What a racquet 

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Who Are The Alleged Top Men Behind KickassTorrents?

This story confirms to me that torrent sites, which doubtfully make any money, are industry honey pots to control and ultimately derail sharing of paid media. 

However, it is Vaulin’s love of squash that leads us to the only images available of him online. Ukrainian squash portal Squashtime.com.ua has a full profile, indicating his date and place of birth, and even his racquet preference.


This entity is likely a sim. 

Incidentally, rebooted Pirate Bay seems to be serving up garbage files to further stifle those that don’t want to pay for their propaganda. 

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1 thought on “What a racquet 

  1. UNreal

    Totally agree that the “founders” of these torrent sites like Kickass & Piratebay are quite suspicious.

    KAT did have 5-10 million visitors daily, so they must have made money from the traffic. Maybe what we witness here is more of a commercial approach where the “special deal” is ending for the less tech savvy and the price barrier and technology is lowered enough so that many will now choose the “easy” solution and just get their dose of propaganda from the likes of iTunes and Netflix. I’m convinced that the culture creators are more interested in the widest coverage possible (more-so than profit), so this is not a policy set out to limit the propagation of their covert indoctrination. Rather, the public might be more prone to value their content and propaganda by purchasing it, and now that they/we are hooked in by the right numbers we just move on into the next phase of the deployment where we’re even more enslaved as we now pay for the same amount of brainwashing as before they launched their “special” offer. iTunes also offer 30seconds of free music,,,


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