Alison Parrott case

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There’s been recent interest in my Parrott post, a 30 year old murder in Toronto that had many crime themes of the day, including capital punishment, and later, DNA evidence.

It’s hard to find old footage on the case, but they did make a movie on it, and also included characters from 7/7 and an IRA bombing.

The movie is called Forgiveness.

A few smiles, but not a tear in sight. Does time heal all wounds, or is hard even harder to cry over a fake event years later?

I’m convinced 7/7 was an HRDPAR – the other two cases have less info, but doubtless are following the same crime hoax templates.

Jury convicts Roy in Alison Parrot murder – Canada – CBC News

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1 thought on “Alison Parrott case

  1. xileffilex

    There’s a UK Radio series called “The Reunion” which brings together people from events in recent “history”. It’s pretty much a psy-op validation operation.…

    it’s still running and only today there was an episode on another long running krimi psy-op, the “Yorkshire Ripper”.

    Is there a similar programme in Canada?


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