname). And. Yes, I know few people know that, but you could look it up in one of your trusted sources. I think even , the Intelligence bible, is forthright about that matt

Source: An American Ambassador abroad | Piece of Mind

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        1. Marin

          He could clear up why they picked up ( or were forced) to pick up those names, because there is a deep agenda behind it. He is one of the few persons who as an outsider has a very profound knowledge.

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