Chemtrails hit the “news”

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I will repeat: I agree with this guy that large scale seeding of clouds is not happening (it would be difficult to hide such an operation, especially in vast Canada), but everything he else he says I disagree with regarding conspiracies and 0;the government” can’t keep a secret. “The government” is essentially bureaucrats who can’t tell you something they don’t know, in other words, they can be kept in the dark too.

Isn’t there a Canadian chemtrail expert? Why does this report have to visit Boston for the answer?

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4 thoughts on “Chemtrails hit the “news”

  1. Barbara Müller

    Miles Mathis considers chemtrails being simply a way to get rid of all the bad poison from the chemical industry and such, which sounds very reasonable to me. This industry uses very rare substances which have to be collected from many places on earth because their concentration is very low. Once concentrated they become very poisonous and have to be diluted back to many places. In the 70-s and 80-s they simply put them in rivers which is why all rivers back then were visibly contaminated and was the reason for things like Ebola. Then they started to declare this poison as nuclear waste which also supported the nuclear fear porn angle, the rivers got clean again. And now they try to spray the poison in the atmosphere. Let’s hope, this won’t have any bad consequences.

  2. Stop hoaxing

    “This guy” is David Keith, an advocate for geoengineering, yet the leading voice denying its existence. The program is not hidden, it is open and obvious for anyone to see. It’s not complicated or expensive, as proposed: dedicated fleets of military aircraft dispersing aerosols into the stratosphere. Unlike aliens or Bigfoot, millions of people have seen and thousands uploaded clear video evidence of the spraying. I don’t know what else you need, ab.

    1. Marin

      About 4 years ago they started spraying here ( Eindhoven, the Netherlands).
      First year from 06.00 – 19.00 hrs. After the first year day and night. Since 3 years I haven’t seen a normal blue sky with natural clouds.
      What they are sprayng I don’t know. Sometimes it has an awful smell, just like the smell of an oil-rafinery.

  3. OldeVirginian (but no dementia yet)

    Misdirection. He says only it cant be happening with commercial aircraft. I don’t think that it is commercial aircraft doing the chemtrail spreading.


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