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New voice from Christchurch, NZ Justsayindude talks to Rollo and Ab.


<06:58:57> 0;Justsayindude”: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aramoana… 🙂
<08:29:10> 0;Justsayindude”: www.youtube.com/channel/UC93Ek…


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7 thoughts on “RR16-Justsayindude

    1. justsayindude

      I am going to get back to you on this xileffilex. One of the guys I work with knows two people who were there – that said, his immediate comment was “that doesn’t mean they’re not faking it though” because he is one of the people I have spoken to and he believes NOTHING they say now.

      So I need more time to drill in to this.

      1. xileffilex

        Listed to it all – great show and I’m in tune with your way of thinking. Have a look at the Rainbow Warrior thread at CF btw.
        There’s a small addendum here at Fakeologist

        You didn’t bring up Antarctica in your chat [no criticism!]. You’re closer to it than most, not that you can just pop down there to have a look – it’s certainly a strange place with probably faked expeditions and disasters and definitely a “don’t look here” culture. You even have your own base, Scott.

        I’ve always thought NZ was an ideal location to absorb “new lifers” from Europe after fake deaths. And I guess the opposite assimilation would be quite easy for any “terror attack victims” from NZ.

        1. justsayindude

          I had forgotten about the Rainbow Warrior. Dodgy written all over it. 11 crew, happened June 10 just before midnight, so story breaks 11 June, NZ gets $13 M in compensation. Was always weird given that the agents spent two years in an island paradise, then back to the motherland for award ceremonies.

          Ahh well. I do not doubt that an event did happen. Obviously the navy photos are faked. I am sure that a vessel was in the harbour on it’s side. From there on in it’s anybody’s guess with multiple possible motives, and usually they run side by side, achieving multiple aims at the same time.

          Read through the Cf thread. Personally, I am sure that many of the minions at Greenpeace are genuinely deceived, and not realising the way they are being used. Can’t remember the quote (just spent ages trying to find it – Ab, you need a quotes page) that says something to the effect that the best propaganda is not when people believe something, but when they go out and try to convince others.

          Greenpeace, and military service are proof positive of that. Billions of people voluntary have given their lives to false causes, based on deception.

          Anyhoo, thanks for the link. I really meant to say that Antarctica is one massive Psyop. I don’t know what is there, and neither does anyone else in the general populace. Nor the north pole.

          Shouldn’t the people of the world be up in arms about that fact that they are not allowed to go to either end of it? That no one circumnavigates north to south? That no one flies over Antarctica to shorten the routes?

          I wish it was close enough for me to check it out. Afraid not, but worthy of serious investigation.

        2. justsayindude

          By the way, ran your idea about lifers past Elvis at the pub, and he asked Whacko Jacko what he thought and they both agreed it was unlikely. Bowie wasn’t so sure….

          On a more serious note, Operation Satanique… come one, even Elvis can’t get over that one.


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